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This trip was actually not really planned for. January was originally supposed to be spent part-taking in this adventure but - as some may or may not at times be able to attest to - my dearest wife was able to find a reason why it wouldn't work. That on it's own would be sad but certainly not tragic if not for telling me after the entire trip including all flights and most hotels had already been booked.  :( ???

Off I went, re-depositing my 4 Hyatt SUN's, calling AA to refund me for my JAL flights and calling SQ to refund me for SQ and NH flights. After a good 90 minutes on the phone across the board, everything was back in my account and thankfully all charges had been waived.

Stuck I was with no plan or destination in mind and expiring Hyatt SUN's to come up with what is most likely our last kid-free vacation for quite some time. A few weeks later I suddenly came across this little gem. While the dates didn't work for me, it did make a lightbulb go off (in my head). Hyatt SUN's in January would present themselves as great value over in Hawaii and in addition to good weather, the place seemed to have a lot of fun things to do for us.

Being that I was limited to travel specifically from 1/1-1/9 my searches I had done over on UA/AA/DL really didn't yield any significant results and I was just going to keep checking and hope for the best. Well, I did not have to do that for too long because once this news came out it was very clear to me how I was going to book this trip. After a short few weeks of playing around with my itinerary and checking rates I went ahead and was booked using this amazing Amex Business Platinum benefit.





After a few calls with GoldPassport it was also no issue combining my wife's and my SUN's and luckily I was able to piece together GHK space for the entire trip; 4 SUN's, 3 C+P's and 1 full points booking later. I also got them to apply my DSU and while they were only able to put me into a confirmed Garden Suite for the first 2 nights, I wasn't too concerned about that for now.

On a side note: I did spend a lot of time reading up on where to best stay and really would have preferred throwing in some nights over in the North. I had 3 nights booked at the St. Regis Princeville using close to 115,000 points and then decided to drop the booking around a week before the trip. If nights there wouldn't have been $850+ during my stay or if the STR would be a CAT6 I probably would have done it but 115k for 3 nights in a St Regis that needs renovation and is purely pricey because of its location just wasn't something I could justify in the end. After all it isn't like the Grand Hyatt is some shabby alternate solution.

["But Hey" some will say, I could have done an AirBnB in the North as a Plan B. Well no, that is not the way my wife likes to travel and I prefer hotels too, especially when traveling without the kids.]

With hotel and airfare booked it was time to secure a car and knowing that off-roading was not going to happen on this trip, the only logical choice was a Mustang Convertible. After scouting the web for a while, Avis returned as the clear winner. Now, with my car reservation in place my last and only real concern was, how to tell the kids we'd be gone for 9 days...

Up In The Air / Scott Kirby: New UA President
« on: August 29, 2016, 04:44:01 PM »

Wonder if people have specific thoughts about this.

The idea for this trip came to me a mere eight years ago when I was planning my actual honeymoon. Turns out I am quite lucky that I wasn't able to go ahead with it back then as I was now able to do it in "style"  :)

For further planning you can view my "Planning Thread".

Final numbers which are all listed per pax:


67.5k AA (red):

07/20 HKG-CNX KA Y

$340 M(y)M(oney) (blue):

07/24 CNX-BKK PG Y
07/24 BKK-USM PG Y
07/26 USM-BKK PG Y

130k AA (magenta):

07/26 BKK-AUH J
07/27 AUH-JFK F


4 nights at the Le Meridien Chiang Mai:

14k SPG

2 nights Conrad Koh Samui:

160k HH

Food throughout the trip was handled by Chabad. Chiang Mai as well as Koh Samui have seasoned Chabad locations with full menus and staff to pretty much facilitate anything needed.

Up In The Air / Changes to the SQ chart starting 5/24
« on: May 17, 2016, 07:29:56 AM »

-Full awards are gone
-Premium economy is book able
-Europe zone 1 is being merged with Europe One 2 (book your Europe zone 1 trips before 5/24)


DDF DO Board / MegaDO
« on: May 09, 2016, 07:38:48 AM »
So, who is thinking about going to this years MegaDO?

Goes on sale in 5 hours and will be gone fast!

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Kosher Wineries Master Thread
« on: March 20, 2016, 09:00:14 AM »
I have been searching for a while now for a day trip to a winery while in Israel for Pesach. While it is mentioned here and there randomly there does not seem to be a designated thread discussing this. I feel like there are many people within Israel and with an appreciation for wine on DDF that could help and we could maybe put together a good wiki with places/prices/contact information etc.

Still looking for advice on a good place not too far from Jerusalem that will be open during Pesach.

Up In The Air / Frontier "Pi Day" Sale
« on: March 14, 2016, 03:27:16 PM »
Link Here

Up In The Air / Jetblue Flashsale! OW's for as low as $19!
« on: March 11, 2016, 03:50:51 PM »
Example: Buffalo-FLL $19 OW

Link here

Several other destinations as well for dates between March and June.


Credit Cards / The NEW SimplyCash® Plus Business Card from Amex
« on: February 28, 2016, 07:33:01 PM »
Just got a targeted email for The NEW SimplyCash® Plus Business Card from Amex.

-$300 statement credit after $3000 spend in 3 months.
-No Annual Fee.
-0% introductory APR on purchases for the first 9 months.

5% CB at US office supply stores and on phone wireless telephone services
3% CB on the category of your choice:
   - Gas Stations
   - Restaurants
   - Purchases for shipping
   - Purchases for Advertising in select media
   - Airfare purchased directly from Airlines
   - Hotel rooms purchased directly from Hotels
   - Car rentals purchased from select companies
   - Computer Hardware, software and cloud computing purchased from select providers

5% and 3% apply to the first $50,000 in purchases per calendar year, then 1% applies thereafter. Cash back earned is automatically credited to your statement.



Earn 5X Hilton HHonors Bonus Points for each dollar of eligible purchases on your Card:
U.S. restaurants
U.S. supermarkets
U.S. gas stations

Deals/Deal Requests / Excellent price for a Dyson! $229 usually $400
« on: February 12, 2016, 02:56:28 PM »
Link here

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