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Goods For Sale/Trade / Anyone have extra YouTube TV spot?
« on: April 18, 2021, 11:36:21 AM »
Looking to join, located in NY. Please PM.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Xbox Series S 512gb- $360
« on: December 29, 2020, 01:47:30 AM »
Brand new in box, pick up in Flatbush.

Please pm if interested

Goods For Sale/Trade / Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
« on: November 22, 2020, 06:55:52 PM »
Selling for $385, brand new in box. These are selling on eBay for $400+ right now.

Pick up in Brooklyn tomorrow.

PM please if interested, thanks!

Goods For Sale/Trade / Selling 1 Year of Disney + for $50
« on: November 07, 2020, 08:25:19 PM »
Came free for signing up with Verizon Fios and don't really need.

Usually costs $69.99

Pm if interested.

I've reached out to a bunch of organizations/businesses, but they're either unavailable and/or too expensive.

Just need someone to kasher stovetop, sinks, microwave, and countertop. It's a very small kitchen in a 1 BR apartment. Should take around 45 min to 1 hour.

Anyone know someone who may be able to help? Will pay.

Please PM, thanks!

General Discussion / Verizon Fios Router Recommendation?
« on: October 19, 2020, 10:39:32 AM »
Know nothing about this stuff, so would appreciate if someone who has Fios can recommend a good/cheap router. In case it matters, have the 200/$39.99 plan and will be moving into apartment.

Thank you!

Was able to order 7 of these bags in different colors (link below to Amazon page and Dan's post from earlier today) after Dan posted the deal.

Per the post on the site, each bags was selling for $140+ the other day on Amazon.

Looking to sell all of them @50 each. Can ship them directly to you via Amazon or you can pick up locally.

Please PM me if you're interested.

Product link:
Post Link:

Sells for $899+tax on Best Buy. You save around $100.

Price non-negotiable. Pick up in Brooklyn.

Here's the link below with all the details of computer:

Brand new in box

On sale at Best Buy now for $899 + tax. Selling for $899, so you save around $75 in taxes.

Pick up in Brooklyn. Price non-negotiable. Please PM if interested. Thanks

For more details on the computer, click on the BB link below:

General Discussion / Uber Pass/GC a Scam?
« on: December 16, 2019, 11:23:14 AM »
I have no way of proving this, but really convinced the gift cards/passes are all a scam. Others on Reddit have complained about this as well.

Take Uber to/from work almost every day. Pool price for around a year was always around $11-$13 (located outside NY). Started buying gift cards and passes in an effort to save some money. All of a sudden, the typical $11-$13 rides shot up to around $15-$19. SAME EXACT ROUTE. Had my friend who doesn’t have the pass/gift card order the identical ride and magic: the ride went back down to $11-$13.

I’ve had the same problem with Lyft and Via. The latter was terrific in the beginning since I bought a weekly pass that covered any rides up to $7 (anything over and I’d pay the difference), and almost all the rides fell within this range. Then, again, after around 6 months, the rides mysteriously became more expensive. A ride 5 min from my house that would normally cost $5 increased to $8-$9 and I was forced the pay the overage. Complete waste of $.

I posted now because I see that buying “discounted” Uber gift cards is becoming increasingly popular on this site. Uber doesn’t disclose its pricing algorithms and I’m convinced that once the company has  you “locked in” it can essentially charge you whatever it wants  to make up for the difference. Also, if you noticed recently, when you order Uber pool rides and elect to wait a bit longer, Uber will now offer you $1 in Uber Cash. This, in my opinion, is a way for them to provide suckier service without any cost since they’ll just make that money back when they overcharge you on a future ride.

Please excuse any typos/grammatical errors, typing on my phone here. Just want to reiterate that this is purely conjecture. Reason why I’m posting is because I want to hear others’ opinions and whether they have experienced the same issues. I’m so fed up with these ride share companies. Yes, they provide a great service, but they’re not transparent at all.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Anybody need extra Dropbox Space?
« on: December 11, 2019, 10:20:00 PM »
If we refer each other we each get an additional 500MB of storage. My subscription expires on Jan. 4th and I don't want to have to pay an extra $100 for 2TB of storage which I'll never end up needing (currently have 4GB on my drive). If you'd like free storage as well please PM so we can refer one another. Thanks.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Selling Brand New Apple iPad 128gb (Latest Model)
« on: December 10, 2019, 04:09:03 PM »
Sells for $429 + tax on Apple's website.

Will sell for $360 and ship out for free. Price non-negotiable.

Please PM if interested. Thanks

Goods For Sale/Trade / Amazon Smart Plugs-$15
« on: December 09, 2019, 12:41:18 AM »
Have 19 of these from the Lowes Sale. Looking to sell all 19 @$15 each ($285 total). Will also cover shipping for free. Price non-negotiable so please don't pm with lower offers. Thanks!

Deals/Deal Requests / Any Dropbox deals?
« on: December 03, 2019, 11:26:05 PM »
For the last two years, I took advantage of the deals posted on this website around this time of year where you got a full year subscription at a much cheaper price. Was waiting to purchase the same deal this year but didn’t see anything. Anyone know of a way to get Dropbox for cheaper instead of paying the $9.99 per month? I feel like that’s a lot. Thanks in advance.

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