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General Discussion / Help by Retweeting/Liking/Voting Master Thread
« on: July 03, 2020, 04:50:05 PM »
Here is a thread where members can ask other members to help them out by retweeting a tweet, liking a tweet, voting on a poll, etc. There is a similar thread dedicated to COVID-19 patients, but I think there is a need for a dedicated thread.

Recently, Dan tweeted about Grand Rapids failing to extend the expiration date on passes. Thankfully, that was taken care of after he contacted the state's AG. But this is the thread where such a tweet could've been put.

Has Trump's Rhetoric Gotten More Hateful/Truthful or Less Hateful/Truthful since 2016?

I was prompted to ask the question because I believe that his rhetoric has gotten more focused, explainable, and less hateful over the last few years. That being said, it would seem that the increased activity against his rhetoric by Twitter, the MSM, and everyone else is just prompted by the upcoming election, but not because anyone really cares. Was wondering what others thought.

Please keep posts on the thread to a minimum, and only on topic. I don't want this to devolved into another politics waste-bin. All discussions can be posted on the regular politics thread.

Just Shmooze / Twitter Overreach
« on: June 26, 2020, 10:54:21 AM »
Recently, Twitter has been accused of overreach, censoring and tagging tweets they deem offensive, including many from Trump. Many conservatives have started accounts on another social media site, namely Parler.

This is what woke me up to the reality of it:

Just Shmooze / Primary Races to Watch Tuesday
« on: June 22, 2020, 11:29:58 AM »
Tomorrow, there are primary elections taking place in many states. Here are a few elections to watch:

In New York's 9th congressional district Democrat Primary, frum Council Member Chaim Deutsch is mounting a challenge. His chances seem slim to me, but I didn't look too deeply into the race. If he would win, his chances as a Democrat in NY make him likely to win the general election, in which case he would become the only frum Jew in US Congress.

The incumbent U.S. Representative for New York's 16th congressional district is Democrat Eliot Engel. He is a powerful congressman (Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee) and is a big supporter of Israel. (He was also a big figure in the impeachment of Trump.) He is facing a real challenge from an AOC style candidate, and may be outed this year. He is also suffering from a hot-mic video, in which he said that he only wants to speak at the Black Lives Matter march because it's a primary year.

In the Kentucky senate Democrat Primary (to determine who will challenge Mitch McConnell in the general election), the progressive candidate seems to have a real chance at toppling the Democratic establishment candidate.

Just Shmooze / Great Twitter Accounts to Follow
« on: June 21, 2020, 09:14:13 PM »
Although the Random/Funny/Interesting Tweet thread is flourishing, this thread has a different purpose. This is where DDFers can suggest Twitter accounts that they recommend others to follow. This will generally be an account that is replete with quality tweets, and also won't flood your timeline.

When you recommend an account, please note what/who is it and who may enjoy that account. I would like to create a wiki at some point where recommended accounts can be categorized, so describing why you recommend it is important.

Here are some I recommend:

Great frum conservative commentary: (Eli Steinberg, an askan and writer)

Great frum media personalities: (Turx)
@YochiDonn (Yochanon Donn)
@themishpacha (Ami's Shloime Zionce)

Great frum humor accounts:
@PinchusL (Pinchus Lurkowitz of the Crockpot Show)
@MendyTV (Mendy Pellin)

Practical accounts:
@ReminderChild (send's a reminder about kid in car every day at 9:30)

Lakewood news:
@newsguz (APP's Lakewood reporter)
@OneJerseySchorr (Shlomo Schorr, Lakewood Shopper)
@ReporterMoshe (Moshe Zeines, crossing guard and LNN reporter)

Mishpacha had a contest who can come up with a good coronavirus-related parody to popular Jewish songs. Many of the results were great, IMO, and there is definitely a lot of food for thought there, hence I started a new thread for it. You can read the lyrics here and you can here singers sing some of them here.

One specific song stuck a cord, as it reminded me of so much back and forth that took place here on DDF (and elsewhere), with those pushing for strict adherence to restrictions and those pushing back against the need for it. Don't remember everyone who was involved, but it definitely involved @S209 @Lurker.

"Dear Brother"
TTTO “Conversations in the Womb” (from Abie Rotenberg's Journeys 1)

Submitted by: Shmuel Botnick, Cincinnati, OH

My dear brother
Look around and tell me
what your eyes behold
To avoid COVID-19
We are stuck in quarantine
We must obey everything that we are told
We must obey everything that we are told

But dear brother
You will surely find when all is set and done
That they soon will find the cure
And Purell doesn’t keep you pure
So why not calm down and have a little fun
Yes please calm down and have a little fun

My dear brother
I am sorry but you’re acting like a clown
What you’re saying is outrageous
Corona’s deadly and contagious
The Vaad may have to throw you out of town
Oh, the Vaad may have to throw you out of town

But dear brother
Please don’t believe that everything they say is true
Don’t be so glum and grouchy
Just ignore old Dr. Fauci
Corona is not much worse than the flu
Oh, corona is not much worse than the flu

My dear brother
Where have you gone, is this the moment I have known?
The door’s slightly ajar
In the driveway there’s no car
It’s all over, I must now quarantine alone
It’s all over, I must now quarantine alone

But dear brother
I apologize but this time you are wrong
You see I know you tried your best
But I took the antibody test
It turns out that we had it all along
Oh, it turns out that we had it all along

Just Shmooze / Posts that didn't get their deserved number of likes
« on: June 17, 2020, 09:07:10 PM »
I was about to start a new thread titled "posts that didn't get their deserved number of likes", but I felt bad for the mods of this wonderful forum, who already have to deal with a constantly growing number of redundant/superfluous threads. So instead, I post it here.

IMO, this post deserves many likes. As of this post, my like is the lone (and lonely) like on the post. (If you like it, click on the post and like the original post, not this one...)

This story has been brewing in NJ for the past weeks, and it has steadily been gaining traction. Many media personalities have gotten on it and demanded accountability. NJ has been taking their time fulfilling the OPRA (Open Public Records Act) requests, but rumor has it that the video will be released today. Keep your ears open for a possible "second wave" of riots should the footage back up the claims.

See this thread for much of the information on this story:

Amazon & Walmart Deals / Ring Devices Father's Day sale
« on: June 07, 2020, 02:37:01 PM »
Ring Devices Father's Day sale

Many of these sales are also on Amazon (like the peephole cam), but some are only through Ring.

Double check Amazon, because other items are cheaper on Amazon.

Was the Lakewood PD wrong for releasing a statement on potential protests? Whenever they release a statement, multiple news agencies across the state generally pick up on it and publicize it. They are basically taking a rumor about a protest and amplifying it across the state, and it becomes an invitation for people to come to Lakewood to protest. It can potentially (but hopefully not) cause massive damage to Lakewood businesses. Should they have had the sense to refrain from releasing media statements without thinking about the potential ramifications?

Here is the statement:
"We have received information about a possible protest and/or gathering in Lakewood on Saturday June 6, 2020.
As a result, we are preparing with the help of our community liaisons, so that we can handle any situation that may arise. It is our priority to maintain the safety of the community we serve, while allowing and respecting the right to a peaceful demonstration.
We ask that you keep all of those affected by the events in Minnesota and around the Country,  in your thoughts and prayers."

Deals/Deal Requests / Hertz Cars on Sale for Good Prices!
« on: May 31, 2020, 01:35:16 PM »
From Hefkervelt:

Hertz Rental car went bankrupt. $25Billion debt. If any of your family or friends are looking for used cars, ask them to go check out Lots of cars are getting loaded there starting this morning and they are $10K or so less than blue book. Deals as low as $7K in small and mid size cars. Straightforward no haggle price. Share with all.

COVID-19 / Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Discussion / Heroes Blog Here!
« on: May 26, 2020, 12:39:53 AM »
The age of Corona has given rise to a new generation of heroes. Healthcare workers have been granted the title, along with many others whose dormant selflessness has come to the surface under the unique set of circumstances we are now living with.

Upon reflection, I have come to realize that there have been so many here, on DDF, who have earned that distinction as well. Members of the DDF community who have answered the call and have become heroes in their own right, even from the safety of their home computers. I believe that many of them deserve to be recognized for their valor, beyond the simple gesture of hitting the like button.

That is the purpose of this thread. Here, members can nominate others as heroes. No, their payout won't be any greater than when they accrued likes. But garnering special mention is the least we can do for the heroes among us.

I would like to begin by nominating three heroes who come to mind:

@cgr has turned the unemployment help thread into a full-blown accounting office, answering all sorts of questions day and night for free.
She answers questions all day and night. The LRRC gets donations and a lot of government funding. She has evolved into a one-woman organization, answering all the questions for free.

I'm certain that she could advertise "Get help with UI for $100/hour" and she would have steady business. She chooses to be a free resource to everyone here.

@Iz and his team at the Coronavirus matching campaign thread, who have pulled in thousands of dollars for almanos and yesomim with their generosity and goodwill.

@Yehudaa has uploaded tens of documents of divrei Torah each Friday, so that DDFers can print and read over Shabbos.

Who are your heroes?

My printer broke and I needed one urgently. So I ran to Walmart and bought the cheapest one on the shelve, intent on using it in the interim while I wait for a good deal to come along.

The printer I bought was $45. On the box it's described as "HP, Keep it simple," with a model number of DeskJet 2752. On the box it says that it uses ink number 67, with options for 67xl or 67xxl.

Here's my issue. The model printer shows no results online, not on Amazon, not on Walmart, and not even on HP. Even more troubling - the ink model - HP 67, also gets no results on Amazon, Walmart, Staples, or HP.

This is so bizarre. Should I return the printer? I cannot keep a printer with no option to buy ink. Is there something I'm missing here?

Anyone know where I can buy "The Fifty Miracles on the Yam Suf" by R' Zev Shain? All the sites that came up when I googled it were out of stock.

Seems like it's out of print for a while, but I grew up with it and I wanted to show it to my kids...

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