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Credit Cards / Chase ink Business- uses in Israel----
« on: November 21, 2019, 06:18:10 AM »
 i cant find the israel CC thread, so if its ok, ill post here..
in israel any companies fall under these category?
Internet, cable and phone services

(ie bezeq/hot/rimon/hadran etc...)

greatly appreciate it

and if Ssomeone can direct me to the israel CC link


whats the best way to try to make a minyan at west yellostone and jackson/grand teton.  July 18-Aug 1st?
spreading the word and getting it out there...

any and all help appreciated
תזכו למצות

hi all,
 would appreciate if someone can advise/direct me on how do i reserve seats and order kosher meal.
booked on priceline BA, tlv-JFk r/t

thank you all

Up In The Air / hilton honors status.....
« on: April 03, 2019, 06:10:37 AM »
hi all,
  whats the best/quickest way to get status in hilton honors program.
i currently have the amex platinum, which says will give me gold status, is that good?
what would be needed to get diamond?

thanks for all the help

 i guess i didnt realize that amazon made a change to prime family sharing, i was on a family account and now i am not.
is there anyway around that to get back on?
how much would my own prime membership cost?
there were some 99/year deals floating around a while back, still out there?

thank for the help....

has anyone been to any of the above areas?
would love some info, food, location to sleep, activities.... anything and everything....

thank you all!!!

has anyone done a trip like this? 2-3 weeks?
Yellowstone/grand teton, Glacier, Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks

would love some info........

 i have 2 of 3 ,the CSP and freedom unlimited, which is the next card to get to maximize the points?
im not sure of which Chase Ultimate Business cards Rewards cards to get,
Ink Business Preferred Card / Ink Business Unlimited Card/ Ink Business Cash Card

couple of notes,
1. DW has the CSR.
2. we live in israel, so need to be wary of foreign transaction fee, which is why mainly use the DW CSR or my CSP
3. i do not use the Freedom Unlimited in israel, as it has foreign transaction fee.
4. we charge no small amount in the US
5. not sure how i can utilize the rotating bonus, unless amazon counts to it, does it?

1. which card/s should i get next to maximize?
2. should i downgrade my CSP and  for something else?
3. if i just got the unlimited freedom (less than month ago), and the signup bonus , can i downgrade my CSP and get the chase freedom with the bonus?

thank you for all your help!!!!

we would like to make a trip out to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.
not really sure how to start planning....we are a family of 9, 2 adults 7 children ages 6-16, love outdoors.
1. is there a difference between visiting july or august?
2. should we fly into bozeman,jacksonhole, or idaho falls?
3.we dont want to rush this trip, so what would be ideal amount of time in each location yellowstone and grand tetons?
4. shabbat with minyan is very important, are the 2 closet options jackson hole and bozeman?
5. where would best accommodations be for us which would allow us to cook our own food and close proximity to sights in each locations?
6. which credit cards would be best for this type of trip to accumulate points/miles?

thank you all for your help!!!

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / is there a yosemite thread?
« on: November 04, 2018, 09:47:16 AM »
havent seen one.
is there?
if not,
would love info on best places to stay for family of 9,
where to spend shabbat for minyanim,
how to manage with kosher food

thank you all!

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Minyan/Kosher food in HAmburg?
« on: November 01, 2018, 03:20:30 AM »
hi all,
 does anyone have info about minyanim and kosher food options in Hamburg?
i emailed the chabad of hamburg but didnt get any replies..
thank you!

i need to make a couple purchases that total appx 30K, i can divide them to as many as i want....
which card should i use,  this is what i have below...
1. amex gold-
2. amex delta gold 
3. amex delta platinum 
4. amex optima platinum-
5. amex spg-
6. Chase Marriott premier plus-
7. chase sapphire preferred-
8. chase sapphire reserve -as authorized user from wife account

or should i add a new card....

so should i get a new card non business? if yes which,
and if no, which card or cards shall i use for the above?

thank you so much

Love From the HolyLand!!

hi all,
 this is my 1st TR. so here goes.
back in February i was walking a travel and tourism show just looking around and out jumped at me this beautiful brochure of the most magnificent wooden bridge etched into the side of the cliff with this tranquil turquoise water.... i just had to know where that was?!?!?!
Vintger Gorge Slovenia, huh... where in the world is that.... i saw other brochures of Slovenia and boy was i hooked!!!!! theres hiking/biking/rafting/canyoning/ziplines and more.. WOW.. what a trip.
for all outdoor/active/nature lovers.... this is a MUST!!!!
away we go. i hit up trip advisor (sorry all, im new to this) and started doing some research.....
Let me start off by saying, Croatia and Slovenia are such beautiful countries, magnificent views and the nicest people, so helpful patient and caring.... they are also not expensive countries....
*** kosher food, we had someone from Milan meet us with large delivery of kosher meats/chickens etc...***
we brought snacks/wraps/tuna etc..... there is a kosher list for Croatia and a  Jewish community in Zagreb, Croatia and chabad in both croatia and slovenia. and a small jewish community in Trieste Italy (which is where we spent shabbat)
day 1- 7am flight - we flew tlv-rjk (rijeka) on arkia airlines, great flight, great service, great timing. (no miles sorry all)
had the car rental company (super highly recommend) meet us at RJK, they added on a delivery fee as they are based in Slovenia, pricing with the drop off fee, was still better than any other option.
9 seats it was an Opel something was really great, had tons of trunk space. oh yeah it was stick shift.
so we get the van and off we go.
it was appx 2.5 hr drive to our guest house, called Guest house ljubica, we picked that location so we could get a super early start the next morning, which we did.
the guest house was super basic, and super cheap, so you get what you pay for. there was an additional 5 euro charge for the ac remote...hahahaha.
anyways the grounds outside was nice and it served the purpose we needed.... dinner/breakfast was outdoors they had a nice garden with tables/chairs....
but before we got to the guesthouse, we made a stop at kupjak/ravna gora, (which was appx 45minute drive from airport)  i thinks its called adrenalin park kupjak it was literally in the backyard of someones house... but they had an entire wooded area, it was a ropes course, which the kids LOVED!!!!! eddie the guide there, was perfect, so patient, kind and caring.  we found out towards the end, that eddie is actually on the croatian cross country ski team.... after the ropes course some of the kids did the zipline from the top of the hill, and they went FAST!!!
we all loved this place....and again, not expensive at all....
from there it was off to the guest house, appx under 2 hr drive...... the drive was very pretty. got to the guest house checked in, arranged for din and early to bed cause we were going to be at plitvice lake at 7am the next day.....
day 2  Plitvice lake, מה רבו מעשך,
gotta go. ill try to update this again tomorrow.... would love to post pics and my itinerary, just dont know how... all our images are over 256K

Credit Cards / credit card point/miles game plan help- i have no idea....
« on: September 03, 2018, 10:39:39 AM »
hi all,
you guys are all so knowledgeable and seem like having so much fun with this.......
id love some help getting a handle on all this...
we live in israel,so almost all my purchases are here, except when we have some family coming to visit, and we hit up amazon/Costco :) 
we do have bank account/billing address in US.
that being said, these are the cards/points i have.
id like to know, should i add more credit cards to my wallet? if so, which? and of the cards which should be my everyday card and which should be over $2600 purchase card?
1. amex gold- 212K miles (just saw have an offer for premium rewards gold with 40K bonus, should i upgrade?)
2. amex delta gold  (thanks to DDalert got the signup bonus)- 166K
3. amex delta platinum  (thanks to DDalert got the signup bonus)- 166K  i guess these accounts are linked so my total is 166K
4. amex optima platinum- no clue why i have this, havent used in years, should i close the account?
5. amex spg- 1.4M  (after the conversion with marriott) gold elite, whatever that means   have an offer for the luxury spg with 15K bonus should i upgrade?
6. Chase Marriott premier plus- 126K (got the 100K sign up bonus) gold elite, whatever that means
7. chase sapphire preferred- 534K  (tried to appy for CSR got declined, didnt know cant have both, so had wife sign up, waiting for response....

so with all of the above.
should i add more credit cards to my wallet?
if yes, which?
and of the cards which should be my everyday card for here in israel
which should be over $2600 purchase card, (ie tuition/donations etc)?

also,what does this mean
"You can transfer AMEX points into El Al points instantly, and as mentioned in the caveats section above, you can even earn El Al Executive status with a transfer of 5K AMEX points."
what does el al executive get? do?

thank you all for your kind patience with me and advice....

Love from the HolyLand!   

Up In The Air / trip idea help hanuka
« on: August 26, 2018, 02:56:52 AM »
hi all,
 im new to this, and love it. you guys are great.....
my family and i are BEH coming to the states for hannuka to spend time with the family there.
we are 9, 2 adults 7 children, ages 7-16.
we will be in NY for the week of hannuka, and id like make the most of this transatlantic flight by adding in a trip just for my fam, post hannuka, meaning sunday dec 9th- till either that friday or sunday the 16th....
we are all BH  active and love to do outdoor activities. hiking, biking, rafting, ziplines, canyoning,rappelling, horseback riding,snorkeling etc.
we have never done skiing... something would love to try,
for that amount of time. where do you all suggest/recommend

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