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Deals/Deal Requests / Starbucks BOGO. 3/5 2-7pm
« on: March 05, 2020, 11:44:14 AM »


   When you buy any handcrafted drink, grande or
larger, youíll get one free between 2Ė7 p.m. at
participating stores this Thursday, 3/5. See you tomorrow!

Amazon & Walmart Deals / amazon echo (1st gen) used $29
« on: February 13, 2020, 01:31:08 PM »

I know it's used and older generation, but its still has all the power of the original speaker and 99% of the features

Trip Reports / Stopover in Tokyo, Japan
« on: January 29, 2020, 03:52:23 PM »

I was going to china on a business trip and decided that it might be beneficial to extend my trip a few days. Unfortunately no flights were opening. Finally after weeks of checking a flight opened up with a stop in Narita, Japan. I hesitated at first but after realizing this was the only way I would be able to extend my trip I took the flight and adjusted my ticket. I arrived in NRT at around 8pm and I would suggest skipping the trains. Transferring and having to buy a new ticket at every transfer was annoying. Difficult and confusing. And if you do delay in buying your ticket the next train doesnít follow right after it could be 5 mins or 30 mins after!!!

Japan at first glance is a stale and boring city, but when you spend more time here you come to appreciate their cleanliness, culture, technological advances and simple way of life.

They are polite and friendly and will walk out of their way showing you directions.

I would recommend a map and paper. Google maps and a huge power bank.
Lay out before you go where you want to go.

I ended up transferring twice or three times and got tired and upset the first night I landed. I got out of the station and decided Iím ubering or walking the rest. Looking down at my phone I hear someone raise their voice and say HEY!!! In my direction. I look up and itís a friendly face I never met before. His name was David Leibowitz. And he was the high light of my night. Just another yud happy to see another. We chatted for a little and he briefed me on how heís in the Japanese Tuna Business!! How cool! Great video about his Japanese tuna I watched over dinner.
He tells me the sushi I ordered from the Chabad was surely his Tuna. And the Tuna was superb. I only wish I had bigger slabs of tuna like sashimi. He goes on to tell me thereís a lovely park on the corner, Happo-en. I proceed to go to the park but to my dismay it was closed. A girl comes over to explain to me I have to leave and come back tomorrow. I sadly explain to her how I came from America and cane all the way to Japan to see Happo-en Park and shortly after the gates open for my own private viewing of the park. Letís see any park in the whole USA open after they close!!!

I uber to the hotel Sheraton Miyako maybe under 2 mins!! I shouldíve walked!!
I check in and at first glance the hotel seems dark and outdated. I arrive at my room and was pleasantly surprised with my suite. It had a lovely Japanese feel without over doing it.

Sliding doors. Straight lines and circles and no angled lines. Lava tea set. Japanese toilet. Japanese soaking tub with bath tea salt. Mikimoto products and a Lovely seating area by the window.
I settled in and my food was waiting for me.
The food from Chabad was delicious. I only wish they had Kobe beef. And Japanese food not Israeli food. 

The next morning I prayed had a espresso and tea in my room and headed on the shuttle and then a train to Ginza but not before asking for a complimentary umbrella from hotel (with permission not to return it). I made my way to the Peninsula Hotel. Something about hotels. They ground me and set my barrings. I went to go see the 2 restaurants take some photos and take in the views of the imperial palace and surrounding most. Did some shopping and ended up buying some stuff from Uniqlo. Big disappointment it was made in china. Walked to the kimbuzo theatre which was a waste if your not going inside.

Headed back to Ginza station and made my way to Asakusa station, Nakamise Dori.  This place was a winner. Touristy yes. But thatís what weíre looking for!

Tea, chopsticks, spices, knifes, masks and kimono robe shops. They even have a umbrella with a samurai holder. Bought some stuff and Japanese Whisky and headed to Narita airport terminal 2.

Luckily I stocked up on Japanese whisky at a big department store a block away from Asakusa station. To my eyes disbelief there was 3 Yarden Kosher wines!!! 3!! The airport is on the sober side with a Limited selection of under 5 Japanese whiskies for under $100
And 5 above 2k. I headed to JAL lounge and booked my shower. To note: Massage service has been canceled And massage chairs were booked up in the main lounge. But the old massage rooms have chairs you can book they the shower lady and weíre empty! I think people donít know about them.

Whisky in the lounge had a few only memorable ones were bowmore 18 and balvenie 17 and no Japanese whisky!! Really! Shame on you JAL!

The shower was great with overhead and 6 directional sprays, Japanese Toilet and lovely shampoo and body wash.  Well done JAL.

Things I didnít get to see that I really wanted to but do to Day/Month may not work out.
1.   Sumo Wrestling (or morning practice matches)
2.   Fish Market
3.   Cherry Blossoms
4.   Kobe Beef
5.   Seeing Mt. Fuji
6.   Tea Ceremony
7.   Knife Lesson

Tokyo & other Japanese set movies
Tokyo Drift
Walk Donít Run
The last samurai
Karate kid 2
Kill Bill
You Only Live Twice
Lost in Translation
Black Rain
The Last Samurai

More Images

Up In The Air / Southwest Status Match
« on: November 12, 2019, 02:21:55 PM »

Sony a6000
Canon rebel


Pm me if you have any deals you bought and want to sell it with a profit along the way....

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