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So I have an AA ticket on hold HNL-LAX-JFK for Aug 29, Economy, 40k/ticket. Timing is not flexible and it's the cheapest award ticket on AA.

I found and now also have on hold through AA, HNL-SEA (17.5k on Alaska), SEA-JFK (20k on American) for a total of 37.5k. The layover is 45 minutes. What are the chances I can have my luggage pass through to the next flight?

Also, if there's a delay on the first leg, I'm thinking they may not be so helpful if I miss my connection...Thoughts?

Up In The Air / Rescheduling Delta Glitch Ticket due to Medical Reasons?
« on: January 19, 2014, 01:27:36 AM »
Supposed to fly to LA this Thursday to visit my grandmother. Got the $42 Delta ticket. Meanwhile, I was supposed to have surgery on Jan 2nd. It had to be rescheduled to Jan 9th, and I wasn't informed about recovery taking 2-4 weeks.

I called Delta.. they said they would be able to waive their $200 change fee, but there would be a $50 fee from the 3rd party I purchased the ticket through and I'd have to pay the different in airfare. I called Priceline, and they were less helpful.

Any thoughts on whether it's possible to move this ticket forward a month or two?

Up In The Air / Using AA gift cards on US, since they've merged?
« on: January 01, 2014, 11:13:03 AM »
Does anyone know if this is possible?

I have the $200 in gift cards from my AmEx platinum. Need to book one way to Miami on April 13... AA is charging double US and other airlines....

Thank you.

Link here:
Chat with VZW rep noted in comments here:

I just upgraded to the LG G2... code Verizon30 for 30% off.. LG G2 for $139 + $30 upgrade fee and kept unlimited data...

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