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Up In The Air / AA and QF Joint venture
« on: April 10, 2019, 01:48:51 PM »
Just heard from a friend in Qantas that an announcement is imminent regarding the AA/QF Joint venture.
Apparently we should be seeing the announcement within the next 2 weeks.

The new travel collection membership fee is waived with an amex gold or plat, personal and biz.

There is very very little information out there about these programs, so having done hours of training I thought I would offer to answer questions here about the program.

1. There are some very good deals on air - both international and domestic on United. Business class to tel Aviv is an exceptional deal in every inventory.

2. The deals are on Air, cruise and land tours. Often times combinable with other deals, so just extra perks on for example cruises. Where you get shipboard credits, and then TTC extra credits.

3. Sign up is easy via the phone number, or via a registered Travel leaders group travel agency.

4. Bookings through TTC or a TTC agency are eligible for amex Pay with points (depending on your standing with amex obviously).
(I am not yet 100% sure about the 35% bonus back though. I have a ticket redemption processed so will know within a month if it posts the bonus. So far it is exactly identical to regular amex redemptions though.)

5. The TTC is brand new and will likely get much better over the next few months.

Feel free to PM me with questions.

Up In The Air / YQ glitch - NYC-TLV Jan on VS-LY more dates may apply...
« on: August 21, 2018, 06:14:49 PM »
Example Route NYC - TLV Jan 17-29 and many others...

YQ is only 320 and is not posting on Orbitz, Cheapoair and others...

Deals/Deal Requests / Live Again ILLY Free Machine with 2 case purchase.
« on: December 01, 2017, 10:37:21 AM »
Buy 2 cases and choose 1 from a choice of 2 Machines free or pay $50 for a choice of 2 others.

Cuisinart for illy Single Serve
Espresso & Coffee Machine
FREE (regularly $199)

Francis Francis Y3.2
Espresso & Coffee Machine
FREE (regularly $149)

Francis Francis X9
Espresso Machine
$50 (regularly $279)

Francis Francis X7.1
Espresso Machine
$50 (regularly $295)

Up In The Air / Kosher Meals in First Class (ONLY) pics and reviews.
« on: February 16, 2017, 02:39:56 PM »
There are many resources for cabin experience - but not a good resource purely for Kosher 1st class dining in the Air.

A resource and vote for the best KOSHER Dining experience in first class (ONLY 1st - to the exclusion of business and business/first) would be very helpful.

If people could share pics of their first class kosher meals - and a review - that would be great. (It would be good to keep this purely dining and keep the cabin experience to another thread.)

Airline examples that have true first class products.

Air France
Cathay Pacific
British Airways
American Airlines
Thai Airways
Qantas Airlines
Etihad etc.

There are more - but for example Virgin Atlantic would not be a true First Class product - neither would Virgin Australia or United's Polaris cut the par.

Up In The Air / Fly from Australia to LAX for US$320 one way! ($460AUD)
« on: September 11, 2015, 06:06:13 PM »

Quite a deal - HT FlightBlitz

one way from Syd or MEL through nov 20 for $320 - it books in V class on VA which is 50% accrual on SQ i believe wondering where best place to credit the miles are?
Can be booked on DL or VA ticket stock...

Especially for this time of year - flying 1 way for $320 and using miles for the way back is a steal.

514gbp LON-MEL on cathay - thats dirt cheap apr 29-07may + earn 21k miles on cathay!
enjoy - hope this helps!

bookable on and other sites.

HT: FlightBlitz

Hi guys just wanted to share a super low fare flight from OSL to LAX - for 340.17eur
sample date apr 8 -dec 2 many many more dates available.. Dub is pretty cheap too. not that bad for a MR 13799 on some easily bookable routes on*a is around 2.8cpm ...

387us according to google's currency exchange.

for the outbound it's available per the rules below.
"Category 2: Day/Time restrictions
Category 3: Seasonal restrictions

Dear dansdeals community.

I am working on my market research, and I wanted to ask a few questions to understand a bit about how travel agents are perceived by some groups. Your honest insights are appreciated. (This is not a agent recommendation thread, nor a bashing thread - please keep this academic)

1.When if ever would you feel "this is a ticket I might/should or must call an agent for & why"

2. What is your current feelings on travel agents? (Negative , positive, you feel they are honest, or sly, or impatient or very friendly and helpful?

3. What are the features you most love about agents?

4. What are the features you dislike most?

5. What do you think agents should offer that they dont? (Creativity here is a plus - think "the future travel agency")

6. Have you ever received VIP services arranged by an agent, if so did you find it worthwhile to pay for that?

7. On an international ticket of $1000 each for a family of 4, if you decided/needed to book through an agent, what size fee would you feel good about paying, or do you feel there should be no booking fee "as agents already get commisions from the airline"?

(I hope this is the appropriate place for such a post but please dont turn the discussion into a debate about that. Mods if its not feel free to move it)


BA has an ex-London sale Christmas time – 21 December to 3 January 2015 Round trip in BUSINESS is 1575US!
December 4 is the last day to book. Almost any city in the world works Besides Australia. works for AA flights too!

Not bad for a Seat on a Flight Dubbed "the best Business Class Across the Atlantic!"


Amex has $10 off $50 in the "offers for my card" section (for me it was under my PRG), add that and go to
On their front page they are offering %50 off your first order with free shipping, when you subscribe.
I called to confirm you can unsubscribe immediately as there is no contract or minimum amount for personal home orders.
(If you want to stay on re-delivery you can choose once a week, or once every 3 months etc.)
So a $100 order - %50 =$50 -$10 = $40 with free shipping!
(50% off is limited to $50)

I was in the market for a good blender and food processor, came across this offer from ninjaKitchen, available as a one time full purchase or split into 4, its the best deal i've seen for such a comprehensive package.
(just because, - notice the model is bl770  ::) ;))

Deal Link HERE
(Copied from ninjakitchen)

Ninja Mega Kitchen System
1500 watts/2 horsepower motor (Machine base)

Extra large 72 oz. pitcher with blade assembly

Extra large 64 oz. processor bowl with
blade assembly (Dough blade attachment)

2 Single-Serve blending cups with blade
& to-go lids

The Healthy Living Guide
30 Days to a New You - Little steps you can take towards a healthier lifestyle
Healthy Highlights - Super foods & their health benefits
Fit for Foods Chart - 7 days of healthy meals
2 Minute Motivations - Tips & tricks to apply each day for healthier living

Buy Direct And Save!

5- year VIP warranty plus limited lifetime warranty
Free priority Processing
Free Shipping

"Bonus Gift The Ninja® Professional Prep System"
Crinkle Cut Disc
Use your crinkle cut disc on vegetables to add a wavy effect
for a special touch!

Grating Disc
Grate cheese and vegetables in seconds with your grating disc!

12mm French Fry Disc
Make homemade french fries with the short cut french fry disc!

Slicer/Shredder Disc
Easily shred vegetables for side dishes and slaws!

Storage Box
Conveniently organize and safe keep your disc set in the storage case!

"Also Includes frozen treat molds"

Silicone Freezer Tray
4 Push Pop Molds
2 Ice Pop Molds$140

Shabbat shalom!

Deals/Deal Requests / Free regus gold "for godaddy users" + some goodies
« on: November 27, 2013, 03:35:06 AM »

Enjoy! ;) and Regus have teamed up to give you a free 12 month Preferred membership today with 15 visits to over 1500 Regus Business Lounges worldwide plus:

A voucher for a complimentary day office booking in the US or Canada
10% discount on meeting room, day office, co-work office and video conference bookings
Two complimentary business lounge guest passes
One month free on a full time office or virtual office
Complimentary refreshments and business-class WiFi
On hand administrative support

To activate your Preferred membership simply enter your Go Daddy account number and complete the personal details form.


Instantly confirmed:

Dear RCARentals,

Thank you for joining the Regus BusinessWorld Gold membership

This email confirms that your membership has been processed.
You will shortly receive an email containing your temporary
Regus BusinessWorld card so that you can start making the most
of your membership.

Please review the details of your membership application

Product: Businessworld Gold
Quoted Membership Fee: $0.00 annually
Payment Method: creditcard
Card Type: None

Quoted prices exclude local tax.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to
reserve a meeting room or private office, please call 0870 880
8484. To find a Regus location nearby, visit

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our locations soon.

Kind Regards,
The Regus BusinessWorld Team
1500 locations. 600 cities. 100 countries. One card.

assets/help/PrivacyPolicy.pdf for privacy policy details.
The information in this email is confidential and may be privileged.
If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy this message
and notify the sender immediately.
Regus PLC, 26, Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg

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