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I bought gc to mostly music since im in Israel and limited to what i can do I need a place i can call the card into plus the time diff. kinda doesnt give me much choice ..... but what did you use the credit for post here  :D

im pretty new to the whole credit churning thing but some ideas that i had (like i said i am new so these ideas might not be new but i didnt c any one mention this idea yet )and if any one can answer me that would be great so first q. i need to spend 5,000 in 6 monthes on my amex card for the extra bonus but i live in Israel were i would have a fee for every transaction  so my q. is if i buy a gift card using my amex (so i get the needed spend on my card)does those gift cards NOT have a foreign  transaction fee?

second does a transfer of balance work for receiving credit? basically if i only spend 5,000 one time on one card then transfer the balance to a second card would i receive the credit twice?

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