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Credit Cards / Re: Chase added benefits! Redeem points @1.5
« on: June 25, 2020, 07:06:27 PM »
Don't believe so. If you check the link that I posted from DoC you'll see that under amex it says downgrades get it prorated but it doesn't say under chase
Should be fine

There have definitely been suggestions elsewhere that downgrades get prorated for Chase - for instance, and

Should be fine, meaning I should already be able to tap into the CSR benefits on my old Freedom card?


Credit Cards / Re: Chase added benefits! Redeem points @1.5
« on: June 25, 2020, 05:21:19 PM »
There are no prorated refunds for cancellations, but doesn't Chase still provide prorated refunds for product changes (downgrades)?

Anyway, I upgraded my Freedom to CSR earlier today. The agent said that it takes 1-3 business days for the new benefits to kick in. Is that correct? I was planning to use the card tonight and tomorrow, as a CSR. It's already showing as a CSR in my online account, so am I safe treating the old card as a CSR right away?

Credit Cards / Re: Chase added benefits! Redeem points @1.5
« on: June 25, 2020, 12:11:10 PM »
I cant imagine chase would be happy with your alt plan of downgrading and recouping the AF after using all of the benefits.

How likely is it that they even notice (especially if I wait long enough that I only get a prorated refund)? And do anything about it?

Credit Cards / Re: Chase added benefits! Redeem points @1.5
« on: June 25, 2020, 11:05:11 AM »
I'm planning to upgrade a Freedom card to CSR so that I can PYB several grocery charges in April. But I already have a CSR. Will the system allow me to hold two CSR's at once, or will I have to downgrade the other CSR at the same time?

I'm on the fence right now about whether to keep the new CSR permanently and downgrade the old CSR to Freedom or to do what I need with the new CSR (maybe use the $300 travel/grocery credit and $60 Doordash credit) and then downgrade it back to Freedom (and get back most or all of the annual fee). Does Chase frown on either of these?

Any recent data points on $450 vs. $550 for PC's?

Credit Cards / Re: Chase added benefits! Redeem points @1.5
« on: June 11, 2020, 09:00:09 PM »
You can purchase Amazon gift cards in Lowe's.
Should also be reimbursed under home improvement
Do a test purchase before

But home improvement stores don't earn 5x points. Grocery stores do, through the end of the month.

A few days ago I got the expected email from Air Serbia informing me that my flights have been canceled. My outbound flight was supposed to be today. Do I need to call the airline to discuss my options before the flight was scheduled to depart, or do I have more time?

As for my options - in ideal circumstances I'd like to keep my ticket open and reschedule for later this year. But I have no idea if travel will be safe or legal before the end of the year - if Air Serbia doesn't extend the deadline into next year, does anybody know if I'd still be able to get a cash refund in late 2020?

If it matters, I booked using Chase UR points (so by "cash refund" I really mean a refund of my Chase points).

feb 21

Oh, I'm pretty sure KSML requests were still be accepted then. When I called on the 25th, the agent said that an internal email had gone out about the KSML problems only a day or two prior. She tried to put my KSML request into the system, but it wouldn't accept it.


When did you call to have your meal added? The problem only popped up a day or two before I called on February 25. If you called before then, the meal request should already be on your account.

For food on the jfk-blg flight I was thinking of doing door dash or similar from the schnitzel place in 5 towns.

Since I live in New York, I'm not too worried about the outbound flight - I'll just bring food from home.

It's the return flight from Belgrade that will be more challenging if there's no kosher food on the flight. I guess I'll have to find something nonperishable before I leave Israel.

FYI, kosher meals are not currently available. I just spoke with an agent, who informed me that there is some sort of "problem" - she seemed to think that they'd be available again in time for my flight (mid-May) and suggested that I call back in a few weeks. The option has also vanished from

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Air Serbia NYC-TLV
« on: January 30, 2020, 08:31:40 PM »
They should. Took a lot or effort to get it in writing, but I currently have written confirmations for 2/3 for a full refund. Waiting for the third and will call BA k if I don't have it.

It seems that the London call center can help but the Malaysian one cannot. Not sure if I also spoke to Hong Kong who were also unhelpful.

Lesson learned that I will never book with them again unless I'm 100% sure. Unfortunately, with a price mistake, we book and then have to request days off, rather than vice versa with traditional travel.

Glad it seems to be working out for you. But I don't see any indication on the website that officially offers a 24-hour cancellation, so you may be the beneficiary of a good will gesture.

I had a 26 hr stopover. I called them up before and on the phone they told me that they only hold for 24 hr so I hold have to get my bags and recheck the next day. However, when I checked in by the airport they had no problem doing it for me.
The only issue I had was with a stroller. They do not give it by the plane on landing. You must go to baggage claim, get it, go thru customs and then back into the airport thru security.

My layover is about 21 hours, so it looks like I'll certainly be able to check my bag through. Good. Thanks.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Air Serbia NYC-TLV
« on: January 29, 2020, 11:41:10 PM »
I would put a buyer beware that if you book through and try to do 24 hour cancellation... Good luck.

Been fighting with them all day and can't even get a straight answer on whether or not they are supposed to offer it.

I don't believe offers a 24-hour cancellation, unfortunately.

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Air Serbia NYC-TLV
« on: January 29, 2020, 09:34:06 PM »
I think it is free on the longer flights

Correct - the kosher meal is free on flights to/from JFK and 12 on other flights longer than 80 minutes. (Other special meals cost 7 on non-JFK flights.)

On the overnight layover, does Air Serbia check bags through from TLV to JFK, or will I have to claim my bag at BEG and recheck it? And, if I have to recheck it, can I do that right away or do I have to wait until the next day? I'm hoping to not have to lug my big suitcase with me.

Up In The Air / Re: Where should I credit my miles to? - Master Thread
« on: November 16, 2019, 02:17:00 PM »
Where are you based? Do you have any transferable credit card points (Amex/Chase/Capital One)?

I'm based in New York, and I have Amex and Chase points.

Up In The Air / Re: Where should I credit my miles to? - Master Thread
« on: November 13, 2019, 08:45:54 PM »
I'll be flying a short-haul Brussels Airlines flight in a few days. I currently have my Miles&More account listed, but with M&M's stingy expiration policy, that's probably a waste (there is no chance whatsoever that I will build up enough M&M points to use within 36 months). I don't have status anywhere. Where should I credit my miles? It's a Check&Go fare - maybe booking class F?

I'm sure this isn't worth much, but if I can do better than M&M, I might as well.

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