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I purchased united ticket for the family for the summer, when Widerĝe had the "price mistake" on November with united.
For my baby who turns 2 while we in Israel I purchased infant ticket (by changing the DOB, thinking is only wideroe policy).
My question is what is your suggestion. To buy a new ticket for him,  or try to go like this?

thank you.

Up In The Air / help needed! Dubble tickets with delta - what can be done?
« on: December 22, 2012, 09:48:27 PM »
2 weeks ago i bought 5 tickets with delta to Israel for 952$

On Friday i was lucky enough to get the 480 price so i bought 5 more tickets for the same people for the same flight.

both of them on orbitz.

i spent 3 hours with orbitz tonight speaking with Supervisor & Manager. the only thing they can offer me is to cancel the original tickets and get credit to use on delta via orbitz for up to a year. with a charge of 250$ change fee for each ticket.

any idea what i can do?

Thank you,

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