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Credit Cards / Which card is best for Amazon shopping?
« on: November 27, 2020, 12:09:55 AM »
I searched but the most recent thread on this topic is from January 2020.

I know that the Amazon card gives 5% cashback, so I think this one is the best for Amazon purchases, but I don't have Prime.

Are there any good alternative cards?

Second question: My sister has Prime and she allows me to use it.  Can she add me to her account so that I can get the Amazon card?

I'm a newbie to credit cards.  I currently have only one card, Citi Thank You Preferred.

I'm leaving from NYC.  I'm thinking of either returning 1 week before the chag or on chol hamo'ed.  In any case, should I book now or wait a while - in hopes of the airfare going down as the date approaches?  The best I've found so far is approx. $1100 nonstop on Delta.

Another question: I have 51,889 SkyMiles (not sure how the heck I got so many).  I'm a newbie at redeeming miles.  Would that be enough for a flight to Israel?  If it is enough, then I guess there's no point in waiting to book.

I want to go in the last week of October approx.  I rarely travel and have only 1 CC.  I have 34,173 Delta SkyMiles and just over 2,500 Continental miles.

What's the best strategy?  Should I open a new CC or checking account in order to get enough miles?  How many miles do I need?

Please help.

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