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General Discussion / Framless sliding bathtub doors
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:49:42 PM »
I would like to get sliding glass doors for my bathtub, but i don't want a track on the bottom as it hurts to step on or lean on when washing kids. I see framless doors, but how do those keep water from escaping the tub?

General Discussion / Usps tracking down
« on: May 24, 2018, 07:10:16 PM »
Major pita ?s=09

Goods For Sale/Trade / Netflix Gift cards
« on: April 03, 2018, 03:33:25 PM »
Looking to buy netflix gift cards, any denominations, up to $100 total

General Discussion / Backyard vegetable Gardening
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:48:31 AM »
I want to start growing vegetables in my backyard this summer. Any tips, advice, etc?
Figure i'd do tomatoes, strawberries, maybe peppers, lettuce or kale, and what else?
best way to start?
best way to maintain?
prep soil?
lets talk!

Just Shmooze / Chinese on Christmas eve or day
« on: December 24, 2017, 11:26:11 PM »
This probably belongs in the halacha thread, but I'm sure some people would get offended.
I'm seeing many people posting today on Facebook pictures of their Chinese food and commenting that they are yotzeh the din of nittul nacht. I was under the impression the mitzvah is on the 25th בדוקה, because that's the day when all the other restaurants are closed. On Christmas eve, most are still open till at least late afternoon,so there's a legitimate אפשרות that you can get food other than Chinese, so בסתמה, there's no specific mitzvah of Chinese on the 24th.
Can we get a clear cut psak?
My LOR is for sure not learning tonight, so I can't ask him such a טיפ question right now, so I have no choice but to turn to the למדנים ולייצנים on ddf.

Just Shmooze / Merry Christmas to all (those celebrating tomorrow!)
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:36:07 PM »
And to all a good night!

Deals/Deal Requests / Empire Kosher turkeys 2.49/lb at trader joes
« on: November 12, 2017, 12:15:50 PM »
They have them every year for this price, at least in the NY area.
It's empire branded in tjs packaging.

General Discussion / Illegal gun murder
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:38:33 PM »
Let's start a track of all killings with illegal guns. Especially in cities with rigorous gum control/bans.

I was not cheated, however i did sell over 60 att offers to a ddfer. they had me pay 6 different brand new accounts across multiple days. 2 of the accounts ended up getting cancelled for fraud or something and one got refunded to my cards (10). the other one (15 refunds) took more fighting by the ddfer. Everything was eventually refunded and offers clawed back. I was able to resell the offers, so I luckily did not lose out on the money.
While i should have clearly decided to sell elsewhere as something very shady was happening, i did not. I am sorely tempted to post the ddfer publicly to warn others, however i did not actually lose anything other than some time and frustration.
What say yall? If consensus is that i should say nothign and even take down the OP i will do so.

General Discussion / Sous Vide Master thread
« on: May 04, 2017, 11:46:05 AM »
Many people have mentioned or asked about a sous vide thread. Figured I may as well jump on it. After all if anyone can open a dedicated thread discussing why THEY didn't get the welcome bonus then I cam open a thread about a heavily discussed topic.

For starters, serious eats and chef steps have great recipes and explanations.


Just Shmooze / Help @carterjwm get a year's supply of wendy's nuggets!
« on: April 08, 2017, 09:42:35 PM »

This man needs 18 million retweets for a year's supply of nuggets
Carter Wilkerson asked Wendy's how many retweets he would need for the lofty snack goal - but the response has turned the teenager into a global hero on a mission that many are trying to support. #NuggsForCarter

Direct link to tweet -


Johnson & Johnson have agreed to pay $5 million to settle accusations that the company falsely advertised its baby bedtime products as “clinically proven” to help babies sleep better.

If granted final approval, the baby product class action settlement will resolve claims from four class action lawsuits lawsuits filed by parents who alleged that they paid more for the Johnson’s “bedtime” products over other soaps and lotions based on the marketing claims.

The plaintiffs say they bought the bedtime products and followed “the 3-step nightly routine” recommended by Johnson & Johnson “for a period of time” with their children, but the personal care items “did not help [their] babies sleep any better.”

According to the class action lawsuits, Johnson & Johnson “knew or should have known, at the time it began selling the products, that there are no studies showing that the bedtime products are clinically proven to provide any results and [Johnson & Johnson] has no basis to make the claims about its products.”

Products covered in the settlement include JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Bath, JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Lotion, JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Moisture Wash, JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME® Washcloths, and JOHNSON’S®  BEDTIME® Baby Bubble Bath & Wash.

The Johnson & Johnson class action settlement will award $3 per product. Class Members without a proof of purchase may be awarded up to $15. Those who include a receipt with their Claim Form, are expected to receive up to $30 from the class action settlement.

If any money remains in the $5 million settlement fund after paying all claimants and litigation expenses, the remainder will be donated to the Nurse Family Partnership and Newborns in Need.

According to the baby product class action settlement agreement, Johnson & Johnson will continue to be allowed to use advertising and marketing language that states that the “routine helps baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer” or similar language regarding the routine, alongside any clinically proven language.

Johnson & Johnson strongly denied all of the allegations but agreed to settle the class action lawsuits to avoid the cost and burden of ongoing litigation.

Class Members who want to object to or exclude themselves from the terms of the settlement must do so by Dec. 19, 2016.
Who’s Eligible
Johnson & Johnson settlement Class Members include all consumers who bought one or more of the following “bedtime” products within the U.S., the District of Columbia or any U.S. territories,  including  Puerto  Rico,  Guam  and  the  Virgin  Islands between July 1, 2010 and Aug. 31, 2016:

JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Moisture Wash
JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME® Washcloths
JOHNSON’S®  BEDTIME® Baby Bubble Bath & Wash
The covered products must have been labeled (or advertised) as “clinically proven” to help a baby sleep better or to be used as part of a “bedtime” and/or “nighttime” routine.
Potential Award
up to $30.

According to the class action settlement, Class Members who submit a valid and timely Claim Form can receive $3 per product for five covered products without proof of purchase. Those who are able to submit a proof of purchase along with their Claim Form can claim up to 10 products for a total of $30.

Note: These awards may be adjusted pro rata, depending on the total number of claims approved.
Proof of Purchase
Class Members who want to claim more than five covered products, must submit a proof of purchase along with their Claim Form. A proof of purchase is defined in the settlement as “a receipt or other documentation from a third-party reasonably establishing the fact and date of purchase of a Covered Product during the Class Period.”

Credit Cards / Zero Card
« on: September 25, 2016, 10:52:46 AM »
DoC has a good summary.

Functions like debit it that you add funds and then use the card. Apparently won't work as debit where transactions require debit though.
Basically 0-25K 1%
25-50k 1.5%
50-100k 2%
100k+ 3%

Early sign ups get 1.5%, and if you share on facebook you get to 2%. Get 3 referrals and you get 3. I'll start a conga line in the wiki for folks to share referrals (if the mods are OK with it)

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