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Goods For Sale/Trade / United $580 Credit for sale
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:50:58 PM »
United $580 Credit for sale

$400. must book flight by 11/27 flight can be whenever.

General Discussion / Landlord issues
« on: June 22, 2015, 03:47:58 PM »
NYC frum landlord. APT in flatbush. Paying market rate for rent.

Anyone have any advise my landlord wont fix or do anything in my apt.

We have a major water bug issue. His answer is " you should be happy you don't have mice and rats" Closet doors were broken since we moved and (track is totally broken) His answer is "closet still works fine next time i stop by ur apt i can pick up the doors" These are just a few of the issues we have.

His side of the story is he doesn't need to provide closet doors according to NYC ,Apt is not considered legally infested etc.... but then if i dont pay rent on the first he goes nuts. (he does have an illegal office and apt in the basement any reason not to call 311 on him?)

Goods For Sale/Trade / Car Lease take over Master Thread
« on: March 04, 2014, 04:21:38 PM »
I have a White 2012 Acura TL 12months left $320 a month. 18k per year

Tech Talk / Nokia Lumia 1020: a 41-megapixel Windows Phone
« on: July 11, 2013, 04:23:07 PM »
Nokia Lumia 1020: a 41-megapixel Windows Phone

Available July 26

Credit Cards And Finance / bank of america free $250
« on: October 11, 2010, 08:34:46 PM »
bank of america keep the change uptp 250 for the 1st 3 months. would making .01 to uncle sam work? and then get 99 cents frm bank of america

On The Road / enterprise underage
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:36:32 PM »
enterprise in monsey does not waive the underage fee anymore even when using a corporate account. any way around it??

Goods For Sale/Trade / blackberry tour sprint $150
« on: August 12, 2010, 04:41:49 PM »
blackberry tour sprint for sale for 150 it is 1 month old perfect condition

Goods For Sale/Trade / sprint plan
« on: August 05, 2010, 10:54:40 AM »
$60 flat a month,sprint,1500 min, 1st min incoming free, nights@6, unlimited blackberry service, unlimited text, unlimited mobile to mobile, must use my old cell phone #, comes with 1 month old blackberry tour

Goods For Sale/Trade / blackberry curve 8330 sprint
« on: August 03, 2010, 10:14:01 PM »
blackberry curve 8330 sprint gently used for 4months great condition and great phone come with 2 chargers and 2 batteries.

make me an offer!!

Up In The Air / trip to anywere using 35k aa miles
« on: August 02, 2010, 07:07:20 PM »
i want to go somewere anytime from now till rosh hashana for 1 week leaving from any airport in nyc area using 35k aa miles.
must have beaches there

Credit Cards And Finance / 100 dollar bouns
« on: August 02, 2010, 10:42:30 AM »

any1 have any details on this? do you need dd or you can do it without it???

Tech Talk / cell phone in canada
« on: July 11, 2010, 04:08:31 PM »
the cheapest way to use cell phone in Canada e.g. google voice, calling card???

On The Road / summer rental
« on: June 07, 2010, 07:02:54 PM »
i need to rent a car for the month of july. im 21 any ideas for a cheap rental

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