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Deals/Deal Requests / AliExpress Public Wishlists Share Your Finds
« on: June 17, 2018, 10:39:58 PM »
Nowadays many people in our community have success shopping on AliExpress and sourcing great items at reduced costs from custom wigs to hair accessories, the greatest challenge especially for clothing is simply finding the right items as searching can be a nightmare so the idea of this thread would be for people to share their finds in links or wishlists any comments?

I appreciate your input and comments

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Kivrei Tzadikim Master Thread
« on: April 18, 2018, 05:58:51 PM »
Starting this thread for help and info about Kivrei Tzadikim all over.

See site link in my profile

Credit Cards / Barclays Arrival Premier
« on: March 25, 2018, 03:50:48 PM »
Couldn't find a thread on the new card. Will reportedly have transfer partners
Barclays Arrival Premier

I need to do a international wire payment the instructions provided to me is really confusing, anyone her can assist?


General Discussion / Pesach Gift Idea
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:05:02 PM »
Looking for gift idea for busy mother/grandmother that hosts a lot of guests, particularly something that can make cooking/serving/hosting a whole lot easier, also it should be something that can be used again next year (Not like amazon cleaningservice) TIA

General Discussion / PSA: Group For Victims Of Alex Kay Scam
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:48:56 AM »
Mods: If this is not appropriate please move/delete

A group is forming to try and recover money from Alex Kay (Also known as ShlomoSmiles) and prevent him from scamming others. If he owes you money you can join the group at

General Discussion / Recommendation For Exercise Equipment In Office
« on: January 04, 2018, 12:05:33 PM »
I really need to do exercise (and you too...) but I never get to it, I'm hoping if I get a piece of equipment in my office and set alarms I will get to use it...

Let's assume for a second that I will what piece of equipment will be the best in terms of workout for short periods?

Up In The Air / Awarding Miles/Points To Customers
« on: January 03, 2018, 06:03:14 PM »
Anyone familiar that can give some insights on options and feedback on the idea? what is the ROI? from what i was able to figure the cost for the merchant is minimum double the value

Are there any MD forum members? to start here is my question: Positive strep culture, finished antibiotics symptoms still present but culture negative what should be next step?

Deals/Deal Requests / Toll Free Number Provider
« on: December 07, 2017, 03:05:07 PM »
Looking for a good deal on toll-free number using approx. 500-1000 minutes a month, would like to have something flat rate, can be SIP or forwarding

Deals/Deal Requests / Conference Room Chairs
« on: November 10, 2017, 09:44:34 AM »
Looking to get a deal on 6 conference room chairs

Is this feasible for a conference room?

Tech Talk / Mincha Reminder & Check In System
« on: November 09, 2017, 12:24:15 PM »
We have a minyan mincha in our office complex daily however since we are tight minyan we need to send out a reminder daily and get check-ins to see and notify if there's a minyan Today

looking for a simple solution, tried gcal but issue is that need to re-create the event everyday since repeat events only send out the invitation once.

Best would be sort of like a text messaging system where everyone gets a text will you participate in mincha Today? and they can reply Y/N if there's 10 Y everyone gets a message mincha confirmed for today....


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