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Just got his email from Duvie Honig....... what's he angling for?


The  Orthodox  Jewish  Chamber  of  Commerce is responding to many complaints that United Airlines staff in Newark airport is humiliating, discriminating  and embarrassing  passengers and in some  incidents, abusing their authority to declare them as  security threats. Recent  headlines  in  the  news  shows  repetitive incidents where   United  Airlines  staff  are  asking  passengers to deplane  and  insulting   religious  men  and  in one incident a single mother traveling alone with her baby into security threats . The  Orthodox  Jewish  Chamber  of  Commerce  condemns  this  act  and  calls  on  United  Airlines  to  address, change, or  fire those employees and  train  their  staff and  make  an  official   statement  to the public  on this  matter.

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NYC to JNB RT for $550 Direct and JNB - NYC RT for $450 Direct on SAA
Various dates available Nov- April including Pesach
price is in NZ$ which is .73

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Deals/Deal Requests / GH BASS 20%+20%
« on: October 30, 2016, 12:46:41 PM »
Coupon TWENTY is stacking 20% twice!
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Up In The Air / QR/EY OJ JFK-JNB-LHR or JFK-JNB-MAD sub $500
« on: January 19, 2016, 11:31:55 AM »

I got 8 tickets on hold

Trip Reports / Dawie and XF2b SouthBound. TR of IGU and GIG via LIM
« on: December 14, 2015, 01:29:00 PM »
What started as a glimmer of a dream in early May,
Nice, but not good enough to just jump in. Then on 5/20/15 comes this post ..... Iím sooo in, Iím gone, Iím there the question is now with who and when. DW gets first choice, I give her some possible dates July August and November and tell her she has 10 minutes to decide because Iím not losing this. Sheís out (can we take the kids for the summer?...) but gives her blessing (TG). So I call XF2b, a seasoned traveler, DDF lurker and he can only do after sukkos, Not a problem, even if itís 100 degrees and Humid. Turns out it worked out amazingly workwise for both of us as we both had deadlines the week before and an empty week (it helps to have 5 months to plan).
So with him onboard I booked us for a Sun thru Fri JFK-IGU. WooHoo!!!
So where do we stay ? Now at that point I didnít even envision going to the Argentinean side (Barclaycard not going to refund me the $160). After some research it was clear that to go and not spend the extra money on the Belmond was silly, so Belmond it is, on Barclay Arrival+ for Mon and Tues night)

The question was now what about Wednesday? XF2b is more of an urban type of guy although we have him on video admitting that it was well worth it.
So heís like what about RioÖ Now Iíd envisioned spending time possibly on the AGR side and the Sheraton for 16k starpoints but he convinced me that we are spending enough time by the falls.
Since we were on a tightish schedule as far as times the Avios options IGU-GIG were not ideal and not nonstop so we found on Kayak for $115.13 each ticket (with paying extra for the front seat) but only crediting 25% to AA( not including bonus) and got the Marriott for 45k for one night (a bit steep but with exec lounge access and ocean view Iíll take it)
Thank G-d the Brazil visa process went smooth, (XF2b is in Manhattan often and offered to do it even though he didnít need a visa).
The waiting was brutal, but the Yomim tovim and work made it bearable.
Now in order to mollify DW, I bought her US tickets PHL-TLV for a week in Ö.. yup January, so when the news hit that they cancelled the flight (and we couldnít get rebooked on LY direct) we had an unhappy camperÖ To be continued

Finally the week before arrives and itís time to shop for food, we decided against the Pom route and just do some PB&J and Pringles as MRS AJK puts it. DW beats me to the store and this is the result

IMG_20151124_043724 - Copy by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr
3 days or 3 months?

Sunday rolls around and leaving the car in Brooklyn not an issue because alternate side was suspended for the holiday so off we go to the airport. No lines and in 5 minutes weíre in the Admirals Club having a Laphroig, XFb2 works the crowd and gets a stack a vouchers so heíll be able to sleep the whole flight,Ö Oh yes and we managed to get a full three seats each on a 2-3-2 on the  767, poor mans lie flat, and better then the business they were offering which was not. Suprisingly there was only 1 DDFer (that we found ) on the flight and another one met up with us on the LIM-IGU from LAX ..
Xf2B pulls out his PJís (from recent F flight) and makes himself verrry comfy (I wish I had pics) and 8 hours later we approach LIM.
IMG_1447 by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr

Pacific Coast
IMG_1448 by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr
We land in LIM and head to the lounge to daven and eat breakfast, on the way there is a massive line for transiting passengers to get fondled by their version of the TSA. XF2b doesnít queue so we tell the guy directing traffic, we are Oneworld Emerald, he doesnít speak much English so he say diplomat? Si? Yeah like whatever, and he let us cut the whole line. Except when we got to the end it had all the kids and special passengers, still saved us at least an hour. There are 2 lounges in LIM, next to eachother, one is tiny (the closer one) called Sumac and another one called VIP, much bigger, two floors. Etc
They were both crowded in the morning so we went upstairs, there is a small outdoor area where no-one was, to daven. XF2b tried out the shower, and came back saying they suck as they have no water pressure. They have nice message chairs on the lower level and Lazyboy sofas on the upper level. The Whiskey is nothing to write home about but who is drinking that earlyÖ. I know it is 2pm somewhereÖ

Chocolate Inca Dude in LIM
IMG_20151123_101232 - Copy by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr

We head to the LIM-IGU flight, a really old and tired bird, 4 hours in a single class plane at least we had an open middle seat. The meals were Stogel from Antwerp and somewhat tasty but looked like #%^3

Over Lake Titicaca
IMG_1451 by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr

Foz and the river
IMG_1454 by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr

On the ground in IGU
IMG_1455 by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr

After landing in IGU and breezing thru passport control we tried to find the ATM but no-one gave normal directions. We found out later that itís in the domestic arrivals lounge, which was dark when we arrived, under the stairs next to the money changers. So we changed so $to R$ and headed out for a taxi. On the meter a taxi to the gate should be around R$16 our guy said his is broken and wanted 20Ö nunu
Itís a 5 minute drive to the gate, where you are met by Belmond staff in their little office where you wait for the next shuttle to take you to the hotel.
The Hotel is a 15 minute drive from the gate so they have shuttles only every Ĺ hour.
We made some new friends and head to the hotel.

IMG_20151123_181337 - Copy by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr

The Belmond is a colonial type hotel with unparalleled access to the falls, as itís the only property in the park and impeccable service worth every BarclayA+$.
They have a minhag, I wonder if itís the same when it get really crowded,  that the receptionist takes you to your room, not like youíd find it easily with out them as the ground are a bit confusing. XF2b thought our room was like a hostel, (Bugsy we ainít Vegas no more) and then found a massive cricket, luckily Marcelo was still around and he escorted it out. (being a national park they donít like killing the natives?) After a quick dinner of tuna steaks, we headed out to see the falls, but it was to dark to see a thing so after listening to the roar for a bit we went back up to the hotel to check out the pool and bar. And have a drink with some new friends.
IMG_20151123_183701_edit - Copy by Dawie Van De Merwe, on Flickr

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