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Credit Cards / Chase annual fee and 3bm question
« on: April 11, 2013, 06:06:32 PM »
Hey everyone,
I searched but did not find a thread answering this question so I am starting a new topic...

So I was planning on doing a chase 3bm with SP IP and UA. I currently have freedom, ink bold, and sapphire. I changed my sapphire to a MC but it takes 45 days for product change (or so they claim) and now both are showing on my chase online profile so I pushed off my churn. The problem is that I just got charged $95 annual fees on my SP and IB.
Origionally I was going to use these cards as bargaining chips to push through the approvals of the other cards, but with the annual fees I don't know if that's possible.
I think that if I cancel a card within 30 days of being charged the annual fee I can have if refunded, right?

Anyone have any experience with this? or advice?

Thanks  :)

I have a broken netbook and a broken laptop that I would like to sell on ebay for parts.

Both of these items don't turn on (there's a problem with the charging ports) and I have no clue if there is any personal information on the hard drive
I really don't think there is, but I cant be sure since I have not used either of these in about a year so i really don't remember

Any advice on what to do?
Has anyone sold a broken laptop/netbook for parts on ebay?

Credit Cards / Who here churns for their friends/relatives?
« on: June 06, 2012, 09:49:55 PM »
...and what has your experience been like?

Credit Cards / Cancelling AMEX cards and dealing with angry reps
« on: May 12, 2012, 10:20:34 PM »
Recently I called to cancel my Platinum card and encountered something that I never had to deal with. When I called to cancel they were extremely obnoxious. in the past I have called to cancel they were sort of annoyed but always obliged to my requests without much issue. NOW, however, they were screaming at me saying things like "applying for credit cards is not like shopping at a boutique where you can just return the item... we see that you have opened and closed lots of cards with us in the past...."
Do these reps get bonus's/make commission when they retain customers? Otherwise why would they be so vicious?
BTW I HUCA'd a few times hoping to get a rep who wasn't so scary and stern sounding but they ALL were scolding me!
I guess it's because they saw that in the past few years I had opened/closed 6 AMEX cards. If I remove these accounts from online account management will they stop seeing the on their system? If not, how long does it take for these cards to drop from the system?
Can they look at my closed accounts and tell they're supervisors to ban me (or something) for churning?  :-[

Anyone else had this experience recently?

I like this site a lot but i just wish there could be a flame free thread for all noobies who can ask questions (IE how to search, or help finding certain threads, or just simply for people to say hello/share their story of how they found the site etc.)
I'm noticing that sometimes noobies ask foolish questions and the DDF veterans have little or no patience for them (which is understandable) but i always feel bad for noobies who make their first post and are berated for not searching first etc. It can make them feel uncomfortable and maybe even drive them away.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

Recently i did an Amex 3BM and was only approved for only one card. The other card was not approved because I had previously had it. I explained that even though I cancelled it I would like it again because of the amazing benefits it comes with. They said that they can send it for further review to the "executive team" with a note explaining that I regret my decision of previously closing the card and would like it again.
I declined their offer because if an "executive team" sees that I recently started churning they might f/r me and the last thing I wanna do is rock the boat!
1) should I just wing it and send it over for further review (and pray for the best?)
2) are there any other tactics i can use to get this approved?

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