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I'm opening up this thread as wizz and Ryan air love to change every year the carry on policy, so therefore it should be back dedicated thread for this,
 Ryan air has decided to charge for a carry on, (to the model of WOW) so in short if you want to bring a carry on you'll need to pay, and there is 2 ways to do it, 1. If you buy priority boarding, 2. If you pay only for the luggage, so maybe you are thinking that you'll for sure buy priority boarding, but Ryan air has planned this too... And priority boarding will be capped to 95 passengers out of 190ish, before you fly make sure you got this checked...

This also follows after wizz has started the same policy from Ryan air to put the bags in the hold, but does not charge anything the same as Ryan air was before there new policy, one trick you can do on wizz is to tear down the tag you get in the gate, then they will let you come up on the plane with your carry on, but try at your own risk...

Credit Cards / Only no FX fee no annual fee from amex
« on: August 09, 2018, 05:50:32 AM »
I see that the only amex card with no foreign transaction fee and no annual is the Hilton honors card, it comes with a lot of premium services like returns and bagage insurance etc. Which comes most of the time only with an annual fee, is it worth to have this card?

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