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General Discussion / Chase bank acct
« on: October 19, 2020, 06:06:42 PM »
Someone I know who is not on the internet has the opportunity to open an acct with chase.  I was thinking of a preferred client Acct. any thoughts?

Thank you

Normally costs 40.

Use code FTYDRCV7B

Deals/Deal Requests / Shutterfly unlimited pages back until sun Oct 11
« on: October 07, 2020, 07:21:36 AM »
Use code freepages

can I book a united upgrade and use several cc to pay for it?  If you can't do it on the website, can you do it by phone?

 Safely rediscover the City and get up to $100 back. Use your Mastercard for $10 back on every $20 spent on experiences—or $25 back on every $100 spent on hotels—up to $100 in statement credits per cardholder.*

you must register first here 


When the federal government suspended processing Global Entry applications and renewals for New Yorkers at the beginning of February, they claimed it was because New York wouldn’t give them access to its drivers license database. They said they needed this information to vet applicants, and when sued they told a court no other state restricts access the way that New York does.

This was obviously untrue at the time. The federal government continued to vet New Yorkers for other programs without this information. And they continued to vet residents of other states for Global Entry, even though those states restricted access in the same way.

It was a political move, leaked to Fox News before the agencies involved even knew about the change, a political move aimed at the President’s base (‘owning the libs’) in retaliation for New York’s providing drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants.

The federal government reversed its policy in July when it was forced to admit in court that the claims it made justifying the policy hadn’t been true. The judge demand an explanation for the false filings in court, which potentially expose bureaucrats involved to sanctions and even criminal penalties.

Now the acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, who assumed her position in June when the attorney general pressured her predecessor to resign, says the government didn’t lie, they were just incompetent – too incompetent to know whether they were getting information they said they needed to properly vet people for trusted traveler programs from other states.

Audrey Strauss told the court that Customs and Border Protection was ‘simply not aware’ they weren’t getting information they claimed to need from other states. But if the government was approving people as Trusted Travelers, without even knowing they weren’t getting information they needed in order to do so, that’s incompetence.

Indeed it was “ack of knowledge” that the director of trusted traveler programs at the customs agency, Pete R. Acosta, said “New York was the only state to bar the federal government from reviewing driver’s license information while doing background checks on Trusted Traveler applicants.”

Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois and New Jersey along with Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands don’t share information the federal government claims to need to know who should be granted trusted traveler status. Deputy Commissioner Robert E. Perez told the court that without the information program applicants cannot be vetted, even though the agency had done it for residents of these states every single day.

Perez said he made the statement because other unnamed individuals at the agency told him to, and he didn’t know any better.

I primarily relied upon the expertise of CBP officials and offices that work on these issues daily and have knowledge, for example, of the details of Trusted Traveler vetting and information systems and data access. However, I also relied up on my professional knowledge of the New York Green Light Law issue.

There are “several other inaccuracies in earlier court filings,” the government acknowledges, but those have been redacted so we don’t know what other falsehoods were told. The redactions were made ‘on the basis of attorney-client privilege’ which is absurd, the government lawyers are redacting what the government lied about because the government is the client.

In some ways, though, isn’t the claim that government officials were wrong and confused rather than lying worse? The real question here is whether’s it’s a bigger problem if the federal government lies to the courts, or if the people responsible for trusted traveler programs do not know what information they’re receiving, or what information they need, in order to determine eligibility?


Was until September 15. Now sept 30 check here to enroll

I have a former Amex starwood card where I get x number of elite nights. 

If I get a chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Card which gives 15 nights, do I still get them if I have the starwood card?


On The Road / question about obtaining mariott status
« on: September 02, 2020, 09:51:50 PM »
So I have 43 night with mariott. If I stay an aditional 7 nights, I get to become marriott platinum. 

I found a hotel for $73/night.

Is it worth doing?  Can I use points to get the night credit?

I would also get 2,500 bonus points on each stay, plus a one-time bonus of 5,000 additional points after three stays.

Deals/Deal Requests / Free Cinnamon Toast Crunch
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:34:47 PM »

Buy a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (12 oz, 16.8, 19.3 or 27 oz from sept 1-sept 30.   Submit the receipt at the above website and they will Venmo or send you a check up to $6.50

Some states are not eligible like ri, ct, North Dakota or miami Dade county


Want to earn some extra cheddar from your couch? Well, your wildest streaming dreams have finally come true with the Cheez-It® Snap'd & Stream experience on Amazon, a new way to make all your can't-stop-won't-stop snack-watching pay off.

With unbelievable levels of cheesy munchability, Cheez-It Snap'd is already engineered for epic streaming sessions. To prove it, Cheez-It Snap'd launched an all-new rewards program that incentivizes snack lovers with a $5 Amazon credit toward Cheez-It Snap'd and other Cheez-It products just for completing the monthly challenges. (US only)

It's no secret that consumers are cutting the cord and changing where, when and how they consume content. But one thing remains the same – people's love of snacking while watching their favorite shows and movies. And with an increasing consumer demand for rewards programs, the Cheez-It Snap'd & Stream experience gives streaming fans a bonus they can really brag about – cheesy, munchable snacks – for doing something they already love.

"We all know that feeling when you're streaming and snacking and – next thing you know – you're in the middle of the second season of a show you just started," said Jeff Delonis, Senior Director of Marketing for Cheez-It. "We're excited about this new, first-of-its kind streaming rewards program on Amazon. Snap'd & Stream is another extraordinary experience we can deliver to our Cheez-It fans and take their streaming sessions to a new level of enjoyment."


Enroll in the monthly Snap'd & Stream experience on using any Amazon account.
Once enrolled, if you watch the specified amount of content tied to each month's theme, you'll be rewarded with a $5 Amazon credit that can be used to purchase select Cheez-It Snap'd, Cheez-It products and more.
Enroll again next month for the chance to win more rewards!

remember the great deal on POWERBEATS 2 EARPHONES all the way back in 2016?  There is a settlement for people who bought it before  August 7, 2020.

Apple agrees to pay $9.75M settlement over alleged Powerbeats 2 ‘design defect’    The amount you could get out of the lawsuit will vary based on a number of factors, including the number of people that make a claim in the lawsuit, whether you submit a proof of purchase, and whether there are any records of you getting a warranty repair or replacement for your headphones. Page 5 of this document (  goes into more detail about how much you could receive, up to a theoretical maximum of $189 per proof of purchase.

How long does it take to go through?  I charged 250 with United travel bank sbd it hasn’t been reimbursed yet


Also got rid of 75 standbye fee if you want to leave earlier or later in the day. 

Excludes basic economy

If new flight is cheaper you do not get a refund; if the flight you change to us more expensive you pay the difference

Award tickets will still have a fee to redeposit them

Deals/Deal Requests / T mobile Tuesdays-free 8x11 Shutterfly book
« on: August 25, 2020, 08:24:23 AM »
Free 8x11 Shutterfly book in tmobile Tuesday app. Good until November 1, 2020.  Must save it by August 26.  Stack with amex offers $5 off of $20.

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