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Tech Talk / Help Need a cell phone for a hospital stay
« on: October 14, 2010, 08:11:20 PM »
 OK I have no idea of what is out there hopefully someone can offer a suggestion

My Mother is going in for a hip replacement surgery the end of next week, she now decided she wants a cell phone = she doesnt want to be locked into a contract and really only needs it during her stay for rehab

She said something about a Trac Phone whats that? is there any phone that will offer a decent call out rate and free incoming?

 this is for the NYC area

thanks in advance for any and all help

On The Road / If your a member of Priority Club check your Email!
« on: August 24, 2010, 03:29:37 PM »
 PC has announced a GREAT promo everyone got something different all depending it seems on their past stay history. Its targeted and the T&Cs says if you werent the intended receiptant then you wont get the Bonus pts

I got 1- 10 Stays

2- 2 Sat Stays

3- 2 different Brands

4- Opt in for emails

5- get the PC Chase VISA CC

6- take a survey

 and when completed by 5/31/11 I will end up with an extra 179,300 pts Not bad and very easy as for my 10 Stays 2 will be Sat nights so its down to 8 more and 2 differnt Brands is a no brainer as well

Up In The Air / AA short hops <700 miles 8750
« on: August 03, 2010, 06:53:38 PM »
 looks like AA has matched UA only AA states its for Non-Stop Flights Only and O/D <700 miles

 book by 8/31 see the following for Details:

Up In The Air / AA removes award close in fees from All Elites
« on: July 29, 2010, 10:20:59 AM »
 as of July 29 All of AAs Elites wont have to pay any fees when ordering an Award tkt < 21 days from flight date. Till now only AAs Eec Plats had it waviered. there were some work arounds but its much better this way

 But only Exec Plats will still have Redeposit fees waviered as well as any changes to O or D of the tkts, so Golds and Plats will still have to pay for these, but heck any fee that is dropped is a welcome sign in my book

Deals/Deal Requests / Crocs Free Shipping this week
« on: July 18, 2010, 03:22:31 PM »
 also a number of the the old codes still work used PREPAIR1499 so its $1.50 more then afew weeks ago but free S&H, the other pair was too big and I didnt know they wouldnt ship a different size instead of making me do an order from the beginning

 wrong Forum can a mod move this to the Deals Forum Thanks

On The Road / Code for Underage wavier with Hertz
« on: May 28, 2010, 05:40:58 PM »
 when just picking up my car the person helping the other person asked my guy for the code to wavier the Fees for the underage driver. He didnt know and couldnt find it 9I ddint know it even existed). The mgr came in and showed her where he wrote it down on a piece of paper

So I looked over the counter and saw 144830 written down and thats what she punched in. I guess it goes in the PC box on a res. i dont know if its for Hertz system wide , only the Local Editions or what but it cant hurt to try and find out

 Hopes it helps someone out

 1- load up your car before leaving Yeru when it stops put in another 5 sheks

 2- dont go over 100 kmph for more then a couple of mins

 3- = you will make it to the car return with it still showing Full at least that was the case for me with a mazda3

 4- getting there get off 1 exit before the main airport exit, its 2 kms before, it will say Ramla/Petach Tikva its route 40

  at the end of the exit make a Right and get into the Left lane. after the Paz fuel tanks on your Left is a traffic light make a Left turn and go around the circle and you will see the checkpoint booth. (if you need gas theres an Alon on the corner as you go around the circle * Note Ive found Alon to at times limit you to 20 sheks in gas if using a non-Israeli CC , I dont know what this does!

 OK now once thru the checkpoint continue straight and in a few moments you will see the Orange sign on your left pointing to the return area. Its the old pick-up lot when there was no term 2 before you  guys were born. Follow the road and it will bring to the area drive straight and pull behind which ever companys booth you rented with

  now if U have a bunch of bags and dont see a cart go to the front of the booth where the bus picks u up and most likely you will find a cart take it over to your car and load your bags

the bus comes every 15 mins, it has 14 seats and makes a U as it follows the road in front of each company, thusly if U see alot of people push your cart to the 1st company to make sure U get on the bus

 Hope this helps some of you and at the same time will prevent others from starting new threads when the info can be found via 1 of these links;

1- Which is a good seat and which to avoid?

  a- this is good only when you are flying to or from the US what if not all your flights will be then check here:


 2- What the fastest or cheapest or any way to get from the Airport to the City: (keep in mind that its probably not up to date with the prices or what it will be in US$ as currencies change on a daily basis if not by the min, but the info is usually on the spot, great for Overseas)

 3- Wheres there a minyan:




 4- Kosher Food;


 b- (not the NY restaurant they have a list of Kosher Hotels as well)




  Not resposible for any of the Kashrus make sure to not only make sure its acceptable to you but that the places still exist

 for any Country try googling say Jewish Norway and then look for something that will have what you need

Up In The Air / Sheraton City Tower - Ramat Gan no longer a Sheraton
« on: December 22, 2009, 10:17:13 PM »
 sorry to report another *W Hotel has left as of 12/19 the SCT in Ramat Gan is no longer a*W Hotel.Its now down to 3 1- Sheraton Towers in TA  2- LeMeridien Eilat and Dead Sea  (I doubt the last 2 will last that much longer as Fattal owns them and probably will deflag them once the present contract is Up as they did the Infamous 4 back in June, the LeMer Haifa and the SCT). courtesy of a FT report

Deals/Deal Requests / $50 off your Amex SPG Biz CC with a hertz rental
« on: December 02, 2009, 09:29:08 PM »
 You have until 12/15 to go to and make a booking in order to do so you will have to join Hertz Gold (free 1st yr with the Amex SPG BIZ CC)

 you can use any codes that you find that will lower the rate just be looged in and use the URL above

 my 1/7 4 day rental will now be appx $25

 bear in mind you will still get the reg 5% disc you get for renting and using the Amex SPG Biz CC

 also the Rental need not be started or completed by 12/15 Only booked by then as per the CSR at Amex SPG Biz

Up In The Air / BD (BMI) stops flying to TLV as of 1/10
« on: November 29, 2009, 11:21:35 AM »
 info gotten off a few forums on flyertalk

 Seems Luftahnasa has axed a few of BMIs routes including its twice daily flights to/from TLV, Luf has purchased BMI as it has Austrian and Swiss

 So big deal you say how many of us live in London, well CO was showing free tkts being available to TLV by flying CO to LHR and BD from LHR to TLV, when they had nothing on their non-stops. sure it added a few $$$ to the cost (UK departure tax >:(,) but at least it allowed for additional options

 Seems LH is having BD return 2 of their A-330 wide-bodies that were used on the TLV routing

 Anytime an option goes away Im sad, even if I never used it before. BTW from some that have flown on BMIs 330 they said it was a great Biz seat way better then COs

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