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When did the Marriott Surfside in Florida increase category from 4 to 5? I'm pretty sure it was a category 4 earlier in the year, and it's not in their list of 2019 category changes?

For 2019 changes, see:

And the internet archive shows them as having been a category 4 as of 9/14/2019 (see:

Can a Marriott hotel change categories without any advance notice?

I'm hopefully traveling from NYC to MIA for thanksgiving, and I want to bring food with me. I'm only traveling for a few days with little kids and staying at a hotel without a full kitchen, so this is the most practical option, at least for shabbos. The flight is only 3 hours, and I assume another 4 hours of travel time to and from the airport, and then figure another 3 hours in buffer time, so I need a thermos that will keep food frozen for at least 10 hours.

I know that Dan is a big fan of Polar Bear coolers, but those are pretty expensive ($135 for a 48 can cooler, and I would probably need two). Now, to be clear, I'm not saying that Polar Bears are overpriced- I know nothing of them except that they are outside of my budget. That all being said, can someone recommend a good soft cooler that will keep food frozen for at least 10 hours, and is priced at $50 or under? I will be checking it in with the airline, so ideally should also be somewhat heavy duty.


I have available for sale two one-week stays at the Marriott Residence Inn Miami Beach Surfside for Yeshiva Week (1/19-1/26). The price is $1,200 for each room (with another $170.94 USD payable at the property for resort fees which include access to the Surfside Aquatic Center and more). The hotel is covered by an eruv and is walking distance to shuls and kosher restaurants. 

This is for a standard room, and you will be added as a second guest (as is done with all Marriott certificate sales). These dates are sold out for points reservations, and the rack rate as of today including all taxes and fees would be almost $2,000.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Looking to Join a Spotify Plan
« on: September 11, 2019, 12:40:08 PM »
Please PM me if anyone has a space in their family plan.

For sale is 4 nights (1/19-1/23 2020) in a Deluxe Studio at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas at a 50% discount over public rates.

Each room features a balcony, and sleeps 4 comfortably with 1 queen-size bed and 1 double-size sleeper sofa. These rooms are in the villas, so they are larger than the standard Animal Kingdom hotel rooms, and in addition, the rooms contain a kitchenette and the resort offers on-site laundry facilities --perfect for traveling with children.

The prices below are final-- no additional taxes, resort fees, etc.. will be charged.
*Standard views in Kidani Village (pool or parking area)-- $236/night (compare vs retail at $473)
*Preferred views in Kidani Village (animal park view)-- $289/night (compare vs retail at $582.75)
*Preferred views in Jambo House (animal park view)-- $298/night (compare vs retail at $597.25)

In addition to the room, you also receive:
*Free Magic Bands for everyone in your party
*Free transportation from airport
*Free parking at the hotel
*Free parking at Disney parks
*Advance 60-day Fastpass booking window

Message me to make a booking.

I know it's a little early, but as they say, the early bird gets the worms.

Does anyone have information on minyanim in Orlando this Pesach? Aside from the official programs, are there any "public" minyanim (even if participants are expected or required to make a donation)? And which communities have eruvin?

From what I understand, the biggest communities in Orlando over Pesach are Championsgate, Windsor and Emerald Island. Are there others?


I own a timeshare and I have points which I will not be able to use this year, so my loss is your gain. Stay must be completed by end of August.

If you want to stay beyond August, I can book now but it will be more expensive. Alternative, if you wish to wait, I might need to clear some more points a little later in the year and I will be able to offer similar prices to here.

Please PM for more information.

"Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter: With a powerful electric motor, natural responsive body control and smooth braking, the Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter series is an incredible riding experience, like no other electric rideable. Delivering a long range (15 miles) battery pack, water-resistant electronics".

Full Specs:

Bought on a whim, never used it, and now too late to return.

Can deliver to Five Towns, Queens and Brooklyn.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Buying 1 established Doordash account for $20
« on: June 03, 2019, 11:04:12 AM »
I'm buying 1 "established" Doordash account (with more than 10+ orders dating back at least 3 months) for $20. Obviously you can (and should) delete your phone number and credit card information prior to transfer. From what I understand, you can easily open up a new account using the same phone number and a different e-mail address. The reason I need this is because my existing account was blocked without explanation, and they will not allow me to open a new one, so I hope that I can get by using an existing account. 

Goods For Sale/Trade / Paying $5 to Receive a Text Message
« on: May 16, 2019, 10:32:02 AM »
I want to sign up for several Google Voice accounts, but it's limited to one account per phone number. I tried being smart and using a burner app or other virtual phone numbers, but looks like Google is smarter. Therefore, I need up to 10 people with a non-virtual phone number to receive a verification text from Google and send me the 6 digit verification code. This will not affect your phone service, but it will prevent you from using that number to apply for another Google Voice account, so keep that in mind. This is also not available to anyone who has previously used their phone number to create a Google Voice account. After verifying the code, I will send the person $5 via Paypal. Please PM me if interested. Thank you for helping.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Account
« on: February 22, 2019, 11:26:11 AM »
Anyone have an account and willing to add me as a user (for payment)?

Goods For Sale/Trade / Discount Disney Hotels
« on: February 15, 2019, 01:42:15 PM »
I can book Disney hotels at rates up to 30% off retail. These are legitimate reservations under your name with all the benefits associated with a Disney stay, including includes Magical Express, a 60 day window for booking Fastpass+,  and Extra Magic Hours (when available). I am sometimes even able to get larger rooms with kitchenettes. Please PM me with your dates and I will check availability and give you a price. Thanks!

 A relative of mine recently had back surgery and so she cannot fly commercial, even business lay flat. If anyone knows how I can get a good deal leaving April 16, 17th, or 18th, and returning April 28, or 29th, please let me know. Iím looking either for an entire jet with 9 to 12 seats, or to join and existing flight with two people. Thank you.

Goods For Sale/Trade / [WANT TO BUY] Priority Pass Membership
« on: November 27, 2018, 10:27:49 AM »
I thought that there used to be a thread on this but I canít find it anymore. Is anyone selling a Priority Pass membership?

Not sure that this is the right forum, but I couldnít find of any better options, so here it goes.

Iím planning a birthday party for my 3-year old daughter in Woodmere, NY next month for approximately 20-25 toddlers, and not looking to spend more than $300-$350 all in. I think that having the party at my house would be the best option (but if someone knows of an establishment that will feed and entertain 25 toddlers for my budget, please let me know!)

I need some ďprofessionalsĒ to entertain the kids. Iím basically looking for face-painting, balloon making, music, etc... quoted me approximately $350 for 1.5 hours, but once I factor in another $75 for food, $60 for their recommended tips, $50 for party favors, and tax, were at over $500 easy.

All that to ask, can anyone recommend good and reliable entertainers for toddlers? Keep in mind that this is for 3-year-olds, so weíre not looking for anything fancy. College or even high school kids will do, S long as they are responsible.


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