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I'm looking to set up a chesed fund for an organization, and will be taking credit cards as one of the ways to donate.
   Curios if while using a laptop will I be able to go onto the payment page and attach the Card reader to pull the credit card info off by inserting that reader into my laptop and swiping?

 Or a program that allows one to use a reader on a laptop?

Has anyone tried this first hand?
I don't currently have a reader with me, so can't try on my end. If someone has a minute on their hands which can try for me to see if it works and would pull the info into the form.

  Or another idea? Thanks guys.

Tech Talk / How to Download/Save a video from a website page?
« on: February 17, 2021, 06:47:46 AM »
 Tried every site out there, nothing seemed to work, then tried this,
 But I don't think i understood how to get that for every page, as couldn't find it with the specific page i was looking at.

 Then I finally came across this Chrome extension, worked like a charm , But no sound.
 So instead of trying further hoping someone can help me out to pull off the link from any of these websites to download Camp Hasc 34..

 Both the same video, either of the two is what i would like... TIA.

Claim it in the T-Mobile app on 3/30.

  . MLB.TV: Coming soon for T-Mobile customers. Limited-time offer see full details & sign up between 3/30-4/6/2021. Subject to change. Qualifying plan required. 2021

Deals/Deal Requests / BJ's Wholesale Club Master Thread.
« on: February 10, 2021, 05:17:26 PM »
It's time for a master thread.

 So many great deals and offers that are avlb with the coupons which usually stack.
   They're constantly adding new coupons even though the previous coupons still work, which gives you the ability to stack two three together.

 For example to start this thread, here's some active coupons that still work for today and can be ordered for pickup to go get it when it's good for you, and lock in the price.

 As well I saved $0.80 Off gas after all my purchases and still have another $0.70 from my authorized user.
    I tried scanning my app with the barcode but rep claimed it didn't work,  I purposely tried that way first that way I can know if I can use my authorised users screenshot of his barcode  or even sign into the app, without physically using my membership card to get the savings on gas.

 After a saw him scan my membership card at the pump it seemed the scanner worked so asked him why he couldn't use the app to scan my barcode, claimed because of the glare it's hard to scan.. what ever that means.
 I guess I'll have to print a sticker and put it on my membership card with my AU card number to be able to use his savings! Lol.
 Or go out of your car and scan it ahead of time before the attendant arrives.

 Off topic but At the BP on the US9 in Howell that guy is nasty, we're not on talking terms anymore, not that he ever spoke.
  so when I go,I pump myself and close up shop as well. Not complaining don't have to wait for any attendants to come. Not sure what's legal and what not, but it works.

 Back to the BJ's deals...

Some great prices on BJ branded tissues as well as Kleenex Trusted Care, from BJs with those who have membership.
  You can set the membership to allow all coupons clipped by the account holder to be added on the additional user and then have a login or screenshot of the barcode and pay twice at the self checkout to make two orders with all the items, allowing you to get doubles of everything.
 DP: many times the coupons that you used come right back avlb to use again and allows for 4 times of the item when using both membership cards.
   You can order for pick-up in store and go when it's convenient to pick it up and still get the sale price with some of the coupons that are expiring today on the 10th.

 I already got 5 Cases of Kleenex and two cases of BJs branded ones. Bj's I also got with two separate coupons.
   Every account seems to have a different selection of personalized coupons and then the standard.

   In my experience the same coupons found In the coupon book are avlb online in the app( yes the app is the easiest way to navigate and add coupons.)

 From the main page in the app you can use the barcode reader and scan any item to see if there's coupons and how many coupons can be clipped for that one item.
 Or you can go through the coupon book and use the paper coupons or scroll through all 300-400 coupons.

For example..
   Paid $14.99 for the Kleenex 8 Boxes with 190 in each, then had 3 coupons, @$3 @$3 @4.
 So $4.99 for the whole case of 8.
 It worked and still works through today for all those coupons to stack.
    There's a few sizes of tissues to choose from, 12 boxes  8 boxes and etc.. coupon works on all of them.

    While your there they have great prices with the coupons for the finish Drying aid for $3.49 and the Finish dishwashing pods for $5.99 for 117 pods.

As well as Berkeley and Jensen Soap as I posted in the Heschsherim master thread for $0.99 after stacking two coupons. Of course got two.

Then the ALL lavender scented liquid detergent which I got for under $5 when it usually cost $15-$20..
 And some other stuff which I didn't need so didn't bother buying.

 I wouldn't mind some more boxes of tissues and all.
 But kind of hard for someone here who doesn't plan on using it to give it to me. Unless they clip all the coupons and then give me the barcode so I can use when I go. Or if they give me the login for the app!

Is anyone familiar with registering a vehicle from out of the country specifically Canada, while i want to bring it to the US and register it in NY/NJ?

  I was doing some research online while It showed I need some paperwork from the customs and etc.
  But seemed a bit complicated being that I never went through this process.

 If someone can give me an idea of what's needed or a number with whom I can reach to help me with the process.
 Willing to pay to have this done.

 Thanks guys.

 obviously if there's someone here with personal experience that went through the process of buying a vehicle from out of the country and registering it here in the states I would appreciate if you can chime in here and help me a bit. Thanks.

Sold from bose.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Headphones, Certified Refurbished

With 15% off on eBay refinished.

Goods For Sale/Trade / 2 Free NBA 2K21 my player boost codes.
« on: December 15, 2020, 05:17:38 PM »
NBA 2K21 my player boost codes
I don't play this game, but I bought some oil from Walmart and got an email with these codes. Hope it works for someone!

Please see below for your NBA 2K21 MyPlayer Boost Code(s) for Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20, 5 Quart. Your code(s) are:



Insert NBA 2K21 disc & launch game Load into MyTEAM from the Main Menu Navigate to the EXTRAS menu Select Tour Codes Enter Locker Code

including hyphens



NBA 2K21 disc & launch game

Into MyTEAM from the Main Menu Navigate to the EXTRAS menu Select Torker Codes Enter Locker Code including hyphens

Called a few places and checked online, nothing seems to be available.

 Where can one go with the family last minute without needing to book a week in advance? Meaning whether going today or tomorrow.
  Jack frost didn't seem avlb. Nor camp gaw.

Anyone with experience in the past of where they went?

 Within 1-3 hours max of a drive.

For example...3651 qualifying items

Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth, Topical Treatment for Thinning Hair, 3-Month Supply, 2.11 Ounce (Pack of 3)

Deals/Deal Requests / Artscroll "8 days of deals"
« on: December 12, 2020, 07:41:24 PM »
All 8 Days..

Deals are usually alive for 24-48 Hours. With free shipping at $49+.

Day One.
Artscroll Chummashim

Day Two
הרב שמחה בונם קאן הלכת שבת

Day Three
נביאים כתובים

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