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Clip the $3 coupon.
Together with the S&S and the 30 percent household.

For some reason, the $3 coupon works again and again on this item.

Deals/Deal Requests / Kenmore Refrigerator (26.1 cu. ft.) $809.99
« on: August 29, 2018, 09:47:41 PM »
Kenmore 73029 26.1 cu. ft. Non-Dispense French Door Refrigerator in Black, includes delivery and hookup

Looks likes the lowest price according to CCC.

Sells for a few hundred dollars more by other retailers.

Bumped into it while looking for a lock for our fridge  :D

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / North and South Dakota
« on: June 10, 2018, 01:26:54 AM »
Continuing our Summer trip this year IYH, we only have 13 states left!
We plan on doing around ten this year, but don't see anything for North and South Dakota.

We plan on spending the nine days between both states.

Anyone ever been?
Quite a few of you have it checked off in the "Which States Have You Been To" thread.

Deals/Deal Requests / eBay 20 Percent Off $50+. One Day Only.
« on: June 06, 2018, 03:20:57 AM »

maximum value of coupon is $100 (to max out coupon, cart must have $500 before shipping)

Limit 1 use per account
May be used on auctions, buy it now items and best offer items
May be used on multiple items (within same transaction)

Dan: Take it away, letís see how many Daily Deals you can post besides the regular stamps.   :-*

Terms & Conditions:
This Coupon is a 20% discount off a minimum purchase of $50, valid from 7:00 AM PT June 6, 2018 until 7:00 PM PT on June 6, 2018.
Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of eligible items on eBay.​com, cafr.ebay.​ca and ebay.​ca, and will be capped at a maximum value of $100.
*Eligible items exclude warranties and protection plans, as well as items from the Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories.

On The Road / SPG - Marriott Lifetime Status
« on: May 16, 2018, 12:53:06 PM »
So Dan's post is very helpful (

Heres my situation:


Lifetime Status
Nights 165

Points 454,243

2018 Bonus Nights: Rewards Credit Card:15

To double check, I just called in and was told I don't need any point requirements, so that's good.
My understanding is that I only need another 13 Nights before the end of the year and I should be Lifetime Gold.
Sounds about right?
I am not sure if the 15 nights from this year posted yet, by phone they said it did, but it's not in account activity.

Also, do third party stays (chase portal/Expedia) count for lifetime status nights?
Pretty sure my numbers are higher than would be without counting them.

Deals/Deal Requests / REQUEST: Sous Vide
« on: November 23, 2017, 12:46:19 AM »
I missed the Anova on Amazon a few days ago, I would appreciate if anyone notices a decent one over BF to please post it here,


$140ish on Amazon and other places

Four carrying modes with width-adjustable seat
Adjustable-length infant insert to support newborns of all sizes
Two storage pockets to keep extra nooks, burp cloths or your phone within reach
OEKO-TEX certified fabric supports airflow for a comfortable ride

Looks solid, just ordered one for our upcoming trip to Israel

Plus if you order 2 or another $40 of baby items you'll get a $20 gift card

Goods For Sale/Trade / Join a T-Mobile Family Plan
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:47:49 PM »
I have a few lines available on my T-Mobile Family plan.

It'll be $35 per line, per month (Less if you take a few lines)

Comes with:
Unlimited evreything
Free calls to/from Canada
Free texts and 2G overseas
T-Mobile Tuesday


One interesting way is to earn 24k Alaska, or at the end he mentions it can stack with BA offers (AARP etc)

Up In The Air / Price Mistake: Round-trip to Rome, $372 AA
« on: February 01, 2017, 10:08:00 AM »
Check google flights for specific dates

WHEN: March through early June (prices may fluctuate a bit depending on specific dates)

HT, Scotts cheap flights

Deals/Deal Requests / Spend $75, get $25 Amazon Houshold Supplies
« on: December 23, 2016, 10:59:51 AM »
Don't think this was posted anywhere,

Deals/Deal Requests / $10 Off Books Sold By Amazon (Min. $25 spent)
« on: November 24, 2016, 02:10:53 AM »
Saw this while comparing a price with the Barnes & Noble 30 percent.

 To use this promotion, you must enter "HOLIDAYBOOK" at checkout under the "Gift cards & promotional codes" section to receive $10 off any books purchase of $25 or more.

Waiting for Dan to post his favorite recipe books (for the 10th time)  ;)

I don't know about these "Super-Charged" waters, but i added it to my Subscribe and Save for fun  ::)
Comes to $1 a bottle that usually over $3

Clip the $10 Coupon and use SS

Deals/Deal Requests / Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce $12.93
« on: October 31, 2016, 12:41:24 AM »
Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined, 54 Ounce
Clip Coupon, Subscribe and Save.
I got this in March for around $1 less and have no need for more.
Good price.

Deals/Deal Requests / Cheap Seltzer + Smart Water
« on: October 08, 2016, 09:59:01 PM »
These are posted every once in a while, I hope it deserves its own thread:

Deals/Deal Requests / United Miles Giveaway
« on: July 21, 2016, 10:11:37 PM »
I never post these here but the odds are better than usual.

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