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On The Road / Under 21 Car rental in Israel
« on: November 02, 2011, 12:10:46 PM »
Anyone know of a place in Israel that rents out to under 21?

You can earn 18 miles per dollar spent through the U.S. Air dividend miles shopping mall for purchases made through from the US air dividend miles website.  Here is the link
Essentially for a $1400 ticket u will get 25,200 miles; enough for a roundtrip ticket anywhere in the US.

Go to (Expedia Germany)
2. select click and mix (flight and hotel)
3. Specify Destination Dates.
4. On the final page where the coupon box is indicated apply coupon COUPONFEB11DE
This coupon has no minimum purchase requirements so essentially can be used for any flight.
Also you can use any credit card to puchase. (doesn't need to be a german credit card)
If you have trouble navigating the site use google translate.
Sample flights
LAX-LAS $0.25 EUR!!!  (INCLUDES FLIGHT AND HOTEL!) US AIR  Sample dates  MARCH 13-14, 22-23 27-28 ETC.  Essentially FREE!!!
PIT-LAS $75 EUR  Sample Dates MARCH 28-30, 29-30 etc.

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