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On The Road / NY-Florida: free one way rental
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:49:08 AM »
As several car rental companies offering now super low rates for one way rentals from the NY-Metro area to Florida, I am trying to benefit somehow…

So I wanna take a car for about 3 weeks at a NY airport location and have it returned by someone who is traveling to Florida.

I will pay the total cost of the rental, but looking for someone who will drive out to Florida after, or in middle of Sukkahs. Should be 25 or+.

Trying my luck…

On The Road / Hertz "Multi-Month" Program
« on: May 03, 2011, 02:46:51 PM »
Hi, I知 pretty new here...

i live in nyc and don稚 own a car, I知 renting quite frequently, so I知 always on the lookout for great deals. I段i try to post here when I find something worth. (might be some of them were posted somewhere on the forums already, so you値l please forgive me)
As you probably know already, Hertz  has a program designed for long term rentals called 滴ertz Multi-Month. A minimum of 2 months is required to get the special rates (not sure about breaking the contract after just 1 month).

In the past, I was going on the hertz site and tried to get this deal thru their link for that special and It would enter a rate code (MMR1 or MMRLDW which includes LDW) to get that special rate. Problem I had; it didn稚 work for neither location I picked in most of the tri-state area.

Now, I realized that you don稚 need to enter any code to benefit the program, just make a reservation for 2 months and up and you値l get that discounted monthly rate which runs between $599 for a Compact and $799 for a full-size.

And, the good news is that it works in NYC locations as well (except for Manhattan). Just try to make a 2 month reservation in your local branch and see if it works.

Note, unfortunately, if you enter any monthly coupon code it might change the whole rate, so you値l not get the monthly discounted rates. Also, most CDP codes won稚 change the rate, except for a few like the AAA web ID etc. (mot sure if they will ask you for ID at the time of renting for that CDP).


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