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My wife downgraded her Prestige to Preferred last night. Yesterday was the due date of the $350 AF, and it wasn't worth it to us (I have Prestige too). This morning when she logs in, it shows the Prestige and the Preferred accounts, both with 350 balances, both with due dates 9/17 (yesterday). I'm sure the Prestige one will fall off soon. The agent said there was no need to pay off the balance because the refund would cancel it out, but I hope the system doesn't automatically charge interest + late fee.

Also, her login previously had her checking account info (CG downgraded to Basic) as well as the TYP balances (55K+ from Prestige and 40K+ from checking); now the account login no longer shows the checking nor TYP info. I vaguely remember having to create a new Citi login for checking info some time ago, then jumping through hoops to combine checking and credit card accounts in the same login. I'm sure someone else has experienced this. Any help?

Credit Cards / Will AMEX Platinum purchase protection help me here?
« on: November 14, 2015, 02:35:38 PM »
I just made a very large purchase at Restoration Hardware for my home. To maximize purchase protection, I used my AMEX Platinum card, which I've only had for 3-4 months. Now, 4 days after my purchase, I can get the items for ~$760 less. BUT it's not that straightforward.

I made the purchases (dining set, sideboard, sofa, etc.) when RH was advertising a 20% off everything sale. It was made in-store, and the salesperson had to enter in a code to get the 20% deduction. On top of that, I had a 33% off everything coupon (from a class-action lawsuit) that stacked with the 20%. The total was just over $14K.

The day after the 20% promo code ended, most of the items I bought went "on sale" (of course)to 10-20% off the full price (which is what I bought them at, before applying the 20% coupon). That's not a surprise. But today, RH is advertising a 10% off everything promo code that applies to sale items as well. If I were to buy the same items today, with the sale prices, 10% off promo, and the 33% off coupon (which I no longer have), it would be $760 less than I paid 4 days ago. It's not as straightforward as a simple price drop. The listed prices now are lower than when I bought them, but I used a 20% off promo. But the prices today PLUS the 10% off promo make them even lower now.

Does the AMEX Plat offer any sort of price protection in this situation? Thanks

I know we are capped at 4 AMEX credit cards. I already have 4 credit cards and 1 charge card. I want to cancel my Blue Cash Pref and get the Everyday card so I can cancel my Platinum and not lose my MR. Is the best way to do this to cancel the BCP first and then apply for Everyday, OR apply for Everyday, get rejected, then call reconsideration line and ask to cancel BCP then?

Credit Cards / Does legacy Citi Forward still get 5x at Amazon?
« on: April 22, 2015, 03:04:43 AM »
I have the old Citi Forward from a few years ago that gets 5x on dining and bookstores. When I got the card, Amazon counted as bookstores for 5x, but I but I always opted for 5x UR from gift cards at Staples instead. Now that TYP can be transferred, I want to use my Forward. However, I vaguely recall that Amazon no longer counts as a bookstore for 5x Forward. I did some searching online, and there's a lot of stuff about this from 2013. I'm not sure if this is accurate, as I thought the changes were more recent. Any final word on this? Thanks

Credit Cards / Chase UR transfers to someone other than spouse
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:57:59 PM »
Chase recently changed their UR website, now only allowing transfers to airlines/hotel accounts of spouses or domestic partners. I owe my sister/bro-in-law 130k United miles. If I pretend my sister is my partner, I won't be able to transfer to my real wife later. I heard that there's a loophole to this by adding someone to your Ink as AU (or business partner), then transferring to him/her. Can anybody share experiences doing this?

Credit Cards / Should I close Sapphire before applying to 2 Chase SW cards?
« on: November 06, 2014, 01:50:49 PM »
I want to apply for the Chase SWA personal and business cards soon. I currently have 4 Chase cards, the Ink (2 mo ago) and 3 personal cards ( all 2+ yrs). Of the 3 personal cards, I want to get rid of the Sapphire because I don't use it. I originally got the CSP 2.5 yrs ago and downgraded it to no-fee card a couple months ago. At this point, I'm worried that having too many Chase cards will make it hard to be approved for the 2 SWA cards, which is why I want to close one. My credit score is good (high 700s to low 800s) but I applied for 3 cards 2 months ago and recently got a home loan. Income is good too.

I see myself as having 2 options. I can close Sapphire today and then apply for SWA. However, I heard somewhere that the credit line from a closed card doesn't free up for a couple months after closure. If this is true, I don't think closing the card will help.

The 2nd option is to keep the sapphire and apply for the SWA cards. I'll prob have to call reconciliation line, and if need be, I can close sapphire then or move CL over.

What's the right move here?

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