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Let's gauge whether there's interest for an at-cost raffle so a lucky someone can join @Dan  and @Something Fishy in the trip of a lifetime, while everyone else will sob until someone makes a raffle #3. Please enter how much you'd send here, and I will update our progress.

Here are the terms that are the most fair to me:
Same ticket options that the Chabad raffle provided:

1 ticket for $118
2 tickets for $180
5 tickets for $360
10 tickets for $700
15 tickets for $1000
30 tickets for $1800
100 tickets for $5000

Minimum of $12,995

Any excess will be refunded to the participants proportionally, unless we have double the minimum, in which case two spots will be raffled off.

Dan - Can you provide us with a ddf discount (i.e. at cost)?

Trip Reports / Xin chào!!! Vietnam with a taste of sushi
« on: August 22, 2018, 11:54:25 PM »
After our last trip to Asia in January with the family, my wife and I had the opportunity to spend a week together in the summer sans kids. At first, we had planned on visiting Japan in ANA F, booked with virgin atlantic points. Then, we decided to move the trip to Vietnam and cancelled the ANA flights as they didn't work as well schedule wise. We also decided on Phu Quoc since we were sitting on Marriott certificates and heard great things about the JW Marriott.
For flights, we weren't happy with the timing of the ANA flights. The outbound would have required me to take off half a day at work when a number of my international coworkers had flown in to meet with me. The return was a day earlier than I would have liked. I noticed that JAL releases 2 weeks of F seats daily and Cathay releases 2 weeks of F seats at approximately 10PM each Sunday and booked the below longhaul flights at T-14. We chose Vietjet for the shorthaul flights. They are technically a low-cost carrier but they charge incredibly low rates for add ons (e.g., 30kg luggage cost $10, premium seating cost $2)

CX F (77W F, 77W J) JFK-HKG-SGN (70k AS + $44.20, second leg was technically business but I reserved an F seat)
VJ Y (A321) SGN-PQC ($55, including 30kg checked luggage and extra legroom seating)

JL (789 J, 77W F) HAN-NRT//HND-JFK (75k AS + $66.71, with a 1+ day stopover in Tokyo)
VJ Y (A321) PQC-HAN ($110, including 30kg checked luggage and extra legroom seating)
In total, we spent 5 days in Phu Quoc, 1 day in Hanoi, and 1 day in Tokyo.

For lodging, we redeemed a Marriott (old) category 6 certificate to stay at the JW Marriott in Phu Quoc. They technically didn't have availability for our dates, but I arranged with the hotel to pay a nominal ($25) upgrade fee a night in exchange for them allowing me to redeem my certificate there at the next level room type.

For food, we brought 5 days’ worth of frozen POM meals and arranged with the hotel to store our cooler bag in their freezer.

30kg of food and ice

We arrived at JFK around 2 hours early for the Cathay Pacific flight. Security was a breeze, but unfortunately TSA precheck was closed for the 1 AM departure. Cathay uses American's Flagship lounge at JFK, which is underwhelming as an F passenger.

This seat is so wide, my 4 year old can sleep sideways and still be comfortable

 Loads of legroom

 No Hemolis, but no Stogel either

Cathay pacific first class is consistently a pleasure. We sat in seats 2 D/K, which are in the right cabin, as we were traveling together and could not secure the entire left aisle (Cathay operates a 1/1-1 configuration in first class on their 77W and the 'A' seats are alone in the left aisle). I've flown many first-class products, and even though Cathay's hard product is not nearly the most glamorous when compared to the likes of Etihad, Emirates, or Singapore, the all-around product is always stellar and a steal at 70k AS points.  Their flight attendants always know when to show up and when to stay hidden, as well as when to strike conversation and when to stay quiet. I find that many other airlines either overdo it or underdo it (see my experience with JAL below). Singapore is also exceptional in this regard. Our 15-hour flight was flawless and a pleasure.

We then spent a few hours in the Wing lounge. We literally were the first to enter the lounge, and had the lounge completely to ourselves for a good 30 minutes before a small crowd trickled in. Despite it being 6 AM, I reserved a stir-fried lamb meal by calling up the lounge a few days beforehand. You can never have too much Hermolis food when traveling for 24 hours. It also is a pleasure to shower Cathay's first-class lounge, since their shower rooms are extremely spacious, have excellent water pressure, and are a great way to freshen up after a long flight.

Our next flight was to Ho Chi Minh City. Cathay only sells Economy, Premium Economy, and Business on this route, but I noticed they were planning on using a 77W with a first class, and that the first class was completely blocked on their seating map. I called up Cathay to book seats 1A/2A but was shut down 3 times. Agents told me it was "impossible" to be seated in those seats, and that they would be empty on the flight.


I sent a quick DM on twitter to Cathay Pacific asking to be seated in 1A/2A on that flight, and literally 2 minutes later I refreshed the seating chart and noticed the seats were reserved. I then saw a response to my DM from Cathay confirming my new seat assignment :). Unfortunately, that flight was under 3 hours, so we didn't get to enjoy the product, but it was cool sitting in first class despite being ticketed in business.

CX 77W


 We arrived in Vietnam and immediately head to obtain our arrival visa. Since Vietnam and the USA are on such great terms, tourists from the USA need to obtain a visa upon arrival. The process is simple: apply online, pay a $10 fee, get approved in ~a day, and pay $25 at the airport for a BS stamping fee. There was a "fast track" option for around $20, but I cheaped out thinking "how long can the line be." Unfortunately, boy was I wrong.

Our connection time gave us 2.5 hours to get our visa, pass through immigration and customs, and re-check our bags, and enter domestic security. I thought that would be plenty of time, but the line moved extremely slowly. After waiting for over an hour and nearing the baggage check cutoff, I walked up to the desk, handed them $50, and asked them if they could process our visa ASAP since we had a flight to catch. Fortunately, they obliged and we just made the baggage cutoff.

Another close call at SGN - I decided to chance bringing a drone into Vietnam. Technically you are not allowed to bring a drone into Vietnam and are not allowed to fly without a permit (expensive and almost impossible for tourists to get), but my research indicated that only Da Nang really confiscated drones. I took a chance, and separated the drone into parts packed in different bags, and ultimately had no issues.

 We arrived in Phu Quoc at around 1PM. Getting around in Vietnam is extremely cheap and convenient with Grab, southeast asia's version of Uber. A 30-minute ride from the airport to the JW Marriott costs around $8. Several of our rides in Hanoi that were ~30 minutes cost under $2. There is no need to reserve a driver, just keep in mind that you may need cash to pay the fare. Grab drivers do not all accept credit card payments in Phu Quoc (they do in Hanoi).

At the hotel, I was upgraded from their base room to their oceanfront room with a nominal tip (1 million VND can make someone's face light up). The room was spectacular for the price, and the hotel is really one of a kind and extremely fun. It is themed with an insane amount of detail as a fictional university called “Lamarck University.” The buildings are all different departments within the university. For example, our room was in the Department of Anthropology. There are a plethora of antique trophies and real books/educational material throughout the campus, and the hotel really feels like a campus. Instead of me talking about it, let me show you some pictures:

 Our room felt extremely spacious with 1.5 bathrooms (though the main bathroom didn’t have a toilet), 15 foot ceilings, and an oceanfront balcony. It was decorated in the theme of the department very tastefully and was fun to explore. Bathroom was massive (the size of NYC hotel rooms) and equipped with Aromatherapy amenities.

Now look at those ceilings!

 View from balcony

The hotel runs many activities each day and publishes a weekly schedule every Sunday. We asked for the schedule the Sunday before we arrived and reserved activities via email, since many of them are capacity controlled.

Of the activities, we chose a few bike tours, the hiking tour to Ong Doi Cape, T-shirt painting, and Marine Biology. We would have liked to also participate in lantern making, hat making, towel sculpture, and beer yoga. The activities were a great and free/cheap way to enjoy our time at the resort while feeling a part of the university.

T shirt painting

The hotel also is beautiful. It is no Bora Bora or Maldives, but for the price, it delivers quite a great deal of value. Here are some additional shots of the property:

  Ong Doi Cape

This was where we went on the walking tour. It actually was weird – The destination was the next-door hotel (Accor Premier Village, which is a gorgeous property as well), and guide offered to give us a tour of the competitor hotel while we were there.

In addition to the hotel’s activities, we rented their bicycles and explored for a nominal fee (~$2/hour), used their free kayaks/paddleboards, enjoyed their pools, and played many games of chess, pool, and ping pong. We also rented a speedboat and a local driver for a day to explore the neighboring islands and were really looking forward to having a great time, but we unfortunately did not have a great time.
1.   The water was surprisingly rough and the speedboat driver didn’t seem to be driving carefully enough. We made sure to say tefillas haderech, because we were afraid for our lives at a few instances. As an insurance professional, I regretted not checking the operator’s liability coverage, which I’m assuming was nonexistent.
2.   I got slightly injured while tripping on a rock in the water. I barely noticed scraping against the rock when our driver pointed at my hand. I realized I was bleeding slightly and thought it was minor and not a big deal, so I told him “don’t worry, I’m fine.” He kept pointing at me looking concerned, and I repeated “I’m fine.” Finally, my wife saw my arm completely red from top to bottom dripping into a pool of blood in the ocean, at which point I realized I was not fine. I went back to the boat, where we realized that the boat didn’t have a first aid kit. Thankfully I had a shirt, which I used to tie up the wound and told the driver to head back to the hotel. It took almost 2 hours before I received medical attention at the hotel, and thankfully I have a family doctor/plastic surgeon I was able to reach at 2AM in America to get a second medical opinion. I was told no need for stitches, but no water for at least a week! The way back to the hotel was pretty scary, because I nearly vomited and passed out.


This is the beautiful area near where I got injured

My shirt (sorry for the graphic photo)

We still had plenty of dry things to do and had a great time, but I would have enjoyed having more time in the water.
Oh, and remember how drone flying is illegal in Vietnam... I got 5 or so flights in before security realized I was flying from discreet locations. They approached me and politely told me using google translate that “Guests cannot fly here.” I tried hiding my controller and the fact that I was flying and almost lost my drone (it wasn’t within sight and I accidentally disconnected the controller from my phone, so I had to fly it blind back).
We also went to the nightmarket with the hotel shuttle but found it extremely underwhelming and not worth it. We did find stores advertising US Military discounts and goods. I always wondered if that was a way to arrest people :-).

How’d they know I forgot to bring a shofar???

That pretty much sums of the JW Marriott. Overall an amazing place for the price we paid. Unfortunately, it is now a category 5, so the price is slightly higher than what we paid, but it still is a good deal at that rate IMO.

The remainder of our trip was quick stops in Hanoi and Tokyo. After arriving in Hanoi, we dropped our bags for $4/bag in the airport luggage storage. We didn’t realize they’d make us walk through a secure area of the airport where employees check in (behind barbed wires) and run the bags by security to ensure we had no batteries in storage. We had a bunch of batteries that they didn’t catch, but they did catch my portable charger and made me carry it with me. Overall, the baggage check took around 30 minutes, and had we known it would take that long, we would have just dropped the bags by Chabad.
We had 10 hours in Hanoi and a full day in Tokyo. In Hanoi we underestimated how hot it would be and planned way too much walking. It was *only* 94 degrees, but with humidity the head index was close to 115! We visited a few museums, walked around the ho chi minh mausoleum area, went to the Chabad twice for meals, walked around a park, visited the Hanoi Hilton (no, I didn’t ask if I could speak with Mr. McCain) and took a taxi back to the airport for our next flight.

What heroes!

It was refreshing to find these in the airport for only $3

We arrived at the airport over 3.5 hours before our midnight flight.  Unfortunately, JAL opens their check in desk at 3 hours before flight time sharp. There were 4 agents sitting by the desk staring straight ahead, but they were unwilling to bend the “rules” one bit and start checking bags a minute before the clock struck 9.
Our flight to Tokyo took around 5.5 hours and was in JAL’s newer Dreamliner seats (Sky Suite). This is an Apex Suite J product that is excellent all around. It provides a significant amount of privacy and comfort for business class, especially in the window seats. JAL actually blocked the window seats for redemptions for our flight and were unwilling to let me reserve in advance on the phone, telling me I needed status or to wait until airport check-in. I don’t have oneworld status anymore, but I decided to use my old Airberlin number when I saw Airberlin on their FF drop down, and guess what – It worked! My boarding pass had Oneworld Sapphire on it :)

My wife tried this and claims catfood is tasty by comparison

Mt Fuji from above

 We arrived at Tokyo around 8 AM, davened, and headed straight for the Narita Express to Shinagawa. I booked a night at the Marriott Prince Sakura tower, which cost 40k points, since the hotel was a few minutes from the Shinagawa station – an hour from NRT and 20 minutes from HND. They let us check in at 9:30 AM without any issues, and we rested for 2 hours before heading the streets of Tokyo.
The one activity I wanted to do but wasn’t able was go-karting. Unfortunately, they didn’t accept the only international drivers permit we were able to get with 2 days’ notice abroad, since it was a mobile version (we got our fees refunded). We did walk around and visit the imperial palace, shibuya crossing (where I took a sick time lapse of my wife waving/dancing in the middle slowly), Sega, and (tried to) play some pachinko. I found Tokyo to be a beautiful and fun city but did not fall in love with it due to cultural differences with the people there. We capped off our whirlwind day with a meal at Chana’s Place, which was a mile walk from the hotel.   

Cool garden at hotel with Koi pond

We woke up the next morning and took the 20-minute train ride to Haneda. Our check in experience was much quicker then getting to Tokyo – We were in the lounge within 10 minutes of entering the airport. JAL’s first class lounge is nothing special – Yamazaki 12 and a pretty neat beer tap. It was pretty crowded but had ample seating and abundant outlets.

Unfortunately, I was “randomly” selected for additional screening, but the process was quick and lasted an additional minute (my wife took most of my bags and they swabbed my backpack).

I then tried JAL F for the first time, and my reaction is mixed. I love the leather seat and find it extremely comfortable. Their pajamas also fit me very well (and they carried a small!). Bed is top notch as well, with the option of firm or hard mattress toppers. I found the flight attendants irritating though due to cultural differences. They were too much “in your face” for my liking, put what seemed like a fake smile every time they came to serve anyone, and looked at me weird when I tried to, for instance, take a drink from their hands instead of letting them put it by my side. I enjoyed CX and SQ service much better in first class, but I guess that is a personal preference. They served Hibiki 17, which is excellent, but I was a bit bummed I missed out on the 21 year served on ANA. The Stogel meal onboard was thankfully of the frozen variety and actually was edible. Overall, the flight was still excellent and I came off at 10AM and was able to work a full day immediately after landing.

We were the first off the plane and proceeded through global entry with literally 0 line and were at the baggage carousel under 4 minutes from when we left the plane. Unfortunately, as is commonly the case, global entry didn’t save us any time because our bags didn’t arrive at the carousel for 10 minutes.
Overall, we had an amazing trip and had a great time, especially in Phu Quoc. I highly recommend the JW Marriott for anyone looking for an inexpensive option in southeast Asia.   

I plan on traveling VJ air next week and they let you pre-purchase weight packages of luggage at reasonable rates. However, they don't specify if the weight package is for one or multiple bags. Does anyone have experience with them? They have strict carry on weights and I was wondering if I could just buy a 40kg baggage allowance for $17 and check my carry on + checked luggage.

Up In The Air / Swiss AnyWay travel pass
« on: August 01, 2018, 09:36:59 PM »
Seems good for LON residents


With Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or SWISS.
Book your dream trip now. The AnyWay Travel Pass is for those who want to go on a big trip on a budget. Would you like to travel cheaply to Tel Aviv, Hong Kong or Johannesburg?

Nothing easier than this.

Travel flexibly, save a lot.
1. You choose the days for your outbound and return flight.
2. You will receive your exact flight details later, at least two days before departure.
3. You will fly with Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS.

Tel Aviv, Cairo, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Bangkok, Nairobi, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo.

from 139 GBP one way

Sales Period
1 August - 31 August

Travel Period
28 October - 31 March

Goods For Sale/Trade / Discounted Omni stays
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:53:47 AM »
$15/night off, + double upgrade, 9am checkin, 6pm checkout, etc. Stay must be in 2018.

2hr connection. Wide open availability. Anyone know what the amex pricing is?  Other connections available in europe at decent prices, and YUL connection can save a few bucks as well.

Trip Reports / Room report: Conrad USM 3BR Villa
« on: January 29, 2018, 12:26:27 AM »
I tend to plan trips around flights - price mistakes, cheap flights, value redemptions, and aspirational redemptions. My family and I just came back from 9 days in southeast Asia thanks to cheap open jaw Y tickets. We paid 113k MR points for 6 seats on transpacific UA flights

    • EWR-HKG-BKK//SIN-SFO-EWR: UA/HX Y, 20k MR pp (children were 15k MR). Got bulkhead and row behind on the UA longhauls for entire party due to 1k status
    • BKK-USM: PG Y, 5k EY + $3
    • USM-SIN: MI Y, 12.5k SQ + $30

    • BKK: Somerset Lake Point (Soi Sukhumvit 16), 3BR deluxe apartment, $173 x 4 nights incl. tax using Citi 4th free
    • USM: Conrad Koh Samui Residences, 3BR Villa, $500 x 4 nights incl. tax using Citi 4th free
    • SIN: 30 Bencoolen, Junior Suite + Deluxe Room, ($216 + $136) x 2 nights incl. tax

    There have been countless of trip reports covering the places we went to, so I won't be writing a traditional trip report. Instead, I believe I'm the first to cover the Conrad USM 3BR villa, so I'll be covering that.

    This was the most cash I've ever shelled out for a hotel room, but it also was the largest and nicest I've ever been to by a long shot. You could spend 5 days at the Conrad without leaving the resort. You could spend, if you wanted to, 5 days in this room without leaving and have a blast.

    How I booked the room
    Hilton had a 50% off flash sale in early September that included many southeast Asian properties, such as the Conrads in MLE and USM. This deal was stackable with Citi's 4th night free benefit on the Prestige card. I noticed that the combination brought the residences down to pretty affordable levels - IIRC the 2BR residence ended up costing just under $400 including tax for the dates I was interested in, and I was seriously considering booking it at that rate. My alternative was to Airbnb a nice multibedroom apartment/villa. Unfortunately, in the several hours I spent trying to get approvals from the household powers that be, Hilton blocked the flash rate at the 2BR room type and the only available room type was the 3br at 25% more. I tried to get the hotel to reopen the 2BR at the flash rate, but did not have success. I am very happy that I decided to splurge on the extra $100 a night.

    Room Specs

    I copied the below description from the room fact sheet that the hotel sent me. It is pretty accurate

    Tropical motifs are combined with subtle Thai influences and contemporary design to create a unique décor featuring rich tones and natural textures. The upper level entrance opens to a private outdoor lawn terrace, ideal for relaxing with family and friends for pre-dinner cocktails while taking in panoramic sea views and exquisite Samui sunsets. This level also includes an open-plan living and dining area, contemporary bar, private kitchen and a spacious sun deck with an area for al-fresco dining.

    The master suite, two junior suites, private pool and outdoor deck are located on the lower level. The master suite boasts its own living area with a 42-inch plasma TV, a stylish circular bed, private study, and a walk-in closet. The adjoining bathroom is a masterpiece on its own featuring a sunken circular tub, outdoor shower, jacuzzi and plunge pool. Two junior suites, complete with king-sized beds, open directly onto the large pool terrace.

    •    766 sqm of indoor and outdoor living space
    over two levels
    •    20 m infinity edge pool
    •    Three king-sized bedrooms
    •    Living room and private outdoor lawn
    •    Kitchen with cooking appliances,
    refrigerator, and coffee machine
    •    Fully stocked mini bar
    •    Dining table seating 6 people
    •    King-sized ensuite bathroom featuring rain
    shower, oversized bath tub and spa quality
    •    Separate guest powder room
    •    Inflatable toys for pool
    •    Maximum occupancy of 9 people
    •    24 hour butler service
    •    Private Chef on request
    •    Grocery Shopping Service available on
    •    Contemporary Thai-inspireddesign
    featuring original artwork, unique artifacts,
    and locally-sourced stone
    •    Connected with cutting-edge technology
    solutions including satellite television, iPod
    dock, high-speed internet access and secure
    virtual network

    We arranged for RT transportation from USM in a large van with Mr. Samui, stopping off at the Chabad for lunch (2500 baht for RT transfer including stop).

    When we arrived at the hotel, we were immediately greeted by the beautiful entrance, a tropical downpour, complimentary refreshments

    Lyle Lewis, the general manager at the property (and former general manager of the Conrad MLE), introduced himself to us and without us even requesting, made sure that 5 kosher breakfasts were ordered for each day of our stay. We were given 4 drink vouchers for being diamond members, and after 15 long minutes, we were driven to our room. Here is a virtual tour:

    Room entrance

    This is the only 3BR that the hotel has access to. The remaining 6 are either sold or on the market

    Upper floor - Outdoor

    I think the oceanview backyard is bigger than my home backyard...

    Outdoor dining area. We had quite a few pizza dinners, courtesy of chabad, here

    How courteous, they even included a netilas yadayim sink

    View of pool. Yes, this is a private pool. No need to go to the gym if you do laps here :)

    Outdoor staircase to lower level

    Upper floor - Indoor
    Beautiful entrance

    Indoor dining room

    Living room, with a very tired 3-year old

    Kitchen, with full size refrigerator/freezer, nespresso machine, microwave, stove, pantry room, and butler's entry (I strongly considered calling room service just to use the butler's entry)

    Lower level - outdoor

    The highlight of the room - the 20m pool. This pool is double the length and wider than the standard pool at the other villa's, and is similar in size to the that of the Royal villa, albeit significantly longer

    We even were provided (upon request) with a large swan. I believe they sell these by the pool for ~$100. I'm not sure who decided it would be a good idea to put a huge inflatable toy in an infinity pool of a hotel complex built on cliffs, though...

    The room even came with an outdoor shower and mikvah - They know how to cater to their frum clientele!

    Lower level - indoor

    Massive master bath. This bathroom is literally bigger than most hotel rooms I've been at. The shower is double-sized with two showerheads

    I couldn't figure out what this thing does, but it looks cool

    Master walk-in-closet. All three bedrooms have large walk in closets

    Master study, for all the studying you'll be doing in this villa

    Master bedroom couch 1 (of 2). You can get kicked to the couch without even leaving the bedroom... twice

    1. It wasn't my birthday, and my birthday is on my Honors account. 2. That's not how to spell my name, which is correctly spelled on my Honors account.

    Hallway where we kept all of our luggage

    Bedroom 2. This was the puny bedroom, with a (gasp) normal sized bathroom

    Bedroom 3

    I can get used to these views

    Overall, our stay in this room was fabulous and nearly flawless. We'd do it again and we wish we had spent more days at the property. I do have several complaints about the room, some minor, and others tongue in cheek:

    • Some of the furniture was showing signs of age (wood peeling, visible scratches, etc.)
    • I really don't get round beds
    • The master bedroom had a severe lack of outlets on the right side of the room
    • All TVs on the bottom floor seemed to not even have digital connections. The reception was circa-1990s grainy. The TVs may be plasma, but the quality was definitely not HD, aside from the TV in the living room (apple TV)
    • The staircase was designed in such a way that we stubbed our toes several times. It was pretty painful
    • A diving board would be great

    Random question, I know. I seem to remember it was an off-brand nespresso machine. Is this true?

    Goods For Sale/Trade / Buying UA drink vouchers
    « on: January 07, 2018, 12:16:36 AM »
    Anyone have these?

    Up In The Air / Cheap ex EU J available OW
    « on: December 24, 2017, 04:19:35 PM »
    Some cities in EU currently have pretty cheap and wide open J fares.

    Many airlines have cheap fares RT, but TAP has cheap fares that allow OW bookings. OW fares are as low as $612-$900 to NYC from cities such as CPH, OSL, BUD, WAW. These fares are J class, come with one free stopover/open jaw, and earn 200% RDM on A3. You can pay an extra $150 or so for them to be fully refundable (or buy the cheaper fare and pay a similar cancellation fee). They are bookable on for redemption and dates are valid until end of schedule.

    If you have an option, the LIS-JFK flight features their new business class product from AZUL, which is superior to the older product on their EWR flights (but both should be lie flat)

    Child fare is 75% of adult fare (+YQ).

    Up In The Air / Is this too close for shabbos?
    « on: October 27, 2017, 04:23:28 PM »
    USM-SIN landing at 4:20 PM when licht is 7:01 (late Jan). If flight gets delayed I could make emergency arrangements in USM.

    Goods For Sale/Trade / Selling used Bose QC25 @ $125
    « on: October 20, 2017, 02:04:18 PM »
    PM me if interested

    @ Springfield, NJ. PM me if interested.

    Up In The Air / LHR-GYE BA F ~$1050 RT in A
    « on: October 03, 2017, 12:12:52 AM »
    Dates are wide open through summer. Connections available in JFK and MIA. Earns 450% if credited to AS.

    Goods For Sale/Trade / Bose QC25
    « on: October 02, 2017, 08:23:05 PM »
    Great condition, $150
    PM me if interested

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