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Does anyone know where there will be a yomtov minyan for bnei chu"l on this Shevuos near Central Yerushalayim - Yaffo/King George?

Call the Meuhedet hotline, who will request a callback from the IT people, who will ask you to email a copy of the passport to

It may take a few tries, but once it works you can download an official vaccination certificate (with a barcode) from the Meuhedet site and after a weeks also a standard Tav Yarok on the MoH website
Any idea how to do this with Clalit?  They are insistent that they cannot add a foreign passport number to the record.

Yeah, thanks - wasn't physically possible. Happily, Elal was accommodating and rebooked for Motzei Shabbath

what is the absolute fastest possible way to get COVID test for flight from TLV to NYC.  Passenger mistakenly thought vaccinated people don't need test and is trying to check in at the airport. Obviously, they are not letting them....any ideas??

If passenger did not state on 24 health declaration online form that they are immunized or recovered, can they still get out of quarantine with a positive antibody test?

Any idea about when antibody testing at the airport starts?

Someone that took the JJ vaccine is considered as vaccinated per Israeli rules?
Yes in terms  of being able to apply to enter as a relative of a citizen but no in term of automatic exception from quarantine.

Does kupat Cholim (Clalilit) do free antibody tests for members arriving in Israel to get out of bidud?

Does anyone know if they allow taking a regular taxi or someone picking you up to take you to the bidud location when leaving the airport - or is there a specific system?
Are there any phone companies with open stores at the airport selling SIMs?

Here is a good resource for updated information; it is constantly changing.

Final update, got my get out of jail card at 4 am via sms
Amazing!  Do you both have teudot zehut ? If not, how did the "system" recognize you?  What about a tav yarok?

The problem is that the situation is so dynamic, a Wiki would be outdated quickly, anyways.

Can someone who has been let out of the automatic arrival bidud with a positive antibody test please clarify if they had to prove vaccination or Covid infection and recover in order to be let out?
What about the requirement to prove one of those items in terms of receiving a green card/pass?

Anyone have experience with either of these situations?
1) Entry permit naming multiple parties in one family and the parties fly on separate flights from different cities using copies of the same permit.
2) Entry permit granted by one consulate and party flies out of a different city/country.

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