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General Discussion / Nigun Mizmor L'Dovid
« on: June 22, 2014, 05:50:00 PM »
About 40 years ago I heard a tune to Mizmor LDovid Hashem Roi lo echsor (Tehillim 23) sung at Sholosh Seudos at Camp Ohr Shrage and then with Rabbi Wolfson at Camp Torah Vodaas. It is a slow moving niggun - one of the most beautiful niggunim I have ever heard.  Every Shabbos I sing part of it, as I don't remember it completely, and promise my family that someday I will find someone who knows this niggun and will be willing to sing it to me so I could learn it. 

Do you know which nigun I am referring to and would you be able to somehow get it to me i.e. record it on your phone and PM it to me or some other way?

I would greatly appreciate it and my wife and children would appreciate it even more.

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