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I dont think you can see the dd info previously entered, you can only enter new information. So I wouldn't know if it was incorrect.
Ill try talking to bank first.

see attached
did't get anything

first deposit
release date 05/21

anyone have experience with money that was released and isn't in account?

agent told me that since they don't have a W2 of me (I worked on a 1099) I am not eligible for reg UI.
from what i understood you only did the pua application. what happened after that?
did you call in? did they call you? did you also file the reg ui?

just got the callback, that I am approved for PUA. Agent didn't know how much I'm getting.
Will I also get the $600 on top of the reg PUA?
did you do the reg ui application too, or only the pua?

its much less detailed than the reg ui - i think. I only did the the beginning of the reg ui

im not sure what you're referring to first option/second option.
If you google ny unemployment it takes you to straight to unemployment assistance, and they only give you 1 application to do. The pua app.

They have the W2 info from taxes filed. They only ask for it if they can't locate.

You can only put in info if they ask for it. You might be able to file for reconsideration if you have additional 1099 income (and they only picked up on your W2 income), but I doubt they'll consider it, as they're supposed to keep you on regular UI instead of PUA if possible.
but if they're accepting pua applications right away, does that mean they will look for w2 themselves and not just give the minimum?

I think she should be good. Legally they're supposed to put someone on standard UI and only if deemed ineligible will they be put on PUA.

if so, the question is, why go through the long process if can take the shortcut?
Since they dont ask for w2 info, Im assuming they give the minimum + 600. Second question then, how much should you have made last quarter that it would pay to out in the info in the reg ui application?

same here

I don't think that's possible as there isn't a PUA link out there to apply to.
I didn't see a second section.
but I think I dont qualify for regular UI since I didn't work for 2 quarters.

First I wanted to say thank you @cgr

I too didnt apply for reg ui,
On the site i went to "get unemployment assistance" I hit file and submitted the application. at the end it said thank you for submitting your pua. i didnt need to put in any employee/income info

should i go back and file the reg ui - if i can find it?

available by invite only :(

Just Shmooze / Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
« on: October 29, 2019, 12:52:58 PM »
if the AU didnt follow your guidelines then you have to take it up with them directly. It's not a valid reason to claim fraud etc
as per their rules

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: eBay bucks up to 13%
« on: June 12, 2019, 03:22:28 PM »
only by invite :(

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