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16-year-old nephew flying alone for the first time on the flight. Originally started from Israel (stopped in YYZ and suppose to go to Newark. now its getting redirected to YYZ. he's gonna be alone for the night so trying to find someone there to help out. 

Credit Cards / Credit card debt
« on: October 24, 2018, 12:12:40 PM »
I searched "Credit card debt"  and could not find anything

I would like to pay off about 20k in Credit Card debt with the least amount of interest possible. My plan is to do a balance transfer now and pay what I can and in about a year do that again until I'm done. 

3 questions from a novice who wants to pay off debt

1. Does doing a balance transfer affect my abillity to apply for credit cards?
2. Will it somehow stop me from getting all those balance transfer offers? like if you do it once, somehow the other CC companies stop sending you the offers because you did it once? 
3. What are your ideas for paying of credit card debt?

i applied and received the citi AA amex card with 35k miles bonus offer
and already got the miles,

can i get them to match the higher offer of 75/100k?
and does anyone know how?

I'm sure there is a old post about it, does anyone know where?

thanks allot

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