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Credit Cards And Finance / CHASE closed ALL accounts!!!!!!!
« on: May 30, 2019, 03:29:56 PM »
I just wanted you to be aware of something crazy. I have 5 Chase accounts (Presidential Plus, Marriott, Saphire, IHG and BA). Today I went to the gas station to fill up my car and my card was declined. I tried another card and it was declined again. I went home and called Chase to find out why. It turns out they closed all my accounts yesterday. I asked them why? I am a lawyer/cpa with a credit rating of approximately 835. It made no sense. The representative said because on review Chase felt that the current monthly charges were much higher than usual and when they close one account, they close all. On my Saphire account ending 3743, I have a $25,000 credit limit. I wanted to buy gold coins, 3 transaction each for $13,000, a total of $39,000. Since I have a $25,000 credit limit, I knew it wouldn't work. So, I previously mailed Chase a check of $50,000. After the check had cleared my bank, I now had a $50,000 credit on my Chase account. When I made the first $13,000 transaction, I received a fraud alert to which I replied that it was me making the purchase. At the end of the day, I bought $39,000 of gold leaving a credit balance of $11,000. The following week or two, I charged an additional $3,000. Total, I have a credit balance of nearly $8,000. Chase owes ME money. I don't owe them. I have a credit balances on 3 of the other 4 accounts. My Presidential Plus card has a balance of $44 but its not due as my last stmt had a zero balance. Supervisor is supposed to call me but I am very very upset. This will kill my credit rating and I will have to change c/c for my phone, etc.

Any suggestions?

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