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New $30/month credit for consumer Amex Platinum cards for PayPal purchases in USD with U.S. merchants:

Rock on, Amex!

Credit Cards And Finance / Citi Merchant Offers - New Offers Only!
« on: December 24, 2020, 02:40:21 PM »
Well, Citi finally joined the card-linked offer party and now deserves its own thread like the other issuers.

A few Offers I saw today:

1) $10 off at BP via the BP app
2) 3% & 5% offers for Exxon Mobil (payment via their app also)
3) $15 off at InterContinentals and Holiday Inns - U.S. only
4) 10% & 20% offers for H&M

I stumbled across a non-public offer via an ad for the Fly Card Premium (full MasterCard, not the Diners/MC combo) offering no fee first year and 200 point SUB.  If you're in Israel and looking for a solid card (by Israeli standards), this is definitely the best-ever sign up offer.   Nice to see a little innovation going on in this market...


There seems to be an award promo going on for redemptions on Turkish metal.

Example: 32.9K in business TLV-JFK

Incredible offer from Amex Israel for November, never would have expected anything like this.

Platinum holders can earn 100 (Israeli) MR per 100₪, up to 1000₪ total in online purchases at both Israeli and non-Israeli sites.

Most partners transfer at 4-5 miles per MR, so an effective 4000-5000 miles on 1000₪ spend, or 13.5-17 miles per dollar.

For Matmid, it comes to 167 points.

Just got an email, no details about the card itself, just the name of it and "coming soon."

As the post subject says...
Hope they bring in something else, Aegean or Turkish???

Or perhaps El Al is moving to a different issuer? Or issuing their own cobrand in the U.S.?

HT: Travel With Grant

As stated in title...

Goods For Sale/Trade / Jetblue Vacations Amex Offer ($400 off $1500+)
« on: November 26, 2019, 05:56:26 AM »
Selling this offer for $100 if anyone is interested:

Get a one-time $400 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $1,500+ in one or more transactions online at by 12/31/2019. See terms for exclusions.

Main terms:
Offer valid on vacation packages purchased directly from JetBlue Vacations online at or by calling 1-844-528-2229. Excludes purchases of standalone flights and bookings made through travel agents and third party travel sites. Not valid on purchases of TrueBlue Points and travel insurance. Excludes JetBlue Cruises, purchases made at, in-flight transactions, and purchases from partner or third party sites linking to/from

Has anyone else noticed that as of today, if you have 0 miles in your FB account, it will not let you search for award tickets anymore?  Literally the cursor turns into the crossed out circle symbol and doesn't allow you to click on anything in the search...

Up In The Air / New El Al tool for checking award availability (in Beta)
« on: September 03, 2019, 01:55:07 PM »
You guys will be the first to be in the loop about this new El Al award search tool, still in beta testing:

Enjoy  8)

Up In The Air / Qantas FF changes imminent?
« on: June 17, 2019, 11:44:15 PM »
I saw this article about imminent changes to the Qantas frequent flyer program.  I hope it doesn't hurt...

Head's up that Citi is offering a 30% bonus on transfers to Virgin Atlantic through June 22.

Good redemption opportunties (including indirect transfer to IHG).

Check your email/spam - this is targeted! Qantas is offering a 15%-40% bonus on transferred miles between April 1-14.

This should stack with the current Citi 25% bonus, for an effective 1.4375-1.75 Qantas points per TYP transferred.


Edit: Don't forget - this also stacks with the Rewards+ 10% rebate! Also, this would be an opportune time to transfer any Barclays or Cap1 points to Qantas (would turn into 1.65-2.42 Qantas points, depending on card and Barclays bonus milestones).

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