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may I have a link to repost your beginner's list

Up In The Air / Companion passes, Southwest
« on: March 25, 2020, 03:31:45 PM »
Hope everyone is safe and well.  Just wondering is Southwest is going to extend companion passes since so many of us have been told not to travel, or will have to be quarantined when we get there?  My husband and I were hoping to make extensive use of our companion passes this spring and summer and it now appears as if that is not going to be possible. 

May I have permission to repost the link to your "resources for kids"page that you posted today?  With your permission, I would post it to my FB page and Baltimore Jewish Life.  Please let me know if I may pass it on in this manner so that I may help preserve the sanity of hard-pressed mothers.
All the best.

Just discovered that Amazon will not give you back promotional credit that you use to purchase an item. According to nearly two hours and four representative of varying managerial levels on Amazon, It doesn't matter if the item was  falsely represented (as mine was), stolen from your doorstep or even never delivered.  You will only get back that portion that was paid in an Amazon gift card or by credit card.  I just learned this the hard way when I hit "buy this again" on an item I really liked, only to find the quantity per purchase had changed.  I, (now I know, stupidly) boxed it up for return only to find that I had lost nearly $30 in promotional credit on the deal.  Before you return an item that is purchased via a promo credit, see if your amount returned is really worth it.

On The Road / Go Oahu Pass- Hakoras Hatov
« on: February 02, 2020, 02:17:01 PM »
Just wanted to thank you, Dan, and all of the contributors to the forum for making our 40th Anniversary Hawaii vacation the trip of a lifetime.  Your advice was extremely valuable.  We both got a four day GO oahu pass through Costco and it was worth it in that it provided something of a built-in itinerary as well as a discount.  Since you don't have to use the days consecutively, you can rest between days of packing in the sights.  We stayed on Oahu this time, but I think that we are hooked on Hawaii. Thanks again for opening the world to us.

On The Road / Car Rental 02/10- 09/20 Ben Gurion avoiding hidden charges
« on: February 02, 2020, 01:16:20 PM »
Monday, February 10, 2020 11:00 AM
Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)
Monday, March 9, 2020 10:00 AM
Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)
Hi, last time I rented at the airport with a reservation I got flim-flammed.  Wouldn't accept my credit card's insurance.  Got charged extra to have a second driver.  The charge, plus taxes, was nearly double.  How do I avoid getting rooked again? 

This is the deal priceline is offering me now through SIXT for an economy car at $258 for the duration of our stay. 250 free kilometers per day.  Additional charge for another driver undetermined.
Monday, February 10, 2020 11:00 AM
Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)
Monday, March 9, 2020 10:00 AM
Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)
Included with Your Rental
Airport Surcharge
Your rental includes 250 free kilometres per day. If you drive more than this, you'll pay between US$ 0.25 and US$ 0.55 (including tax) for each additional kilometre when you drop your car off.
Changing the length of your rental can affect how many kilometres you can drive for free. It can also affect how much you will pay for each additional kilometre.

Hello, I hope that someone in the forum can make a recommendation of a good online source for the purchase of 220V small appliances.  I'm seeking a sous vide for my daughter in Israel as well as some other small convenience items that I can use for a long-term stay for myself while I'm there.  Your experience would be most beneficial.
Thanks and Good Shabbos,
P.S.  I already searched the forum for a thread on this topic, so if there is one that I missed please forgive the oversight.

On The Road / GO Oahu Pass, Oahu. Have you tried this?
« on: December 02, 2019, 02:53:54 PM »
Has anyone who has vacationed in Hawaii used the GO Oahu pass?  It looks like a good deal for older folks like me, since apparently you don't have to do contiguous days. 
Any opinions?
Thanks in Advance,

On The Road / 40th Anniversary trip ImY"H, ten days in Hawaii
« on: November 25, 2019, 11:05:23 AM »
Hi, My husband and I are hoping to celebrate our 40th Anniversary with a trip to Hawaii,thanks in large part to a DansDeals tip on a SW companion pass deal.  We are hoping to spend a few days in Sacramento to recuperate from the transition from the East Coast, Then we are hoping to have ten days in Hawaii in January including a Shabbos.  We have not yet purchased tickets other than our flights to Sacramento and Honolulu.   I have checked through the forum for information, but could still use advice on a full, but not frantic, itinerary for us. What would be the best investments of our time and travel budget?  Which Islands? Hotels that are Shabbos friendly?  Kosher food? Car rental options? (BTW, helicopter rides and extreme exposed heights are out of the question for this chicken).  This is our first really big vacation without children in the backseat asking "are we there yet?" We want to make it special.  Your thoughts and suggestions would truly be welcome.

When going for a prime day deal, I nearly didn't realize at checkout that my Whole Foods $10 credit was automatically applied to the price.  Because it was an $11.48 purchase, I nearly cheated myself of the other $10 prime day discount that would have appeared otherwise.  I dropped it from my cart, spent the Whole foods credit on something else first and then went back to the other purchase, which was still available and got it for $1.48 

Deals/Deal Requests / joseph bank 99$ suits 70% off +20% over $125
« on: November 26, 2018, 08:25:46 PM »
 Found suits for $99 and an additional 20% off over $125 with the CYBER18 code. Great buys on clearance.  If you get there via Southwest Rewards shopping you get triple SW points as well.

Deals/Deal Requests / Ahava products 50% off
« on: November 26, 2018, 03:25:12 PM »
Ahava Skin Care products and gift sets. up to 50% off over $75 and free shipping.

Amazon & Walmart Deals / 850w Slaiya Sous Vide cooker with rack $30
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:31:07 PM »
This is originally 59.99, but half off with the 50% off coupon.  I own one and purchased a second for Pesach.

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