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Many people have accepted the fact that getting it is invitable

The vaccine news is slow. It's just impossible to lock everyone in, as fatality rates thank God drop, I think people are worried but resigned.

I think people are thinking that they're going to get it anyways so white lock themselves up for 6 months to a year

It's just better treatment,new and better drugs. Less intubation etc.

Now, nyt says 43% of all us death's are nursing home related.

So we gotta address that.  Maybe they got much better?

Also one Dr told me, that in past, people were coming in too late

I don't see evidence that the emergency rooms are being overwhelmed and the hospitals are overloaded.

Miami Dade country mayor's are much more territorial than NYC.

So you have all these individual mayors of small cities and I feel that they are more attuned with reality He requirement for masks is very enforced.

Ultimately the key is to get this down untill a vaccine comes along.

I don't want permanent lung scarring etc .

The fatality rate is plummeting and recovery rates are faster.

Will Florida achieve some kind of immunity ? I dunno even at 3k a day stable that's 90k a month.

In a state of 22 million that's nothing.

The cases are not less severe they are the same as they were a couple months ago

Florida is not NY. Florida never got hit like NY.
With each passing day, it is becoming more and more likely that NY/NJ will not see a significant second wave, unless immunity runs out before a vaccine is produced. In addition, many people are still distancing/wearing masks (though it decreases by the day), the government is testing enough and has great data transparency to help people make better decisions. There are still new cases in NY, but despite reopening and protests, the numbers continue to decrease.

Compare to Florida - lack of data transparency, encouraging people to go out unsafely, less herd immunity, itís a bad recipe playing out in many states.

Well they are certainly different but don't tell me that New York has herd immunity.

Are you hearing that those hospitalizations are less severe than what we had back in March in NYC?

I don't think NY will explode because a percentage of the population already had it so it will spread slower

I don't know how severe they are I can ask.

But early on I said that, you can't expect treatment to be great when you have an exploding pandemic.

I would imagine that now the numbers are much lower

Socially distanced Backyard BBQ takeout instead?

Backyard BBQ take out comment should get you banned...

That's more apikorshe than anything I've said.. .

You have to have backyard BBQ in house with Mendel.. that's like getting la regence 11 course dinner takeout.

I'm shocked @Dan never did it

 It's only 420 shekel with tax included.  I heard people who got discounts with amex

I'm confirmed with two internal medicine doctors In Miami specializing in pulmonary care. Both confirmed hospitalizations are up due to coronavirus.

Why does anybody not think that it's not going to explode again in New York?!?

Keep up with the personal attacks. Cool story bro

If you had any credentials you would post them If you don't have any credentials you have no business making comments to the point of

"More accurate comparison would be standing outside when it's nice weather and saying hey its nice weather."

No, the proper way to address this is to say, thank God it's been better, let's keep up the pre cautions so it doesn't get worse again

Perhaps I should celebrate paying off my credit cards, by inviting everyone out to le Marais and paying for it..


Why aren't they flooded like before? First we were all dumb because we didn't close shuls fast enough, now that they are all open and numbers are down.... new twist.  And great comparison, your talking about a virus that was spreading like wildfire and nobody knew about it?! More accurate comparison would be standing outside when it's nice weather and saying hey its nice weather.

You have got to be either the biggest troll or one of the more stupid people I've met in my life.

Dan discussed super spreaders before. In all likelihood the numbers just reflect the number of super spreaders or exposure to them.

For example, if super spreader a) wears a mask and sanitizes his hands etc even if no symptoms, in all likelihood none to few get

New York is still getting cases, it's just not crazy, why ? Probably precautions and yes many got.

Will it blow up? I'm sure it can!

You can sprout your crap endlessly. I don't care.

The reason the virus is making less waves now is simply because

#1 hospitals aren't being flooded like before
#2 treatment got significantly better, much lower % are dying bh

There are 2 drugs out there that work. If remisvider lowers patients hospital stays by a few days, that clears up beds and hospital man power

The second drug for more chronic patients is saving lives.  Or any immunosuppressants they are using has been saving lives.

However, the idea was being safe, social distancing, masks, wash hands.

You sound like people in the eye of the hurricane, inside the eye it's very calm.

That's why rising numbers matter, it means an active upward trend of spreading.

You missed the fact that rising numbers means it's spreading.. you also conviently ignore that it took a while for NY to blow up earlier.

It's just a first wave, looking at NYC go back to normal nebech

And Orlando probably a major virus hotspot

General Discussion / Re: Car Lease Master Thread
« on: June 15, 2020, 08:54:39 PM »
I need to replace 1 wheel for my lease. It just needs to look like the others?

Bh I got lucky. Somebody was selling four tires wheels and hubcaps My car in perfect condition for $100 all in. 🙏🙏 Thank you hashem!

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