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Came here looking for free/cheap diapers. Best I've found is prime savings 20% off mama bear plus 20% s&s. (No longer available for most sizes)

Is there anything better?


We are witnessing a rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus within our communities and have been advised by medical experts repeatedly that there are actions and inactions going on that significantly impact the speed and rates of illness and death.

COVID-19 is extremely contagious and can be deadly for the elderly, immunocompromised, or people with certain medical conditions. There are now cases of even younger healthy individuals in the ICU as well. The virus can be spread by persons who do not exhibit any symptoms! Just because you don’t seem to have symptoms does not mean you are not infecting others. People are unwittingly infecting others on a regular basis!

There is an abundance of bad information being sent around various chat and social media outlets, where people are sharing and giving each other all kinds of bad advice. The only medical information that should be taken seriously is that from the CDC and other health agencies.

EXAMPLE: According to the WHO and CDC, there is no scientific evidence to support the rumor that sunshine or warmer climate kills this virus!

While only a handful of confirmed cases within our community locally and elsewhere have been made public, there are many more cases and the numbers continue to increase daily, including many who are critically ill and on ventilators in the ICU. It is highly probable that you have already come into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and are therefore a potential carrier. It is therefore imperative to follow the recommendation of the CDC to self-isolate to slow the spread of the virus.

Rabbonim from every community around the world including here in South Florida, have issued clear rulings that it is a Halachic obligation to follow and comply with all of the guidelines and recommendations set by the CDC and other health agencies across the country.

Pesach is around the corner and although it is normally a time for families to come together as many do here in South Florida, especially in the Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Orlando areas, this year is different.

South Florida has a significant senior community and this demographic is among the most vulnerable to this virus. All medical experts agree that traveling will undoubtedly worsen the crisis and continue to put all of our communities at greater risk. Please avoid traveling to Florida during this crisis because by doing so you will be putting this already vulnerable community at greater risk. Our medical facilities and hospitals will be stressed beyond capacity and we anticipate our resources being depleted rapidly. Our community may be left without adequate hospital care.

We implore you to take this seriously and stay home in your communities where you and your family will be safer and you will not infect other people.

In the merit of adhering to these requests, may we all share in only Bracha and a Refuah to all those in need.

This urgent message is endorsed by the following Rabbonim and medical professionals:

HaRav Dovid Feinstein
Rabbi Kalman Baumann
Rabbi Arye Bensinger
Rabbi Donald Bixon
Rabbi Chaim Freidman
Rabbi Laivi Forta
Rabbi Yosef Galimidi
Rabbi Yaakov Gibber
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Rabbi Yaakov Gross
Rabbi Moshe Gruenstein
Rabbi Daniel Hadar
Rabbi Yisroel Janowski
Rabbi Yosef Konikov
Rabbi Benjy Korf
Rabbi David Lehrfield
Rabbi Sholom Lipskar
Rabbi Avraham Lipszyc
Rabbi Yossi Marlow
Rabbi Moshe Matz
Rabbi Tzvi Neuhaus
Rabbi Shaya Richmond
Rabbi Mendel Rosenfeld
Rabbi Efraim Shapiro
Rabbi Leibel Shapiro
Rabbi Yosef Weinstock
Rabbi Eliezer Wolf
Rabbi Dovid Yosef
Rabbi Yochanan Zweig
Rabbi Yitzy Zweig
Dr Yonah Bardos
Dr Mauricio Bitran
Dr Ari Ciment
Dr Jonathan Fields
Dr Gershon Fink
Dr Jared Friedman
Dr Marc Gibber
Dr Yoram Gutfreund
Dr Daniel Heller
Dr PK Koenigsburg
Dr Ari Lamet
Dr Amiel Levine
Dr Susan Lurie
Dr Leon Melnitsky
Dr Yoram Padeh
Dr Leonard Pianko
Dr Jay Reinberg
Dr Damon Saltzman
Dr Yankie Silverstone
Dr Brocha Tarshish
Dr Daniel Wolfson
Dr Raphael Yechieli


s&s coupon Luvs size 2 & 3 diapers. 228 of size 2 $15.77 / 198 of size 3 $15.62 after $4.22 & $4.33 coupon.
you can s&s to multiple in one order to get coupon savings on multiple

2 boxes Luvs diapers $36.27
Buy 2, save $10 -

Plus save 20% with Amazon family subscribe and save.
Available in sizes 1 & 3

Items (2):   $57.84
Shipping & handling:   $0.00
Multibuy Discount:   -$10.00
Subscribe & Save:   -$11.57
Total before tax:   $36.27
Estimated tax to be collected:   $0.00
Total:   $36.27.

Items (2):   $57.84
Shipping & handling:   $0.00
Multibuy Discount:   -$10.00
Subscribe & Save:   -$11.57
Total before tax:   $36.27
Estimated tax to be collected:   $0.00
Total:   $36.27

Size 1
Size 3

Deals/Deal Requests / 15% off Cricket & Verizon prepaid - Kroger
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:59:17 AM »
15% off Cricket & Verizon prepaid from kroger

Limit 3 per denomination

Offer valid from Jun 12, 2019 to Jun 25, 2019
(They have ended promos early in the past)

Forgive me if this was already posted (I couldn't find it)

"Free File Software Offers
If your adjusted gross income was $66,000 or less, you will find one or more free software options only available through Free File at Review each company's offer to make sure you qualify for your free federal return.

Some companies offer free state tax returns; some charge a fee. For more information, see software offers below and detailed information on company websites. The following states provide a free state tax return in partnership with private software companies via the Free File Alliance: AR, AZ, DC, GA, IA, ID, IN, KY, MA, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NY, OR, RI, SC, VA, VT, WV. Most of the tax software companies below provide a free federal return to active military personnel with an AGI of $66,000 or less."

Available in 4 colors
Click below link and "Choose $49.99 (Activate Later) Unlocked"

then add a sim card and $25 refill card here

When all 3 are in cart your total will be $35. Shipping is free

Nice little deal for those who seek a non smart phone for children or just an extra emergency phone and have a use for cricket refill cards.
The refill card is totally seperate from te phone. anyone who uses cricket can use this refill card.

Promotion also available with ATT or Simple Mobile refill cards but those don't have $25 options

Simple Mobile-

Add phone to cart Here:

Add BOTH the$10 SIM card and $40 refill card here:
Price in cart will be $92

May be missing some LTE not think of this as a high end phone. You will be disappointed if you have high expectations.
Phone and camera have bad reviews and don't live up to its specs.  Here is Cnet on when it was priced at $400 but for this price is it a good deal?

Best buy is running a promo "Save $50 When You Buy a Select Unlocked Phone, Cricket SIM Kit, and Cricket Refill Card”"

They have both the s8 in Midnight Black and Coral Blue at $574 plus taxes.
Samsung Galaxy S8 - (
Add a $40 cricket refill card (20% off so $32) and $10 Sim card it deducts $50 off the phone price so total including sim and refill is $566.98 + taxes
Sim -
Refill card -

Also for those that have it, dont forget to use your Best Buy Amex offer $25 off $250 or 2500 MR offer

P.S. the $50 off when adding $42 worth of cricket sim and refill cards is on many eligible unlocked smartphones including the S8+
see offer detalis here:

similar offer with simple mobile

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 64 GB LTE Android phone $574.99 (reg $724.99)

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64 GB LTE Android phone $674.99 (reg $870.29)

You can use Use ChasePay for 10% back (won't get Amex extended warranty)

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I'm assuming that they'll only be shipping 1 can.
Gefen Tuna Chunk Light in Water Passover, 6 OZ (Pack of 48)

Price is 8.41 from 3rd party seller which most likely is NOT 2500 cups but u can select sold by walmart for $32.94. I just received my case. $33 is cheapest ever I've seen it. It's usually $45.
Cups are decent quality.  Not very flimsy.
Add a filler item for free 2 day shipping.

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