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Curious what peoples thoughts or reviews are on this new Slack workspace being used for Daf Yomi. Ira Zlotowitz launched a Slack for people to ask questions on the daf. The Rabbi there does a great job IMHO. There are also channels with Shiurim posted there daily from various places such as Sruly Bornstein as well as some other stuff. He has a video there to explain but gotta join to really understand it.

Seems like he has a connection to Artscroll :) and worked out 25% for members (for today only??) on the new gemaras for next cycle. Wonder if this will continue through the cycle.

Its a clever use of Slack. The benefits over whatsapp is that groups can be any size and questions go into threads. There are Sruly Bornstein whatsapps but those have both limitations. The idea have having many channels in one place makes accessing a variety of content seamless. Its nice on the go. I felt Slack to be a bit confusing for the first couple minutes til you get acclimated especially on a PC. Definitely cheaper then building a platform from scratch.

Can we get a list of points hotels with resort style amenities in the NYC area (within 90 minutes etc)

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