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General Discussion / Paypal MyCash Card
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:53:29 AM »
Sorry if this matter was discussed in the past. I was wondering what someone's opinion is on buying the Paypal Mycash reload cards which (cvs at least) can be funded with c/c? I ask this as lately in northern NJ and Manhattan it's becoming increasingly difficult to find vanilla reloads in CVS. (Tried 5 of them between yesterday and today and no luck.)

 I purchased so far 4 of these Paypal cards and the funds all went seemlessly into my paypal balance on which I transferred them to my bank account. Didn't even need to do anything with my Bluebird account. The max daily amount to load is only $500 unlike the $1000 for the bluebird. However the paypal cards are soooooo prevalent. Does anyone have experience with these cards? I just want to make sure that I won't turn on a red flag at paypal or something by constantly loading to my account and withdrawing to bank acc.  Of course I will load these cards onto 2-3 paypal accounts as to try not to get red flagged. Help is appreciated....

Hi. I ran a search about this on the Dan Forum but at first glance did not see anyone discuss this. I would like to rent a car for 8 days from MSP. Being that I am not using a c/c to pay for the rental and instead using Chase Ultimate Reward points which I'm getting a great deal (17,500 points for Thrifty that charges $315 for the same thing using cash) how will my c/c cover the rental insurance. I have both a United Explorer and I can pay for the Premium AMEX car rental insurance, but both of them mention that you have to pay for the rental using the card. Help is appreciated as I need to book this soon for a "trip" to the Mayo Clinic.

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