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Tech Talk / Toggle Mobile for European travel
« on: January 16, 2013, 02:55:58 AM »
Was researching SIM cards for upcoming trips to France, UK and Spain. This SIM card from Toggle Mobile seems like the best solution for Europe that's ever been introduced. What do you guys think?

Rates from all of the above countries are 4.9 US cents to all USA and UK phones both mobile and landline, 9.7 cents to Israel landline and 24.3 cents to Israel mobile. SMS to most (looks like all) countries is 14.4 cents. Data is 24 cents per MB. Incoming calls are free in 60+ countries.

You automatically receive a free permanent U.K. incoming number. Before your trip you register online for a local incoming number in the countries you are travelling to, which lasts 30 days at no cost. You can pay $8 a year to keep numbers permanently.

You can order a SIM on amazon with prime shipping for $26.99, which includes $10 credit.

Verizon started offering today a 300MB data plan for $20/mo. This can save a Blackberry user $120/year over their current $30/mo. plan. 300MB is beyond plenty for even a heavy BB data user.

Also, 4G customers can get 4GB for $30/mo. instead of just 2GB.

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