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Credit Cards / Best Non-Amex Card/Bank for Dispute Protection
« on: April 27, 2017, 11:54:26 AM »
I'm preparing to make a business purchase from an overseas company that does not accept AMEX. The company is expected to ship the merchandise directly to me, and has little to no international profile.

I've bought from companies in the same industry and from the same country as this one with mostly positive results, but once had to dispute an order that never shipped.

I have experience disputing with Chase and Barclays. Of the two, Barclays seemed the smoother process.

Any recommendations for best non Amex card for a potentially shady merchant?

That price is if bought in next day or so, afterward shipping is added on top.

2 available.


Probably a pricing mistake, these are NEVER on sale. Also, the 10% coupon that the email you worked on everything in the cart but the bugaboo. The actual strollers are going QUICK, but the accessories are discounted as well.

Up In The Air / Question concerning AA paper voucher
« on: April 24, 2015, 04:39:49 AM »
AA sent me paper vouchers as a refund for a booking. I used them to pay for a flight at a ticket counter, but the (pretty clueless) agent returned one to me, worth $170. I called CS and asked if they have any way of looking up to tell me if it's been spent, the agent said no and said further that  if I've got it in hand, I can use it.

Does anyone know if this is accurate? Is there no tracking of these things in their system?

Up In The Air / Miles from Flying Blue Award Mistakenly Credited to Delta
« on: November 28, 2014, 06:38:58 AM »
I just flew on a Flying Blue award MIA-CDG-TLV. I had Delta put my SkyMiles number on the reservation to take advantage of my Gold Medallion benefits (Lounge access, x2 checked bags, priority boarding). To my surprise, my Delta account is showing a credit of 6,632 miles for this trip, which looks like exact base mileage amount.

I assume this is not an elite benefit, but rather a glitch. Am I right? Pretty nifty if it is. The miles are in the account, for now I'm holding my breath.

It was a classic coach level award. 

Newbie here, and I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but here's an interesting post about finding cheaper fares by making it appear that you're from somewhere other than the departure city.

Edit: from the discussion here:

"No. I work for an OTA (not Kayak). First of all airlines file their fare rules and OTAs don't change the prices, and generally airlines pay around $10 to us to book a RT fare so there is little room to discount. Kayak is a meta which means all they do is present prices they are given from their partners (either via a feed or scrape) and then send them to the partner who shares the fee. Southwest (as others have mentioned) is not available in the US as a business choice. Kayak also heavily caches the fares (everyone does to make performance better) and inventory changes a lot especially in close by dates. Seeing cached prices of a cached price means the actual price can change a lot from searching to booking. Note the final price is only determined when you hit a booking page, everything before that is cached and might be fairly stale. Of course they can be errors in pricing since the fare rules are crazy complicated and often the difference in fares might be all the taxing entities. Each country, county, city, airport and cow pasture might affect the final price so it's possible that a country where you are booking might affect this (our customers are mostly in the US) but I doubt it.
tldr - lucky "hacker""

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