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Hi, I'm looking to visit Asia and Australia (hopefully stopping in Hawaii too), and looking for some ideas on how to maximize my miles flying J or F on my trip. I have 200K UR points, 65K USAir, and 65K AA. I have no specific countries in Asia I would like to visit, just interested in planning a memorable trip. Any creative ways to get the most bank for my buck (miles 😉)? TIA

Credit Cards / UR Rewards Bonus from Office Depot
« on: October 18, 2014, 10:34:13 PM »
UR Rewards Mall is offering a promo now for an additional 3 points per dollar purchased at Office Depot via the UR website. Any reason not to buy a $200 Office Depot GC and use that in store for a Visa GC?

Just Shmooze / Teavana Kosher Status
« on: October 15, 2014, 04:50:20 PM »
Does anyone know the Kosher status of Teavana? The teas in their stores do not have a Hechsher, but the cardboard bulk boxes that's used for brewed tea sold in Starbucks has a KSA symbol on it. KSA's website does not list them as kosher, yet also doe not have an alert saying that it's not accurate. Anyone care to shed some light?

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