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Why is everyone here so adamant that Monday night’s flight will be cancelled? Don’t you all think that UA would have cancelled by now if this was indeed true? What am I missing?

The EWR>TLV flight tomorrow afternoon is showing as flying. Wouldn’t they have cancelled that already if this was true. Less than 24 hours in advance of that outgoing flight.
Because according to the internal memos regarding permitted flights, only certain flights have permission to land. I agree that it makes no sense not to let people know already, but they are probably hoping for a last minute change in policy.

the usa united rep on the phone insists that the monday flight will be taking place, how do i convince her that it wont?
They STILL have it as on schedule. Even the 4 pm flight from EWR-TLV on Sunday is still flying on schedule. I don't want to pay for another flight until I know this one isn't going...Really stuck here.

AC80 YYZ-TLV on March 7 is zeroed out, and AC81 TLV-YYZ on March 10 is cancelled. New flights haven't been listed for sale yet.
United hasn't cancelled the 8th yet...

Anyone have number for United in Israel?

Not sure how
fits with
but the maiden name and kids names check out.
Ewing, NJ is right near Bucks County, Pa. Both are very close to Philly.

How do I contact Elal regarding their emergency flights?

I would take March 13/14/16 before those are gone too.
Otherwise wait to get refunded and go via London.
Another family member has a seat on the 10th and probably won't fly. Any way to get that seat?

The US agent says the 9th is all booked, as is the 7th. I guess I'll hope they just blocked all the seats and will rebook. Any other ideas?

Who knows
Some of the space is being blocked by United so they. can rebook people from the cancelled flights, and some of those people won't get out of Israel.
If I call United will they rebook?

Correct. Here is the guidance UA sent agents

When is United going to let people know? The flights are booked a whole week. How are they going to get these people out of Israel?

Here's a good list of flights that are planned to operate next week

Does that mean that United is not flying TLV-EWR on 3/8? They haven't cancelled it.

Any update on whether foreign students with proof of recovery will be allowed back after Pesach?

any advice for how to [pint out exit form for seminary girl  leaving motzei shabbos without a smartphone
Do non-Israelis need an exit form?

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