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IDK if links are allowed, but DOC and other sites have multiple reports that the price you see at check out for S&S orders is not necessarily the price youíll end up paying, EVEN ON YOUR FIRST SHIPMENT.

Obviously  after the first shipment the price on  S&S orders are subject to change, but there are multiple reports that apparently Amazon will often adjust the delivery date, even when no adjustment was requested from you, and that results in the order being cancelled and reordered in Amazonís system. The system treats it like any subsequent S&S order, and charges whatever the current going price is. Thatís not necessarily the price you initially agreed to, and the order will not honor coupons either, since they were attached to the order that Amazon has now cancelled.

No email is sent out from Amazon with information about the cancel/reorder, itís a behind-the-scenes adjustment. You receive the item, and unless you carefully check your order cancellations, where it does show  the original order as cancelled , you will never know that you paid a different price than what you thought you were paying when you placed the order. Not to mention that affiliates who should be getting a commission lose out since the original order was cancelled.

If this is a repost please feel free to remove. Just thought this deserved its own thread.

Cost price $19 a lb.

Credit Cards / Jetblue Amazon portal ends today
« on: March 26, 2018, 06:19:50 PM »
Has anyone taken advantage of this?
Quote from Reddit:

Now that this is getting killed I'll let you guys in on an easy way to generate jetblue points to take advantage of for a couple of weeks. When you "gift" a kindle e-book to a friend, they have an option to decline the e-book and accept an amazon credit for the money value of the e-book instead. They can then use this credit to send another kindle e-book to another friend. It's best to do this in a circle with a few friends and a few books to be able to do it a few times a day, all the while earning 3x. If you season your account up to a $299 kindle e-book, this is an easy 1,000 jetblue points each time.

Some tips... Start with a $99 e-book the first couple of times then move up to $199 and $299. Make sure to use a new account that shares no information or credit cards with your main account to prevent amazon from shutting you down. I recommend just using a vgc/mgc/amexgc with a fake name and phone number but be sure to remember it. Occasionally amazon will lock the account, and you just have to call in and verify the info on the account, but they never seem to care about the e-book stuff. I have generated a few hundred thousand jetblue points with friends using the portal for this over the past year or two, so have at it!

Just Shmooze / So Big Bang theory needs.....Emunah
« on: March 04, 2018, 11:06:47 AM »

"Ordinary real time is replaced by imaginary time," he said. Honestly, that happens to me all the time. I imagine time has gone by at a certain pace, only to discover I've been imagining things.

For Hawking, however, imaginary time "behaves like a fourth direction of space." He and Euclid believe imaginary time is a "four-dimensional curved surface like the surface of the Earth, but with two more dimensions."

Six-dimensional, then?Ē

So basically, Stephen Hawking, the top guy in the field is saying we donít have a clue about what went on before the Big Bang, because it isnít measurable, observable, or quantifiable, so we may as well pretend that nothing existed before, or invent some imaginary different time that has never been observed, and will admittedly never be empirically verifiable, but.... have emunah in me folks, thatís the way it was.

How can this kind of absurdity be peddled around to supposedly intelligent people?

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