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Reposting from
the master thread and reiterating here as well that at the moment kosher is not so simple and the caterers and restaurants are overwhelmed and can't handle the volume. Many people are stuck without kosher as they didn't plan well.

The Armani needs week or 2 advance booking and they only have 2 seatings 630pm and 9pm

If you reserved 630, they don't give away your table until 9. Ive seen them turn away people while tables sat empty for 2 hours since people didn't show up or came late

Treat kosher is horrible food and there are many issues in terms of delivery as well

Eli's won't take orders they're too busy

There is another guy that claims to be doing food but wouldn't answer his whatsapp message so I can't comment much there

Its unorganized and many people are upset and going hungry

Trip Reports / Re: Dubai Trip Report - CBS
« on: December 09, 2020, 02:37:55 PM »
What’s the overall reaction to frum yidden there ?
In general everyone is very friendly there. You barely see locals. Most hotel employees and mall/shops/souks are foreigners. A lot of Indian and Philippines. There are many Arabs from other countries as well. I personally wore a cap majority of the time as a personal preference. Many people thought I was Muslim (bec of the beard)

When I walked around without a cap I did get some looks but a lot of the looks were from Israelis! Then they come over and say shalom to show you they're also Jewish

You definitely hear a lot of Hebrew in all sorts of places!

Trip Reports / Re: Dubai Trip Report - CBS
« on: December 09, 2020, 02:23:59 PM »
How come you didn't rent a car? What did you wind up spending on transportation?
I'd have to say that including the car service from the airport which was a bit more expensive and a few ubers and a few city cabs if be all in for $150usd approx (maybe bit more but not much more)

I didn't want to have to deal with parking and driving unfamiliar roads

In addition in my case some of my rides I did with a travel partner from Dubai who owns a car so that saved a handful of costs as well (most of the those trips though isn't a trip that your average tourist will do - which you will see in my trip report soon)

Trip Reports / Dubai Trip Report - CBS
« on: December 09, 2020, 03:34:06 AM »
After the latest developments with the UAE / Israel peace agreement, I felt it was a good time and opportunity - especially as a travel advisor - to go and see whats happening on the ground while making long overdue Covid vacation out of it.


Before Travel

 - Make sure you get a PCR test within 96 hours of departure
 - Test results must be printed and shown at checkin
 - Theres a health form that must be filled out, we had done it prior and printed , otherwise supposedly they give it out at the airport
 - Upon arrival there is no COVID test needed for USA flights, Only Israeli's (and possibly other countries which i'm not aware of) need to take a rapid on arrival

Flight / Hotels/ Kosher

 - Booked B6 from FLL-BOS 11k flight + 5.5k extra legroom +11.20 tax Per person Round trip
 - Booked Emirates First class on EK Flex award BOS-DXB - Cost: 217,500 Amex Transfer to EK + $361.15 Tax Per person Round trip
 - First 3 nights at the Address Dubai Marina Hotel  - One bedroom residence for $390/avg night incl. tax (read below full TR to see how i ended up bring the price down at the property)
 - Second 3 nights at the Address Sky View Hotel in Downtown - Premier Sky View Room $400/avg night incl. tax
 - Make sure to make Reservations at the Armani/Kaf Kosher restaurant in advance!
 - If you are traveling anytime soon, make sure to bring a decent amount of snacks/food with you for Breakfast, lunch (unless you are in a hotel that offers Kosher for room service (See Here for more info)
 - try and AVOID Treats Kosher Caterer unless you have no choice - Food is horrible, Service just as bad, they're accepting more orders then they can handle..
 - Eli's Kitchen is another caterer but they were too busy to accept any orders - supposedly opening a restaurant in Hilton Habtoor soon


Sites to find deals

We Only did until the Burj Khalifa below

 - Miracle Garden (need 1-2 hours)
 - Global Village  (Need 3-4 hours - opens at 4pm ) Suggested to go in evening
 - Walk thru Marina
 - Xline - zip thru the marina (need max 1 hour from checkin till land back) - Book online in advance to secure a spot
 - Desert Adventure - (need 6 hours - from 3pm -9pm) - Includes Quad Biking, Dune Bashing, Camel rides, (non kosher) BBQ dinner in a camp site with "Shisha" while watching Cultural shows
 - Fountain Show on the boardwalk downtown - from 6pm every 30 min (buy a ticket online/walkup to be closer to water but you can still see it without that
 - 3 Main Malls - Mall in Marina (Basic) , Mall of Emirates (huge mall - Has ski indoor) , Mall of Dubai (downtown -even bigger mall has aquarium inside and is a very high end shopping mall)
 - Gold / Perfume / Spice Souk - Marketplace in Deira area (need half a day minimum for this)
 - Burj Khalifa - View points from above - Buy tickets online in advance for best price
 - Dubai Sky Dive - not cheap but supposedly incredible - book online
 - Helicopter ride - Book online, recommended is the 22 min flight option
 - Hot Air balloon - until 12/15/20 for a "relatively" good deal for 2 ppl
 - Dubai Creek Boat ride ( need 2.5hrs - Board 8pm - duration 830pm to 1030pm)

Getting around Town

 - Car service - we used from the Airport (including VIP fast track thru customs)
 - Uber - Decently priced. The regular category car will usually be a White Lexus Sedan with a nice interior
 - City cab - Cheaper then Uber, they use the Meter (CC accepted), cars are older and not as pleasant as uber but its good enough for a quick drive

Nothing is more then 25min away from each other (Other then the desert which is 40min to 1hr)

Jewish Center / Chabad

There is a daily minyan there , info for Minyan and Shabbos meals can be found on
The Center is in the Al Wasl district. They ask that to get the location please whatsapp the number on their site to provide passport info for security reasons

For a more detailed trip report Stay tuned for the next posts with interesting details / tidbits / pictures / recommendations/ do's and dont's and more!

I can't stand self deleting content.
It's a good thing IG has an option to keep it posted in a "bubble" forever - I try to do that for destination reports

Live TR please :)
Thats what we have 13 hour plane rides with crappy internet for...(hope EK has some connectivity)

Follow my insta story for best reliability  :)

Armani/Kaf in the Burj Khalifa
Hours: 6:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Rabbi Duchman/Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification (EAKC)

In addition to daily dining service, Armani/Kaf offers in-room dining to Armani Hotel Dubai guests and on Fridays, a Shabbat in a box service, with 24-hour advance orders.
Worth noting - Should make reservations early as they fill up apparently. They do 2 seatings,  1@ 630pm and 1@9pm - if you sit at 7 or 730pm you need to give up your table at 9pm for next set of seating - This is what they told me but will hopefully verify that next week once there

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Dubai Master Thread
« on: December 02, 2020, 12:13:11 AM »
Al Maha?
For next time when its more focused on the relaxation. This trip we want to be more in the center and being that we are only there for a few days seems to make the most sense

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Dubai Master Thread
« on: December 01, 2020, 10:03:05 PM »
Yes , Definitely something I will consider. Looks like it has a nice balance of modern and arabian style as well as beach and spa
also has points available for suites
The only reason i guess i'd choose against it for location , thought maybe to be walking distance in downtown

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Dubai Master Thread
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:01:03 PM »
So the plan is to stay in Address Marina for shabbos and then move hotels for 3 nights

Debating though where to stay as there a million and 1 hotels..

Don't need a beach
a good spa would be a plus

Address Sky view Downtown  and  Address Palace Downtown were the two i was looking at  - any reason one over the other?
Ruled out Armani (didnt seem that special) and Bvlgari (expensive)

Let me know why yes and why not or if you have a different recommendation?


Anyone want to start a master list of hotels that can provide kosher food?

I'm going this week IY"H and i will try and get as much info for an updated trip report and tips

See below a list i've received. I don't yet know what the "Kosher-ready" means but hopefully this will be somewhat helpful

The kosher restaurant is in the Armani hotel (Burj Khalifa)

Do you just want a minyan to say kaddish or do you want an amud?
I'm not so makpid on amud if im traveling or in another shul that has a chiyuv.

Having been a chiyuv myself, I think that the biggest challenges are minyan planning on travel days, and making sure your activity schedule doesn't take you away from Mincha - obviously this is harder in the winter than the summer.  As an example - if you go to Disney in California, and are not guaranteed that there will be a minyan in the park, even if the nearest shul is 15-20 minutes away, it's still at least an hour away for you to leave the park, find your car, etc.

I agree. and it takes up a nice portion of the evening on trips if u do mincha maariv together.
the problem with relying on websites or Minyan app is that many of them are not up to date and last thing u want to do is scramble around before shkia when u end up in a deserted shul especially in a foreign place

I've had a couple interesting minyan stories too, but one that sticks out was i planned a ski trip to utah with 7 guys and i asked the rabbi to come and i figured ill find 2 more - long story short we landed later and guys didnt want to miss the slope so we had to pull off a late minyan.... when we checked into the hotel in park city we met to yarmulkas hanging around - g-d sent- exactly what we needed !

Never been but Cancun sounds like a good option.
lol it all sounds good to me . but gotta be careful which area u choose bec u dont want to be driving 45 min to a minyan 3x a day...

Also south of france is fine - I was in Nice as Chiyuv, no problem finding minyan three times/day, several options and minyanim at different times. I didn't always daven from amud though. Also option in other towns in the area if required - Juan Les Pins, Cannes etc

Thank you very helpful

Recommendation: If your question is very specific then include that in the title and at the very least include it in the OP.
It's not so specific but I was trying to narrow it down. It's more of a general topic

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