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Great for anyone in Miami for Pesach.  Selling on behalf of someone else - please refrain from commenting if secular music isn't your cup of tea.

2 tix available.  Great seats on lower level, seats in Sec 23, Row 26 Seats 1 & 2.  Purchased for $202 each, selling for $150 each or best offer.  Feel free to PM.  Thanks!

All -

Question: I booked a Hyatt Anniversary night for my parents.  It's under my name, though they'll be the ones staying.  Will I need to be present? Can I just add them to the reservation?


Available Night at the Andaz West Hollywood for this Sunday night, June 1.  Andaz King Room, 277 sq. ft.  Hyatt Platinum: Free wifi, late check out, free room upgrade if available.

Going for $280+, asking $200.  PM if interested - thanks!

Deals/Deal Requests / Free SeaWorld San Diego Ticket for 3-5 year old!
« on: January 24, 2014, 01:42:27 AM »

The 2014 SeaWorld San Diego Fun Card includes:

    Admission to SeaWorld San Diego until Dec. 31, 2014

Additional Information:

    Not valid for admission on May 25; July 4, 5 & 19; Aug. 2, 9 & 31, 2014
    Fun Card does not include free parking or discounts on food, merchandise or guest admission tickets
    Fun Card is non-transferable & non-refundable

As opposed to spelling it out, read the details here:

YMMV as the post indicates.

Just a messenger - don't know how long this will last...

Hey everyone,

Capital One 360 (previously ING) is offering $76 free for opening a no fee 360 SavingsSM account between July 1st and 3rd (with a deposit of $500 or more).

Then, apply for a free 360 Checking account and make 5 transactions (small deposit or debit card transactions) and get $100.  Then feel free to take out the cash for net gain of +$176.  With spouse this is +$352.

This worth the hassle? Is it only a soft pull when opening the accounts?

Credit Cards And Finance / Multiple pulls for car loan?
« on: June 11, 2013, 12:02:17 PM »
Wife and I just purchased a car using with financing.  In the process, both were hit with 3 pulls on Experian.  Was able to get credit report: I was hit by Bank of America on April 19, 21, and 22.  My wife by Bank of America on April 19 and 22, and by Credco (?) on April 22 as well.  Any way I can remove these pulls?


[Update] Just found this on the Experian website - is this correct?  It says auto loan pulls are viewed as one, though they're all listed out separately on the report.  Do we know if this is true? Thanks!

Dear SLA,

It is very common for an auto dealer to contact multiple lenders in an effort to find the best car loan terms. An inquiry will be added each time a lender checks your report. Experian lists each inquiry to ensure you have a complete record of who has reviewed your credit history.

Credit scoring systems recognize that the inquiries are all for the same purpose and automatically count them as a single inquiry when calculating the credit score. The same is true for mortgage lending.

So, you can shop for the best rates for a car loan or mortgage loan without worrying about the impact of multiple inquiries on your credit scores.

Thanks for asking.

The “Ask Experian” team

Credit Cards And Finance / Chase Hyatt Card Question/Park Hyatt Paris
« on: August 13, 2012, 04:36:34 PM »
1) I'm traveling to Paris in a 3 weeks with my wife and having trouble finding any good hotel options.  Is it worth it to open the Chase Hyatt card, for both me and my wife, and receive 4 free night certificates (2 per card) to use at the Park Hyatt in Paris?  Will we be able to receive the card and redeem the certificates in time?

2) Once I'm doing a hard pull from Chase, are there any other cards I should apply for?


To DDF experts,

I am going to be on vacation in Europe (France/Switzerland/Venice) before and after the chagim and will be in Israel from RH-Sukkos.  I have many stopovers in Europe, and will probably have to pay ForEx fees on some travel, hotels, and the like.  All of my current cards charge for foreign transactions.

1) is it worth it to apply for the Amex Plat card just for forex fees and lounge access?
2) I already have the Delta Gold, PRG, and SPG-if I apply for the card, are there others that I should apply for as well?
3) are there any good offers out there for the Amex Plat?

Thank you! Have never really traveled in Europe, so your help is very much appreciated.

Credit Cards And Finance / Amex SPG Questions
« on: June 20, 2012, 05:24:06 PM »
I looked through the forums and could't find the answers to allll these questions, so please bear with me if you can help-thanks!

1) If I just received my Amex SPG, how should I create a Starwood account that would link up my card + allow me to churn theoretically down the line?

2) When adding AUers to the card, the app asks for the SS#.  If I would add my wife, would they do a credit check which would lead to a hard pull?

3) If I add my wife as an AU, would that prevent her from signing up for her own Amex SPG down the line?


Credit Cards And Finance / Copy of credit report after CC approval
« on: June 12, 2012, 03:43:09 PM »
I'm trying to contact and speak with a service rep at Experian to get a copy of my credit report, which I believe I can access within 60 days of application approval.  The only numbers I can find are an automated service-is there any way to contact a service rep at Experian to obtain a copy of the report?


I was looking through the forums and couldn't find it, but I remember Dan mentioning a website that allows you to track FF miles and card rewards points.  What's the best one out there? Thanks!

Credit Cards And Finance / Going for my first app-o-rama/2BM
« on: June 04, 2012, 09:31:49 AM »
Hey everyone,

I've been reading the forums every day for the last few months and have decided to finally start applying for cards.  If I only plan on spending 3-5k in the next few months, which cards should I apply for? I want to start with Amex as I'm making buying a new laptop and want their warranty coverage.


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