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Goods For Sale/Trade / Looking to Sell Gold (Outdated Jewelry) - Leads?
« on: December 15, 2020, 11:38:18 AM »
Located in Brooklyn, used to have contact info for a Yanky Yablonsky. Wasn't successful in reaching him, looking for any other places I can try. Thank you. 

General Discussion / Professional Career Svcs. IT Course - Info. Needed
« on: October 16, 2020, 01:31:28 AM »
Looking for information for family member on the PCS School to learn IT & Networking, and need frum environment. Lives in Brooklyn so would probably need to commute to Lkwd or Monsey. Would like to know,

1 - What level do they teach at? Some schools he looked into (more local) have a reputation for being low level, unprofessional, etc.
2 - Does anyone know if ppl come from Brooklyn (would carpool be possible)?
3 - Any add'l info or references would be very helpful, general or specific.

Thank you.

General Discussion / Help with Flies & Mosquitoes - Need Deterrent
« on: July 17, 2020, 04:55:23 PM »
Please help.

Every year as soon as the weather turns nice until winter, our yard/back lawn attracts flies & mosquitoes. There are no flowers, just a bit of grass and concrete. We keep weeds (ours - the neighbors don't really care...) to a minimum and make sure there is no food or standing water ever, but no matter what we try they keep coming back. It is such a nice cozied-up space that it's a pity we don't fully enjoy it.

Anyone out there with suggestions for a tried & true method that may deter insects outdoors? We tried many bug sprays from Home Depot, poured bleach, and vinegar as well.

Much appreciated.

Credit Cards And Finance / Chase CC's - BT Offers
« on: June 17, 2020, 09:40:32 PM »
Was wondering if anyone might have any DP on this, does Chase ever do BT offers long after years of use on the card? I opened 2 cards over 10 years ago, met minimum spend, utilized BT offers then, and have been regularly using the card since. Payment history is superb, but looking to transfer a balance from another card to one of the Chase cards since I have a substantial credit line with them.
Comments? Thoughts? Your input is appreciated no matter how small. Thank you.

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Corporation Tax - NY
« on: May 11, 2020, 02:42:48 AM »

Just remembered I owe Corp Tax for Q1 2020, it's definitely State or City (I think General). Anyone have any DP on whether penalties & interest will be waived due to current situation? All info I've come across relates to Federal Income Tax deadlines having been extended to July 15, didn't get much clarity re State or Local Business Tax post Apr. 25.

Paging @cgr , your expertise is appreciated.

Up In The Air / Post / Link Changed??
« on: January 24, 2020, 09:53:27 AM »
Looking for the ORIGINAL post of 20% off flights on Alitalia, the one where it clearly said 2 free checked bags with economy. When I used the link from DDMS that's what it said, now when I went back it says 2 bags with business class. I know I'm not senile, definitely booked this bec. of 2 free bags incl., see screenshot, but alitalia claims no add'l bag incl. even though the booking confirmation also says so! I don't hold @Dan or anyone else responsible but really want to know if I'm losing it or what, does anyone else know if the post clearly said "2 free checked bags" on DDMS at the time it was active? I also remember there being many more comments in the original post so something just doesn't add up.

Current Link:

Up In The Air / Alitalia - Lost Luggage?
« on: January 16, 2020, 03:58:20 AM »
Bought a ticket for dad from Israel to NY for two weeks from now, flying Alitalia with stopover in Rome (recent special on DDMS). Did search re Alitalia for something else entirely & came across more than one post stating that "Alitalia is notorious for losing bags". Can anyone please verify? Dad may be traveling with a valuable or two.

Thanks, your replies are appreciated.

Traveling with teenage children to Israel for Yom Kippur/Sukkos, compiling list of attractions (Mostly Trip Advisor) but wondering if the following is appropriate for us as we are Chareidi/Frum - I don't know how to word it so please nobody take offense, thanks.:

- Ramon Airforce Base in the Negev (not just the crater)
- Sound and Light show (near Jaffa Gate) at the Tower of David
- Kfar Etzion/Gush Etzion Sound & Light show & Museum
- Teddy Kollek Park - Sound, Light & Water show (nights)
- Kibbutz Negba  - Sound & Light show opposite kibbutz

Just  mentioning that yrs ago went to Tveria (for kvarim) so afterwards went over to the light show w/ our son - we were in E"Y for Tefillin Leigen - was a disaster, hoping not to have a repeat... I do think that a show like this would be interesting/ something different for the kids though, if it's not inappropriate like the one in Tveria.
Thanks so much in advance!

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