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On The Road / Hotel with private pool/jacuzzi
« on: April 27, 2021, 11:09:17 PM »
Are there any hotels within driving distance from NYC that have an in room pool, hot tub or jacuzzi? Preferably not too expensive

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General Discussion / Sukkah rental
« on: September 02, 2020, 03:31:54 PM »
anyone have any experience with renting a sukkah in Brooklyn?

On The Road / Buggy now renting cars
« on: May 28, 2020, 12:07:09 AM »
saw an ad the buggy (in crown heights)  is renting out cars for 199 a week.
could be useful for some for the summer

Next week for Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Then suspended again for two weeks.

Tech Talk / t-mobile Wifi calling on non t-mobile phones
« on: May 13, 2020, 04:59:00 PM »
I have an (unlocked) sprint phone being used on t-mobile, but wifi calling isn't working. it seems to be a general problem with non-t-mobile phones, does anyone have experience dealing with it?

Tech Talk / microsoft mailmerge help
« on: January 06, 2020, 02:58:46 PM »
how would I be able to send the same page to more than one email address? I tried putting them in the same cell in excel but it comes back that "Microsoft outlook does not recognize"  even when I separate them by a comma or by a semicolon?

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