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pandemic protocol diversion process is not the same, and even on redirection ambulances can still come and that causes a shortage.
Address the question. Were there  shortages of beds in NY hospitals during the peak days?

I think the SBA is relying on the bank's verification of payroll expenses, not doing the verification themselves.
Its basic information. Dime got it right. Lets see if my application gets processed by them.

Coming from someone who said he would never engage me again after resorting to calling me a POS I will take my intellectual honesty anytime.
Hold on to that title because at least I called you that and have no qualms about it. Glad other are calling you out on more and more BS that you spout here. Crawl back into the hole you like to disappear into again. Its so much better here without you.  Troll

Just got a call from Capital One about missing forms. I file a 1065 and have no payroll employees. According to the rules you have to disclose line 14a Net Income from Self Employment as your annual payroll number. When I advised her of that and told her I dont have 940 or 941s or NYS form 45 she couldnt understand. I just told her to put it in the application notes and pass it on to the SBA. They will figure it out. Too much of a headache at this point for the size of loan I may get.

I wouldn't call ~10% obscene.
100%-250% in many instances in Shoprite.

My Brother said he would not. Has 3 kids in that age group.

Tell me, what country are Jews from? Jewistan? Jewsy? Jew York?

He's from Chicago. Home of Jesse Jackson. Jews are from Hymietown. Get it right!

Hello wall.
Come visit me. We only have one bed and DW and I will be in it. You might have to sleep on the floor or out in the garage but there is no shortage of beds.  :)
You obviously have never been in a NYC hospital. Hallways are the norm in the ED always. That just translated to beds in the hallways on the floors. There were no shortages though. No one was sleeping on the floor. or in the garage. What are you t alking about? Truly amazing the pretzels you need to bake. You cant see that there was a plan in place that utterly failed but didnt result in the chaos that was predicted? Or the intellectual dishonesty that you are being accused of elsewhere is just showing up here too?   

two thoughts on Instacart.
1. First delivery day is often 5 days out in the BOS area. Not always but often.
2. With some many out of work and applying for snap, you'd think they would make it easy to use snap online, but apparently bureaucracy is still at it's finest. You still can't use snap online in mant states at most stores. Way to govt
One more thought. Instacart for shoprite for instance is about 4x more expensive than actually waiting on a relatively short line to get in the store and shopping in a pretty empty store comparatively speaking.

The point is there was a shortage of beds at one time!!!
There was never a shortage of beds in any hospital. No patients that I heard of was turned away from a hospital. Hospitals barely went on diversion. Hospitals go on diversion way more often in non-pandemic times than I have heard them going on diversion in the past weeks.

When you have people up and down the hallways on gurneys that is called a shortage of beds.
Really now? Tell that to all the patients lined up in hospital hallways
Direct admissions to Javits and the ship would have alleviated that problem. Also, not ventilating patients as a matter of protocol would have solved some of that problem too.

Went to one of the largest kosher butcher shops in Brooklyn didn't have a single slice of rib steak. Glad I have some in freezer
Pomagranate had a freezer full of fresh meats including rib steak.

I am not sure that it was a waste or that in the end it just wasn't needed, but a "Comfort" to have had the option in case it was needed.
It was there to soothe the public. As a symbol it was great. Should have parked it in a more visible spot is the only complaint I have then.

Our healthcare system IHMO did a great job so far. What we need is national plan to utilize all aspects of it. We know everyone is getting hit at different times so things need to be moved around. That includes patients if need be.
USNS Comfort was an absolute waste. Treated 182 patients total. Javits Center was useful but not having direct admissions was also a waste. The good news is the shortage of ventilators never materialized. They have figured out that the vent is not the be all and end all of this virus. C-Pap and Bi-Pap machines worked just fine along with anti-coagulants and outside the box respiratory measures such as at home oxygen concentrators, proning of patients and allowing patients to go on much longer showing hypoxic numbers than would normally be allowed. 

Finally saw freezers full in kosher grocery this morning.

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