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General Discussion / Panel.sukkahs, worth the expense?
« on: September 02, 2020, 01:40:35 AM »
Hi! Last yr i was so tempted to get panel sukkah but was so expensive.  (The sukkah depot ones with like doors or windows and snap in place) We got a guy to build us a great wooden sukkah for half the price last yr after years of canvas. However its stored really awkwardly in our converted garage now serving as an entranceway to our rental house and he made really thick brackets so I dont know what to do with it as it takes up so much room. Husband not so handy...cant build storage unit big enough. Trying to decide if I should convince him to sell it and get the panels again. Got offered a good deal with them thru sukkah depot (they can go down in price) I know what ur going to say lol its elul it's my husband's decision! How much do u love ur sukkah panel sukkah? Or not worth the extra $1000+?

thanks. trying to decipher from information if my mother will be able to come here for rosh hoshona. they have stopped entry for UK but if someone has immediate family member i think its different she has an esta visa (?) and she is parent not kid of a US resident. anyone know the facts? Thanks in advance

General Discussion / Oven advice, is shabbos mode worth it
« on: March 19, 2020, 02:14:04 AM »
Hi I am buying a new oven and want to know is it worth the extra $300 for shabos mode (GE ,star k certified). I like the idea of a warming drawer but assume u cant even put dry food in there shabos day (ashkenaz). Would love your thoughts. TIA

Poor girl just got there last week in the 72 hours gap before closing border. The sem was forced to close. How do I best get her home asap. Cn u message me at

Hi we are going on a much awaited trip for 6 days to my old town london. Whats best (cheapest) way of having cell calling access when not in wifi. Verizon offered a plan if we use it one time we get $10 fee for 24 hours per phone for calls etc. Just adds up. If not being used it has to be in airplane mode not to be charged. Theres gotta be a better way.  Also any of ur fave tourist spots? We only have 2 full days to tour. Thanks in advance

Up In The Air / I got a non refundable ticket to TLV refunded fully
« on: July 18, 2019, 08:36:43 PM »
So I work in kiruv and a rabbi we work with said a student backed out of a trip last minute and silly rabbi trusted her and put the flight on HIS c/c. She was reimbursing partially the rest we were helping with.
He said its non refundable, I said call the airline (UNITED) he called me back nope its non refundable he checked (Only checked on line) i called United and after their automatic call back the lady was very nice and said she is making a  huge exception fully refunding the ticket within 7 - 10 days on the c/c (not even a $250 charge) it wasn't cos of illness or something i just told her the truth a student got a new job and backed out and now the rabbi is out of pocket,. (A LOT its peak season LAX to TLV return)

Just Shmooze / United Refua need to make decision
« on: March 27, 2019, 02:45:32 AM »
 Hi so after being dropped by Kaiser the local great HMO when my husband went alone in business, we have a crazy expensive insurance that has a huge deductible and is really there for gd forbid emergency. We are looking into United Refua which is a healthshare group started by some nice Frum yidden in Cleveland  (not Dan
). There are some obvious red flags like what of several members needed major expenses the whole thing would crash. On other hand it's less than half what we pay for emergency huge deductible insurance. Thoughts? I know the dandeals forums had a discussion on it last year but it seemed like people from the company were commenting.  I want YOUR views.

General Discussion / Iso health insurance in SoCal
« on: December 30, 2018, 05:03:34 PM »
Been shopping around for insurance for family of 6 . Crazy expensive. Just got dropped from cobra as the person who ran the small business husband used to work for closed business. For soem crazy reason we were paying just 905 for Kaiser. Now for same benefits it's like 1900. Maybe they were making a mistake? Dont think his old boss paid towards it we have been gone 15 months. Any advice? Want high deductible but not to pay a fortune on occasional doctor visit. May choose oscar
 Seems best monthly rate. But trying to find soemone to give me an honest answer how much a negotiated rate out of pocket for a doc visit will be seems Impossible . Even when I called a Frum doctor office. Aaagh. Gotta decide by tom.if I want oscar for jan 1 and 15th if I wanna go ba k to kaiser. Does anyone have other advice? We dont qualify for covered California but that doesnt mean with rent in l.a. and yeshiva we are not broke...

BH DD gets married in 3 weeks and then a couple years IYH in Israel.  What is most cost-effective way to get (lots) of luggage (3 suitcases each) to Israel? We didn't book flights yet, getting one way tickets so no ElAl. I heard Norwegian (cheap flights) allows 2 cases but the website seems to say its only for the more expensive tickets. so, what inepxensive airline still allow 2 suitcases PP and whether its only one or two is it possible for each to pay for a 2nd AND 3rd case? We have bedding sheets towels etc. thanks in advance

Crazy story
I do NOT mean to bash Elal. BH EY have had MANY attempted terrorist attempts thwarted.
and I Do not know how serious his allegations of stolen belongings is. See below- any advice? this is a student we purchased a ticket for to attend a baal teshuva yeshiva:

My moms family is all Jewish and my dad's dad is Muslim, from turkey and his mom from Canada. El al was not too happy about my having Muslim family in Turkey. Before I could even check in for my flight, I was held for nearly three hours as they asked any question you could think of regarding my Turkish family. I was one of the first people in line to check in and I was the dead last to get through. Because of my family history, I have gotten used to the extra questioning since this is my fifth time in Israel. It happens every time, but this time was so much worse. They then told me at check in that I had to take my computer out of my carry on and put in into my checked bag. They didnít make any other passengers do that and gave me no reason for it. Once I got through security is where the real problems started. After the hours of questioning, the director of el al security again pulled me aside and accused me of bringing a Muslim prayer rug into Israel, as if it was illegal. It was only my bath towel. Finally, as I am waiting in the line to board, xxxxx and I were asked to go into the side room next to the gate. They frisked both of us from head to toe and then completely picked apart both of our carry ons. They took out all of my electronics and told me that they had to put them in my checked bag. They gave me no reason. They also refused to let me take my sleeping pills into the plane, With no reason. Once in the plane, the director of security again approached me and told me that they had taken my hard drive and to give him an address in Israel to send it to. They did this without my permission and completely unofficially. I wrote my address on a scratch piece of paper that the director just shoved into his pocket. No official paperwork or anything like that. Once I got to Israel, I realized that the el al employees that had searched my checked bag (where I had packed my ďprayer rugĒ) I realized that they had also taken my deodorant, razor refills, my sunglasses and some really nice cologne that my parents had bought me for Hanukkah. I havenít received any emails or confirmation that they have my property and are sending it to me, so I am assuming that I will never see any of it again.
I am sorry for the long write up. I canít do it now, but Iím the morning I will send you what I sent to the travel agent just in case I left anything out. I feel that I was simply punished for having Muslim family despite the fact that I have been to Israel five times and even stayed for a year on a student visa. I hope that I can get compensated for my property and a refund for my flight home. It would be nice to talk to you and xxxxxxx on the phone soon, because aside from that everything is going great!

This is my first post, excuse me if I am not choosing the correct forum.
An amazing drone- the really expensive type= is being offered to my son's friends if they get 10 people to buy it its approx 70% off list price. Whats the catch? good question. have you heard of these type of things?

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