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Anyone interested in teaching me the tricks and tools of opening and managing a beauty salon?
Would need good contacts to know where to purchase beauty products as well.

I have the capital and location for the business but need someone to guide me through the initial stages of development.

Can either be paid by the hour or we can work out a fair price for the training.

Interested trainers only. Please pm me.

General Discussion / Chase line of credit.
« on: August 20, 2015, 05:43:25 PM »
I am desperately trying to open a chase checking account for my small business. In order for me to go with chase as opposed to other banks I need to get a line of credit of about 300k. I was denied due to having to many bank fees on my other bank accounts and credit cards with them.

Is there any department in particular to email/talk about reconsideration??

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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