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this is my biggest question to that
Do you realize how years worth of oil we have in reserve? We could bankrupt them before we use it up.
I'm no expert, but it likes like it's a lot more complicated than you would think.

this is my biggest question to that
Do you realize how years worth of oil we have in reserve? We could bankrupt them before we use it up.
They definitely hold less power than they did in the past. I would assume the Iran sanctions kicking back in also has to do with it, because Saudi Arabia is the one that's supposed to pick up the slack.

Why are US Presidents so afraid of Saudi Arabia?
Probably because they hold so much control over oil.

I'm not sure what the question is, but the ROI is practically almost always negative with the big lotteries.

1. Earnings will be taxed at an effective rate of 30-40%
2. "Pot" isn't the present value of the winnings (i.e. lump sum). That is ~40% less
3. Probability of multiple winners can be assumed to follow a binomial distribution that increases significantly as the number of tickets increases. Assuming a winner and 100m tickets sold, the expected number of winners is 1.17. 200m tickets sold - that increases to 1.37. 400m tickets sold, that increases to 1.8. For reference, the $1.58m powerball sold 635m tickets. The $948 million previous drawing sold 440m tickets.

All that considered, the ROI of a $2 ticket with a $1b pot, 200m sold tickets, 35% taxes, and 40% lump sum reduction is around -35%. You need to ignore something significant (such as taxes or lump sum reduction) for that to be positive.
CMIIW, but I would think there must be a way to not pay taxes on the cost of all the tickets as a business expense

General Discussion / Re: Mega millions $868 million
« on: Yesterday at 12:07:51 PM »
Now that's good tax planning!! Waiting on CM's input here.
2 problems with this statement. First of all it won't make a difference, you'll still end up with the same amount of income. Secondly if you want to split it you can do that without having multiple tickets.


So just who is it that Steve King is defending here?

This is what gets me confused.
She’s done amazing work, from her investigation into illegal immigrants at the U.S. border, to bringing humanitarian aid to Iraq for Christian refugees, to being the most pro-Israel star in our company.

I was upset that she went to the Charlottesville protests, despite my direction to her not to go in any capacity.

But we all screw up — you don’t throw someone overboard for making a mistake. Each of us are second chancers, our whole company is a second chance.

But then I saw the news that she went on a podcast from the Daily Stormer, and it was just too far. So we said goodbye.

Tough week. But we’re going to get back to work now.


From beginning to end, pecisely why most Americans call them the fake news, suffering from TDS.
They're just like Alex Jones, except that AJ is not considered main stream.

What is odd is some here say this has been known for sometime. One would think they would have had someone lined up already. It just gives me more ammo against Trump when people turn him down.  :P
No need to rush, it makes no sense to find someone so many months before it's needed.

Just Shmooze / Re: 20 killed in upstate NY limousine crash.
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:01:30 AM »
background check = Pakistani who's father infiltrated terror groups
That would actually be reason for someone to pass a background check with flying colors

Pastor Brunson was released from Turkey.

Maybe the D would think the same way as Grassley. Partisan but fair.

Can't find that on the site anywhere. Closest I could get was to click through each of the toss-up races and add those (based on which way the RCP average of each leans) to the total currently shown (49-44 R). That got me to 51-48 (with one dead heat), which I guess is what he meant?
He means this page

Now equate that with calling one side an "angry mob".
An angry mob deserves to be called an angry mob. If all that happened on capital hill around the kavanagh confirmation is not an angry mob, then I'm not sure what is. They were NOT peaceful protesters, they are an angry mob who harasses anyone who dares disagree with them.

General Discussion / Re: Kosher, Kashrus and Hechsherim Master thread
« on: October 10, 2018, 03:37:27 PM »
So I bought this the other day from walmart

and I noticed now that it says "with flavor enhancing minerals" and I don't see any hechsher on it at all and I didn't think twice to look for one because I thought it was just plain old water.

Should I not drink it?
From the CRC beverage list

Bottled Water
All unflavored are acceptable. Added minerals acceptable but added vitamins may pose a kashrus problem.

It was sudden to most in the WH but not to you, OK.  ::)
It was sudden to everyone except for a few people including Trump and Haley, but it was not a sudden decision.

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